Episode 004: The Power of Human Intelligence Unleashing Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Summary: In this insightful episode of the ShoreAgents Real Insights Podcast, Stephen Atcheler, CEO of ShoreAgents, takes us on a deep dive into the burgeoning realm of real estate virtual assistants post-Covid. Listeners are provided with an in-depth look at how the pandemic reshaped the role of virtual assistance, the multifunctional capacities of these remote […]

Episode 003: Maximizing SEO with ChatGPT and Virtual Assistants: A Winning Combination

Summary: Dive into the compelling synergy between AI-driven platforms like ChatGPT and the versatile expertise of virtual assistants in reshaping the SEO landscape of the real estate industry. Host Stephen Atcheler delves deep, highlighting the capabilities of these two powerhouses, their integration in creating content, and the broader implications for real estate businesses looking to […]

EP 002: Optimizing Outsourcing for Property Developers and Construction Companies: Unlock Your Business Potential!

Summary: In Episode 002 of the ShoreAgents Real Insights Podcast, host Stephen Atcheler delves into the transformative power of outsourcing for property developers and construction companies. The episode covers not just cost benefits, but also the strategic advantages that outsourcing brings, backed by powerful software tools, effective communication platforms, and the capabilities of AI. Highlights: […]

EP 001: The New Way to Look at Your Business!

Summary: In Episode 001 of the ShoreAgents Real Insights Podcast, host Stephen Atcheler takes listeners on a thrilling journey through the world of real estate business optimization. This action-packed episode explores the pressing issue of staffing costs, provides innovative strategies for reducing them, and delves into the transformative powers of automation and AI. Highlights: The […]

Intro to ShoreAgents Insider Podcast

In our first episode, host Stephen Atcheler talks about the benefits of outsourcing in the real estate industry. He also shares the story of ShoreAgents and gives a sneak peek of topics for future episodes.