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Steve Lovegrove – Business Success Story

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Steve Lovegrove

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Rotorua, New Zealand

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Residential Sales, Rentals and Holiday Letting

Decreased overheads significantly and streamlined his systems

There are good times and tough times always in Real Estate. Steve’s Real Estate Business is located in a unique part of the world in the Holiday town of Rotorua. Steve bought the current business over 3 years back now and there was a serious amount of expenses that were dragging it back. This caused Steve to think there must be a better way to scale without increasing the wage bill or in fact increase scale and decrease the wage bill. This is exactly what he has achieved with his 3 person offshore team.

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Overheads down and profits on the way up

Hi, I’m Steve Lovegrove from the Professionals, business owner. If you’re thinking about outsourcing and you want to get a life in your business then you need to call Stephen Atcheler at ShoreAgents. Stephen and his team will really help you save money and save time. We’ve saved a total of $200,000 of overhead costs per year by getting our team set up at ShoreAgents in the Philippines with Stephen. It’s been a great move for our company. We now can rely on things to get done efficiently cost effectively and on time.

So have a chat to them. It can change the dynamic of your business and certainly make you way more competitive in this very demanding market of real estate right now. Cheers.


We’ve saved a total of $200,000 of overhead costs per year by getting our team set up


ShoreAgents Solution

Steve’s team is made up by 3 highly skilled, motivated proud Filipino’s. We have Meg who takes care of all Sales Administration, Dre who is directly responsible for financial administration and Howie who is a Property Management Assistant. Not only have the roles been replaced for nearly ¼ of the cost, productivity has increased along with revenue.

Steve Lovegroves Offshore Team

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