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Mi Property Group Success Story

In Real Estate, it is so easy to fall in the trap of getting bogged down doing the non-productive things that are necessary to do. Just because certain tasks are not producing that does not mean that they are not essential to operations. The simple solution is to let go of them and pass them onto someone else that can manage all of those tasks so you can be out there selling. This is precisely what Christel and Helen from Mi Property Group have embraced and nailed.

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    Christel Renton
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    Erina, NSW, Australia
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    Residential Sales, Rentals
Christel Renton Success Story

ShoreAgents has been a great support in terms of training and setting us up on new systems, getting processes in place to make our outsourcing most effective.

Christel Renton
Mi Property Group

ShoreAgents Staffing Solution

Mi Property has embraced a Self-Managed Full-time staffing solution. We have watched from the beginning seeing Mi Property Group and their offshore team flourish.

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