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1PropertyCentre Success Story

The challenge of maintaining a small Real Estate Business is getting the time to attend to all the back-office tasks when you are on the road generating income. When Peter came to ShoreAgents, he was handling all the producing functions and a small rent roll. At that time, he was struggling to find a Property Manager that the business could afford.

We assisted Peter with setting up some processes and systems that allowed him to work on the go leaving his offshore Property Manager following a straightforward operation. She handles the Admin and Peter produces making an outstanding team.
  • Independent Peter Forbes


    Peter Forbes
  • Location Australia


    Dalby, Queensland, Australia
  • Service Residential Sales, Rentals


    Residential Sales, Rentals
Peter Forbes Success Story

ShoreAgents certainly helped me get my business into that mode of working with some outsourced workers and helping me to work on the go.

Peter Forbes
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ShoreAgents Staffing Solution

Peter’s team comprises of himself and his Offshore Superstar who supports the administrational side of his Property Management business. Peter was so snowed under and finding the time to implement he recognised would be an issue. He asked for some additional help getting set up, and that's what we did. This means that we assisted with some extra training and implementing some procedures plus automation that would help run his staff member when he was not able to.
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