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Success Story | Kevin Turner

With the continual advancement in technology, there is this pressure for every broadcasting company to keep up with emerging trends in the industry. Along with this, they also feel pressured to save cost by reducing expenses or somehow, prevent them from increasing. A powerful solution to this is outsourcing media job requirements. Through outsourcing, professional and high-quality services are being provided for less cost than hiring full-time staff locally.

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    Kevin Turner
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    Real Estate Broadcasting

ShoreAgents introduced us to systems and processes that have enabled us to streamline procedures that are checked off and completed almost without supervision. These are the great benefits that ShoreAgents has been able to offer us.

Kevin Turner
Real Estate Talk / Real Estate Uncut

ShoreAgents Staffing Solution

Real Estate Tak and RE Uncut, owned and managed by Kevin Turner. He partnered with ShoreAgents to provide the critical support they need in the areas of Content Management, Digital Marketing, Mulitmedia and IT Expertise.

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