Full Time Staff

We Find and Recruit?

  • Advertise

    We advertise your role across the entire web and social platforms to find only the best possible talent.
  • test and train

    Test and Train

    Our secret sauce is our 1 of a kind ShoreAgents training. Feel free to enquire about our VA training.
  • You Choose

    Out of our pre-trained Real Estate VA’s, you get to choose who you would like to interview and hire.

We are the home of the ShoreSuper Agent

Your VA will receive additional training that will help them become the best support staff they can be!
Full Time Staff
Training Modules
  • Working with westerners
  • Impressing your client
  • Task & time management
  • Process and Automation
  • Results and attitude
  • How to be solution minded
  • You choose your value
Real Estate Staff

What do you do?

  • Task Allocation

    You are responsible for setting the tasks in your business that you would like to move offshore and develop a plan to implement. You set the tasks, not us; you remain in control.
  • Staff Training

    The staff will receive pre-training and ongoing mentorship. However, you are the one who knows your business process and how you want it all delivered, so you remain in charge of training.
  • Productivity

    We can offer suggestions on how to keep your staff producing at a high level; however, they are your dedicated staff. You must take on the responsibility to keep them busy just like you do your local team.

What We Do?

  • We find you top talent

    We find you the best possible talent in the Philippines who will work 100% for your Real Estate Business. We filter and then setup an interview for you to select your offshore staff.
  • We manage HR and Payroll

    Your staff are employed in the Philippines, so we take care of all of the requirements to fulfill the employer responsibilities. We manage tardiness, performance issues, and are your HR manager just offshore.
  • Performance Review and Guidance

    We are here to conduct performance reviews by acting as your eyes and ears in the Philippines to coach and mentor your staff to fulfil your needs. We will ensure that you make the right decisions with your team.

The Process

  • Thanks for saying Yes!

    Once you have decided on us as the service provider, you will receive a service agreement to appoint us as your Offshore Partner. Read through it, sign it, and send it back. Pretty simple.
  • Job Role and Advertising

    Together, we will break down the exact job role you wish to have performed. We will look into our existing talent pool plus far and wide to provide the talent you need.
  • Interviews and Acceptance

    We will set up interviews with your chosen talent to see if you think they are 100% suitable for the role and will fit your current team. If the answer is YES, they sign a job offer.
  • They start working for you

    The staff memeber will start working for you on a schedule that suits your timezone. From here on, you will allocate tasks and your VA will perform them daily on a full-time basis.


It is our job to house your team member in an environment that feels more like home
than coming to work, and that’s precisely what we do.
  • Equipment

    We provide dual screens, PC and a big comfortable desk space.
  • Internet

    We have 10+ internet connections providing 100mbs up and down.
  • Staff Perks

    Happy Staff are productive staff, check out our café, coffee and free travel.
  • Biometrics

    Your staff will clock in and clock off through our HighTech biometric scanner.
If you would like to discuss hiring a virtual team with us the best way is to get in touch with us. Reach out and let's kick it off.

We have unique training

We are not your typical service provider. We have developed some of our own training courses that your VA will complete prior to sitting in for an interview with you. Our basic courses cover of Sales and Property Management administration. We have additional advanced courses where your VA can skill up in the areas you need like our 007 Advanced Property Marketing!

If you would like to go next level and have your VA underpinned by an industry expert in the Property Management space, we suggest you take a look at the Purple Powered VA.

full time real estate staff

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