Industry Game-Changer ‘Purple Powered VA’ Launches

Industry Game-Changer ‘Purple Powered VA’ Launches

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Offshore Real Estate | 0 comments

Property management systems company, ireviloution, and offshore real estate staffing provider, ShoreAgents, have joined forces to offer game-changing property management virtual assistants (VAs).

Managing Director of ireviloution, Jo-Anne Oliveri, and Managing Director of ShoreAgents, Stephen Atcheler, have launched ‘Purple Powered VA’ to provide the first virtual assistants trained in property management systems. As international authorities in their respective fields, Jo and Stephen believe that this is a powerful solution which will help more real estate business owners succeed this decade.

Meeting in 2013 when Stephen launched his independent real estate company, Just Results, the two have remained colleagues ever since. Stephen contacted Jo to set up his property management systems. However, while implementing them, Stephen’s property manager resigned, and their replacement decided they wanted to follow their own systems.

Despite these shaky beginnings, Stephen’s ongoing experience with property managers and discussions with fellow business owners drove him to acknowledge the need for professional property management systems. After undertaking extensive research into the industry’s top trainers, he was once again led back to Jo-Anne Oliveri and her company, ireviloution.

“I spoke with many property management trainers, but Jo was the only one that treated property management as a business, referring to it as ‘investment management’. This perspective aligned with what I wanted to achieve, so I chose to engage her once more,” Stephen said.

Jo had mutual respect for Stephen. When she first met him, she was blown away by his drive to improve the industry. She was eager to see how this young game-changer would disrupt the real estate landscape, and disrupt it he did!

“I have always admired Stephen’s enthusiasm for making the industry better. Like me, he also saw the need to bring positive change to earn consumers’ trust and respect,” Jo said.

Some years later, Stephen launched his offshore real estate staffing business, ShoreAgents. As like-minded colleagues, Jo and Stephen always discussed how, together, they could create a better VA solution for the industry, and the time seemed ripe to make this a reality.

Finally joining forces, they launched ‘Purple Powered VA’ in 2020. Set to offer the first virtual assistants trained in property management systems, Jo and Stephen believe it is a powerful solution which will help more real estate business owners succeed.

How does it work? Every Purple Powered VA is trained through ireviloution’s ii International Property Management Academy (iiIPMA), so they understand how to implement the systems. Upon successful completion of all 28 courses, the VA is awarded the iiPM designation, which signifies their understanding of the practical side of property management.

Jo-Anne Oliveri | Ireviloution: ii IPMA Training

Jo-Anne Oliveri | Ireviloution: ii IPMA Training

This same iiIPMA training is also provided to companies’ in-house teams that are assisted by Purple Powered VAs. As a bonus, this all-inclusive virtual assistant complete with property management training and systems is being offered at a rate far less than the average VA fee.

After seven years of offshoring, as well as being on the service provider side of the fence, Stephen said that this solution is a no-brainer for real estate business owners.

“From our research, 90% of property management businesses with VAs would usually fail because the owner would not provide the necessary training and systems. ireviloution and ShoreAgents working collectively are now able to solve this problem by filling the much-needed training and systems gap, so 100% of agencies using our VAs can now succeed,” Stephen said.

What’s more, with property management business costs rising and profits declining, VAs can play a pivotal role in PM operations now more than ever. Purple Powered VA can reduce a business’ operating costs by up to 60% – an annual saving of $40,000 per property manager!

In addition, Purple Powered VA can also boost productivity. Using these virtual assistants can increase a business’ productivity between 30% and 45%. With the average property manager’s salary being $60,000, this equates to another saving of approximately $24,000 per year!

Jo said that she always hoped virtual assistants would successfully optimise property management workflows and knew that Stephen and her services combined was the answer.

“While VAs and PM systems are not unique, merging these provide an initiative like no other. Our VAs are equipped with the right training and systems that allow a property management company to operate at its peak, no matter where it is located in the world,” Jo said.

The first Purple Powered VAs will be ready to commence on 02/02/2020. Jo and Stephen are certain that their solution will help take the industry to the next level this decade.

With many property management companies already on board, visit to sign up for your game-changing Purple Powered VAs now.

About the Author

Jo-Anne Oliveri
CIPS, TRC, Founder and Managing Director — Ireviloution

With almost 30 years’ real estate experience, she is seen as a leading authority on all things property management and regularly speaks at the industry’s top Australian and North American conferences. As well, she was selected as an Industry Thought Leader of the Year finalist for the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019 Real Estate Business Awards. Visit for more information.

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