Best Real Estate Websites Design/Development Ideas for 2023


Best Real Estate Websites Design/Development Ideas for 2023

Harikrishna Kundariya

Harikrishna Kundariya


The real-estate sector is evolving. The website designing and development trends of this sector are also changing. So, if you’re planning to build a real estate website for yourself, it’s time to explore the latest trends more.  

In this article, we’ll list some of the trending real-estate website design ideas to help you out. Take a look.  

1. Property Search Option

Well, if you’re developing a real-estate website, adding the property search option is a must. However, most of the popular real-estate websites are missing out on this feature these days. As a result, the customers must navigate the website to find the properties they’re interested in. That’s clearly not the indication of a good website UX.  

You need to add a high-quality and optimized property search option on your website’s homepage to help the customers. This search engine should be fast and intuitive. That’s the only way to convert your leads into permanent customers. A fast home search engine can help you stand out in the crowd.  

Such a search option creates a highly responsive image of your website. It can also help you grow the number of leads instantly. You can also hire dedicated developers in India to induct these features in your website.   

2. Include a Scheduling Option 

The scheduling feature is a must in any real-estate website. It can ease things out for the brokers and agents. With this feature in the picture, real-estate agents can easily showcase more property listings to audiences. Also, prospects and buyers can easily schedule demo calls and meetings with this feature.  

Operating the scheduling option is also pretty easy. You must click on the “schedule” section and fix a date and time. That’s it, you’re done. In some cases, the buyer may have to provide some information regarding their expectations and demands.  

The scheduling feature is easy to add and the developers don’t need to do a lot of additional set-ups for this. However, once added, it can improve the agent-buyer communication process for the real estate companies. Also, with this feature, real estate brands can prioritize different meetings.

3. Contact Forms with Multiple Steps

Adding a contact form is important for all websites. But what matters for a real-estate website is that the contact form should involve multiple steps. In fact, most real estate websites are still not using the multi-step contact form feature in their favor. They are still using long fill-out forms that leads and customers generally don’t prefer spending time on.  

Also, for a real-estate platform, we don’t think a few pieces of information like name, email, and contact number will be enough. You need to gain more insights into your leads to provide them the property they prefer. And from that perspective, using a multi-step form is always the best idea. Ask your prospects the screening questions that actually matter with the multi-step forms.  

You need to add engaging questions that the prospects would prefer answering and the questions should be relevant to their property purchase. In fact, prospects may build a primary impression of your brand based on these questions. So, gear up and add this form to the portal today!  

4. Asymmetrical layouts are also in  

A few years ago, website layouts were strictly symmetric and even. But, things have changed now. Both developers and brands are now ready to experiment with website designs. Hence, they’re also trying out asymmetrical and uneven website layouts. We believe that the real-estate companies should also give this trend a try.  

 Real-estate websites should be more open to new and fun website designs. For starters, why not create a website where everything is not inside the boxes but the overall website still looks cool enough? Asymmetrical grids look way better than a perfectly symmetric website.  

Developers can also add 3D effects to make things look even more attractive. A real-estate website that wants to gain a competitive advantage should consider this web designing trend more seriously. The visual aspect of real-estate websites is very much important. If you can convince your leads and customers with the visuals of your websites, nothing’s like it. They’ll consider investing in the properties you’re showing right away.  

5. Adding Illustrations can help

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that illustrations can only go with marketing and SaaS platforms. But in reality, that’s not it. In fact, adding a few illustrations to your real-estate website can upscale the sophistication quotient of your website instantly.  

As you’re designing a real estate website, you’ll have to include images of properties. That’s mandatory. But apart from that, you can always add illustrations in other places. It will only make your website look advanced and trendy. Illustrations are currently a hot trend in the field of web designing and make sure that you make the most of it.  

6. Add a Vendor’s Directory

Finally, we think it is always a great idea to add a real-estate vendors’ directory to your website portal. This one feature can help you build your reliability and credibility to the customers. We all know that the real-estate sector involves many intermediaries and customers often face issues while investing in a property. With this feature, customers will believe that as a real-estate agency, you believe in building direct relationships and you will help the customers to interact with the vendors directly.  

This sense of transparency can take you a long way. Make sure that the vendor directory includes information like vendors’ names, email addresses, contact numbers, and other necessary details. All these will make your website more trustworthy from the customers’ perspectives.  

Final Words

We have tried to list the best website design/development ideas that are trending at the moment. Make sure you add these ideas based on your requirements.  

 Also, don’t forget that sticking to the conventional web development trends won’t pay off. Start changing your patterns with the industry.  

 Any questions? Let us know in the comments section.

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