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7 June 2021








The only fully trained AgentBox VA

When it comes to Real Estate Sales, there are loads of tasks that can bog you down on a day-to-day basis. You, as the selling principal or a top-performing agent, do not need to be bogged down with admin tasks or tasks that can be taken off your plate by a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Being busy is a good thing, as it should mean, you are listing and selling many homes, however, you can get too busy to get to the next level. You know you need an assistant of some sort, however, you also clearly know that you do not have the time to train the basics of Real Estate and how to use your CRM. The biggest barrier to hiring staff is the time it takes to train them, as you must slow down to speed up. We can see this as it is common for probably, 99 out of 100 people, we talk to about outsourcing, is that they just do not have the time to train staff in this space. So, what is the solution?
We dabbled with the idea of trained staff on specific platforms and it really is a winner. The thing is, though it is easy to show someone how to use a specific program, however, they will come unstuck eventually if they do not understand why. The way we have structured our training is a proven method to ensure that and at the end of the training, the outcome is achieved. We have a balance of different methods of implementing the training to make sure that they are getting knowledge in the way they like to learn, and not only that, it is presented in a way where the information is actually retained.

Now, you have what you want—a trained VA that knows your CRM. What are you going to do with them?

trained AgentBox VA Star Rating 001 This is our suggestion. Do not overcomplicate it. Start with the painful, time-consuming, back-office work to free you up to get some time back. Look at the Real Estate transaction from listed to live and live to settlement. Only you will know which tasks in there that you want to get rid of and which you will still continue to do. Everybody is different. For each of these things, just make a simple sheet in excel with the title of each of the areas and separate them into two columns: one being AgentBox VA and the second being you. This will give you a pretty good idea of where to start. When you come on board, don’t worry, we will not just leave you to work it out all on your own. We will be here to guide you on the best ways to implement it. Some things you will need to think about also, that is not related to AgentBox but important for outsourcing, are the following:
Do you have a platform that you communicate in, that is online? If you do not, have a look at Slack. We train our VA’s how to use this, so, if you do not have a way, then, this would be the best path to go down.
Are you in the cloud? Server-based filing will slow you down and get very frustrating.
What are you going to use to monitor which tasks are getting done and be able to see exactly where your AgentBox VA is up to? We have some suggestions for programs to check out: Monday, Trello, and Airtable.
We have mentioned it a few times but every agent and every office may do things slightly different, not to mention the state by stage legislation difference. Our VA’s will still need your guidance on how to do things your way.

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