Outsourced Property Management

Outsource Property Management

Get the Help You Deserve For Your Property

The frustrating part of working on property management tasks yourself is that you might spend lots of time behind a computer or by a phone. You might have many things to do, but you don’t have the time to complete them because of all those menial and minor tasks. These chores can become repetitive, not to mention it won’t be easy for your business to grow if you don’t have enough time to care for some of the other tasks you wish to complete.

You don’t have to be hampered by all those tasks all day long. You can ask us at ShoreAgents to assist you in fixing your property management efforts.

We offer outsourced property management services that cover all those repetitive and ordinary tasks. We’ll work around whatever your business requires and establish a plan for work that fits.

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Our team at ShoreAgents will provide you the back office support your business needs. We complete the work so you can focus on your property management tasks. You’ll have more time to travel to properties, review them, interview clients and vendors, and more.

We are the home of the Shore Super Agent. Our agents are trained to work with all aspects of property management and can work on your schedule. We have agents who have access to full-size offices in the Philippines. Our works are paid by the hour, plus they are more affordable to hire than an in-house team. You’ll appreciate the thorough work we will put in to how we can assist you in many forms.

Work Alongside Your Needs

You’ve got plenty of needs in your workplace. We at ShoreAgents will work alongside whatever needs you hold. You can ask our professionals to see what you require out of your property management plans. We’ll establish a plan for work that fits your use and get everything running as soon as possible. The work is about seeing you have an idea of where you want to go with your effort.

What processes do you utilize when managing your properties? Let us know, and we can adapt our work over what you require. We have professionals who have training for all the aspects of property management. We have workers who can handle all the popular software programs out there, including many office productivity tools.

You can also request us to work with any unique management software programs you want us to utilize. These include programs like the 360Workplace, Appfolio, Buildium, and Planon solutions.

Property Management Outsourcing

Do you have a proprietary software program that you have customized and made available for your business? Let us know what you use. Send us a copy of your program, and we’ll have our employees review how it works. Some of these solutions are more efficient than some of the more mainstream programs you can find.

Let us know about whatever plans you have for work. You can send us as much information on your properties and your situation as necessary. We’ll see that it’s not hard for you to get more out of your work plans.

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Property Management Tenants

Working With Tenants

You will have more time to interview tenants, vendors, and other figures when you outsource your property management tasks to us. But you can also entrust us in managing many processes with your tenants.

We can work on many projects surrounding your tenants, including the following:

  • We can manage vacates at your property. We will communicate with your tenants and review their reasons for vacating and close up contracts. We will then post a new opening for your property after the vacate process ends.
  • We offer arrears management services for when your tenants owe money. Our experts will review whatever arrears are in place and work to collect those funds.
  • We can set appointments for when you need to talk with tenants. We’ll ask tenants when they contact you. You will get a full schedule surrounding what you can utilize after the practice is over.
  • Our customer service efforts will entail communicating with your workers to see what is available.

Your tenants are critical to your property. We’ll see that you have full control over how your tenants work and how they can thrive in your property.

Invoice Support

It may be challenging to get an invoice running. An invoice is necessary for ensuring you’ll get more money. You want to get the money that you deserve, but it is never easy to get an invoice ready as soon as you wish.

The good news is that we at ShoreAgents will help you in managing invoices. We can craft invoices for your renters based on what they are renting out and how much money they owe.

We can produce invoices that are as simple or thorough as you require. Let us know about the specific things you wish to include in your invoice and how they will work. We’ll find a plan for your invoice that fits whatever works for you.

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Advertising Work

We can also help you with many advertising projects here at ShoreAgents. We can do many things for your work needs:

Property Management Advertising
  • We can create new advertisements for online use. These ads can feature images you supply to us.
  • Let us know about any vacates or openings at your property. We’ll produce new listings that showcase whatever is available for rent.
  • Social media support is also available for your convenience. Social media maintenance projects include tasks like posting details on properties on Facebook and other outlets.

Send us information on your properties. We’ll find ways to make them stand out and be more appealing to prospective renters. We’ll also give you a draft of what we are doing before we finish, so you’ll ensure your property will look its best in our messages.

Maintenance Management Support

It takes a bit to figure out how your property will receive the maintenance it deserves. You can ask us at ShoreAgents to sort out all those management functions.

We’ll plan a maintenance effort by getting in touch with various vendors and outlets. These include groups responsible for managing all your utility-based needs. We’ll work with:

  • Janitors and other cleaning providers
  • Plumbing teams
  • Electrical companies
  • Trash collectors and other local utility service providers
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We can get in touch with these parties and talk about how your property will be maintained and kept clean and stable. Our work will see that your property stays healthy and will not experience dramatic concerns.

Don’t Forget Rent Collection

The last thing you can contact us for assistance with entails rent collection. It’s never easy for people to collect rent, especially given how some tenants might be stubborn. But we at ShoreAgents can work on collecting rent and gathering your funds as necessary.

We can contact your tenants about rent and plan bills for them. We’ll also help in ensuring the funds go to your account. We’ll see that the tenants are managing your funds and in ensuring everything you collect works well.

We can keep tabs on how well your rent is going and where you are moving with your funds. You’ll have to see that your rent is going well and that you’ve got enough control over how well your funds are moving and what you are getting from your work.

Outsourced Property Management Collection

Follow-Ups Work

The communication with your tenants doesn’t have to stop after everyone is finishing paying their rent. You have to get in touch with those people on occasion to let them know how your projects are working.

We’ll plan all the follow-ups in the workplace for you. We will contact your clients on occasion to see if they need any additional forms of help. We can provide recommendations to your tenants about other services they can utilize.

We can also solicit testimonials and reviews if you wish. These messages will let prospective clients know about how well you support who you have now.

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An Affordable Solution

We at ShoreAgents provide a sensible solution for outsourced property management that you will appreciate. But the best part is that we’ll ensure you can get your property management tasks in check without spending lots of money.

Our employees at ShoreAgents are not freelancers. We hire talented professionals in the Philippines who have access to a full office setting, transportation for work, online connections, and a regular salary.

Our workers might cost a little more than freelancers, but they will be available as necessary and have experience. Our workers are also more trustworthy than freelancers that might not be there when you need them the most.

You can hire our workers for about $15 to $20 on average. We negotiate salary plans for all our workers to ensure they receive the funds they deserve. Our agents cost significantly less than

the in-house workers you might hire. We’ll be available for as little as $1000 per month. You can ask us about your needs, and we’ll find a plan that works within your budget for services.

When Do We Work?

The best part of our services is that we’ll be there when you need us to work. We can serve you at hours that are convenient for your needs. We can work within your business hours, regardless of where in the world you operate.

You can talk with us about how you’re going to plan your work and what your schedule is so we can plan the work well. We’ll see how well we can find employees who can work for you and make everything run. The best part is that you’ll be capable of directly interacting with your workers

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Interview Individual Workers

Outsourced Your Property Management

You can also interview specific workers through us at ShoreAgents. You can check on individual people that you might wish to hire. You can ask about what you want to get out of your work and see which workers are capable of managing the task for you. We want to see that you have enough support for whatever you wish to plan.

You can also hire multiple workers based on your schedule, the needs you hold, and other preferences. We’ll talk with you about what you wish to utilize and how you’re going to go far in your project. We’ll see that there are no problems with what you’re planning.

Contact Us About Your Needs

You will find it easier for you to manage your property when you ask us at ShoreAgents for assistance. We will see that your outsourced property management functions receive the full support they deserve.

You can ask us today for a free quote surrounding the services we provide. We are available with rates as low as $1000 per month. We’ll have many solutions for work needs that fit your desires.

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