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Co-Managed Staff

We Help You Implement & Manage

Your Dedicated Real Estate Staff Located in our Offshore Office

Tap into a global economy and hire quality staff in the Philippines for a fraction of the wage expense to work 100% for your Real Estate Business.

  • Tap into educated quality staff to work in your business
  • No barrier to entry of creating new roles to scale your business
  • Create a robust business model that can handle market changes
  • Develop consistency in your business to deliver a solid product
ShoreAgents Employees  working on a task

Our Co-Managed solution is a unique offering that comes with a few additions to what you would receive from just directly hiring full time staff on our staff leasing model. The reason the product was created was to simply assist you with implementing an offshore staffing solution as fast as possible. With a normal staff lease setup the responsibility lies with you 100%. With our Co-managed Solution we can assist you with training and also optimising your systems to create automation whilst working seamlessly in the cloud. You still have total control on task allocation, and they remain your team member it just means that you will have access to experienced team members that can assist you with training your offshore team and building effective systems along the way. This option suits the busy smaller business that may not find the time to train and implement.

What you do

Task Allocation Icon
Task Allocation

You are responsible for setting the tasks in your business that you would like to move offshore and developing a plan to implement.

Staff Training Icon
Staff Training

The staff that you hire who will be housed in our office are your staff. You are in charge of training your staff to complete the required tasks in your business.

Productivity Icon

We can offer suggestions on how to keep your staff producing at a high level however it is up to you to ensure that they are delivering at a high level.

What we do

We find you top Talent Icon
We find you top Talent

We find you the best possible talent in the Philippines that will work 100% for your Real Estate Business. We filter and then setup an interview for you to select your offshore staff.

We manage HR and Payroll Icon
We manage HR and Payroll

As your staff are employed in the Philippines, we take care of all of the requirements to fulfil the employer responsibilities. We manage tardiness, performance issues and are your HR manager just offshore.

Task Allocation Icon
Task Allocation

It is your responsibility to decide what tasks you require your offshore staff member to be completing on a day to day basis. With our co-managed model you will have the added benefit of having a few more eyes looking over the tasks to ensure your team has complete understanding of what is required and fill some gaps as they progress.

4 Day Real Estate Course

Give your staff member the right start to their offshore Real Estate Careers by having them sit our 4 day Real Estate Course. This will help pave the way for an easy learning journey about your Real Estate Business as they will have a complete understanding.

  • Learn Real Estate Sales and how listings and sales drive the business
  • Learn property management and understand investment properties
  • Learn about generating listings and new managements
  • Mentoring and mindset training on adding value to your business
Ongoing Assistance

We adjust current systems for Cloud
To get your offshore journey off to a flying start we will look at all your current systems. Once we have analysed them, we will see what the gaps are, smoothen them out and take into the cloud. If there is an online tool to perform an existing paper-based task, it is essential that we utilise it. If you are completely lacking in the systems department, we can give you proven systems that have already been tried and tested.

We create automation
When we talk about creating Automation it relates to triggering certain actions without having to engage with your staff. All tasks need a trigger to start and a way to report completion. We have some web tools that we can integrate into your system to start a task, generate a break down and show you that it has been completed successfully. When you combine automation and a low cost staffing solution your business will be bullet proof.

We train you and your staff
Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in Real Estate we can assist you with the training of your offshore staff member. Some of the tools we use to create…will probably be new to you and to your team member, So we will conduct joint training sessions to ensure that we, your service provider and your team member are all on the same page.

The Process

You say YES Icon

You say YES

Once you have decided to staff lease, you will receive a service agreement to appoint us as your Offshore Partner.

Job Role and Advertising

Job Role and Advertising

We will work together to create a detailed job role and then we will advertise to find a suitable candidate to perform the role.

Interviewing and Acceptance icon

Interviewing and Acceptance

You will be presented with suitable candidates that you will interview to see if you think they will be suitable to perform the task required. If you think they can, we will offer them a position.

The Staff Starts working for you icon

The Staff Starts working for you

Once the staff member has been accepted, they will start working full time for your business and on a schedule that suit your time zones and hours of operation.

ShoreAgents Weekly Real Estate Training

Weekly Real Estate Training

  • We address the Real Estate Market and business challenges
  • Dialogue and real estate conversational training
  • Questions and answers sessions to fill gaps
  • Cultural training on dealing with Western businesses

You have to Monitor & Drive

Clarity icon

Be 100% clear with what you are going to achieve and how it would look when it is completed.

Be Systemised Icon
Be Systemised

Systems are the key to any business success. Make sure your systems care clear and concise.

Preparation Icon

Prepare yourself with your end goal in mind. Pave the way by being prepared for the journey.

Invest Time Icon
Invest Time

You will only ever get out what you put in. There is no silver bullet and you will have to set aside time.

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