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BoxBrownie Success Story

Customer Service for every business is essential. When you have a company that operates 24/7, the need is even higher. However, the solution is a costly one. was looking for a cost-effective solution that delivered quality. They needed this to happen every hour of the day and every day of the year. When you have a team of 16 team members working from another country, an integral part of managing them is appointing a top-notch service provider to ensure delivery.
  • Customer Service Manager

    Customer Service Manager

    Tash Poole
  • Location Global


  • Service Real Estate Marketing


    Real Estate Marketing
Tasha Poole Success Story

The whole Outsourcing process at ShoreAgents has been amazing—starting from recruitment to processing, onboarding, HR, and everything in between.

Tash Poole

ShoreAgents Staffing Solution

We have provided a Self-Managed solution where Tash is in total control of her large customer service team. They are her team in our office, on our self-managed offshore model.
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