Summary: In this insightful episode of the ShoreAgents Real Insights Podcast, Stephen Atcheler, CEO of ShoreAgents, takes us on a deep dive into the burgeoning realm of real estate virtual assistants post-Covid. Listeners are provided with an in-depth look at how the pandemic reshaped the role of virtual assistance, the multifunctional capacities of these remote workers, and the nuances of hiring and integrating them into real estate operations. Atcheler offers expert advice on scaling virtual teams and fostering growth with an international remote office.




Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the ShoreAgents Real Insights Podcast. We appreciate you joining us and hope you found the insights shared by Stephen Atcheler enlightening and actionable. Don’t forget to reach out with any questions or feedback, and stay tuned for more valuable discussions on the future of real estate virtual assistance.

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