Featured Image_Jet Xavier Attributes Outsourcing to a Big Part of His Success!

Jet Xavier Attributes Offshoring to a Big Part of His Success!

Jet Xavier
Jet Xavier


“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

Peter Drucker

One of the main reasons I went into business for myself was to have more control over the hours I did and the opportunities I created.

I wanted a high-performance business where I could do less hours, earn more money, have little overheads, no staff, and work from anywhere. A highly leveraged business that afforded me a lifestyle I could enjoy whilst still building a thriving business. As Robert Kiyosaki said, “People without leverage work for those with leverage.” And I wanted to have leverage and lifestyle.

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Becoming a coach, real estate trainer, and speaker has allowed me to do that successfully for the last 10 years working with the best real estate agents, principals, and office teams plus other individuals and businesses along the way.

I get to travel and work from anywhere in the world with no office, little overheads, or staff to worry about whilst working less hours yet at the same time increasing profitability opportunities.

Sounds like a dream come true and it is. I am very fortunate to have found something I am passionate about and love to do that fits the model I set out to create.

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The key to it has been the ability to draw on others through outsourcing and virtual assistants when needed for specific tasks or projects that in traditional business would have required staff or a team.

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”

Lee Kuan Yew, Former Prime Minister of Singapore

I realized a long ago the time I spent on areas of my business that were either not important for me to be doing or were not my skillset, actually robbed me of creating more opportunities and enjoying the lifestyle I was trying to create.

If there has been a high-performance secret to the success of my business it has been the ability to access and use outsourcing and virtual assistants to help me grow and keep the momentum going.

To be honest, at first, I was a little cautious due to my inexperience with the industry and judgment about the possible quality of work, however, its like anything, you have to find the right place and people, build relationships and use the services.

The other thing I realized is that it has become global best practice now by many companies, as we are in a global economy, and affordability and time-saving practices are paramount to profitability in many cases.  Following best practices always supports success.

I now have been using outsourcing and virtual assistants for all sorts of tasks related to my business for the last 10 yrs.  I use them for social media, marketing, website work, CRM management, graphic design, and many other assorted business admin support tasks. Without using these services, I don’t think my business would have functioned as smoothly as it has or have grown as quickly as it has.

“The need for access to talent will lead companies to think about outsourcing as a means of accelerating innovation and gaining competitive advantage. This will lead to a transformation of the outsourcing profession where innovation will be valued much higher than pure cost savings.” 

Jagdish Dalal, CEO of Corporate Affairs
JX The High Perfromance Guy
“I wanted a business that helped transformed people and their businesses, I didn’t want staff or an office and massive overheads and I wanted to make a good income without killing myself in the process.” — Jet Xavier

The 6 key benefits of outsourcing and using a VA and why I choose them for my business are:

  1. Saves time.

This is the number one benefit. You save massive amounts of time, which then allows you to do more important things in your business. It frees up more time for me to do what I love and am good at rather than waste it on non-important tasks.

  1. Save money.

You save thousands of dollars over time, which you can then reinvest into other important areas of your business.   

  1. Quick and professional service

The services are fast, effective, and efficient. When you find the right fit the work is of high quality and professional.

  1. More creative options from the team.

Because you are accessing at times more than one person when outsourcing I have found you get more creative input and problem-solving from the teams you use. They are constantly up-skilling to provide better services and to ensure quality innovative up to the moment service. And if they do not know something their commitment to learning it fast is incredible.

  1. Available at any time.

This is a great aspect of outsourcing. The response time is generally whenever you need them or close to the time you need them within reason. Greater accessibility leads to quicker response times again producing more efficiency and effectiveness. 

  1. Always willing to help and go the extra mile.

My experience has been that the teams are always willing to help and wanting to go that extra mile for you and your business. These are also the reasons I like working with ShoreAgents and what they are doing in the market place. Leading the way with professional support and innovative approaches and going above and beyond to help make it happen.

“Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses.”

Ryan Khan, Founder of The Hired Group

About the Author

Jet Xavier has conducted over 4000 elite human performance coaching and training sessions with various real estate agents and major agencies across Australia and overseas. He is a pioneer in the Real Estate industry as his training and coaching techniques bring the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, and elite human performance models to agents and principals helping them to create success at every level.

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