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Levi Turner – Business Success Story

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Levi Turner – Director

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Barwon Heads, Victoria, Australia

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Residential Sales, Rentals

It is not just about reducing expenses it is about being able to scale.

The market is constantly changing, and Victoria has had an absolute dream run over the past few years and of recent times has started to slow up. When it comes to running a Real Estate Business it about building a business that is as robust as possible and driven by streamlined systems. By taking some of the mundane time consuming administrational duties off your internal team the benefits can be epic.

Have been using ShoreAgents for 15 months now

The changes to their business have been incredible

We’ve been using Stephen and ShoreAgents for a bit over 12 months now and the change to our business it’s just been absolutely incredible. Before we got involved with the outsourcing, all our systems and procedures were actually pretty good. But when you go into wanting to bring somebody from offshore into your business it makes you review all those systems and procedures just even more and even in more detail, pull apart every single part and what tasks can be done offshore. So we’ve got a lot of benefit out of pulling apart all that. And then what it’s created in the last 15 months that we’ve been using it in our sales department we’ve had almost a 25% increase in the volume of appraisals listings and sales but we haven’t put on any more admin stuff. So it’s relieved the workload of our current admin staff allowed them to be coming in normal hours leaving at 5:30 and then bringing somebody in to make our business more efficient. So could remain recommend them more highly enough just to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a how you work.


Using it in our sales department we’ve had almost a 25% increase in the volume of appraisals listings and sales


ShoreAgents Solution

Bellarine Property have taken up a self-managed model with ShoreAgents giving them the chance to have a low-cost team member working directly for their business, just sitting in our office. When Bellarine property came to ShoreAgents they had a very clear picture of what they wanted to achieve and that allowed them to hit the ground running and get some serious value out of their offshore team.

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