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Real Estate Advertising Plan

Manage Your Real Estate Advertising Plans the Right Way

Advertising is an annoyance to some, but a necessity for others. For real estate agents and companies, it is something that you cannot ignore. You need to ensure you have an advertising plan that fits your needs.

Every real estate company should consider advertising to ensure they can get the word out about what they are providing. You must utilize the right plans for advertising that will help people learn about what you’re providing.

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Our offshore virtual assistants at ShoreAgents can manage your advertising projects. We’re open to reviewing your ad plans and producing the best promotional messages that make your service more interesting. We can work with many platforms and social media plans, plus you can ask us about focusing on specific points surrounding your properties.

The Basic Point

The main goal of real estate advertising is to promote your properties or rentals. You’re showcasing many things surrounding your property, including:

  • Details on the homes you offer
  • Photos of your properties
  • Details on who would best be suited for these properties
  • Pricing points
  • The locations of your properties, including whatever is nearby
  • Any unique features that might be useful to your target audience

Real estate advertising gives you control over how you’re reaching out to people. You’re letting everyone know what makes your properties for sale or rent appealing.

What Real Estate Advertising Solutions Can You Utilize?

You’ve got an assortment of real estate advertising ideas to consider. Real estate advertising can be a challenge, but you can utilize many solutions to support your work:

Real Estate Advertising Solutions
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1. Post your listings on various platforms.

Every country has unique portals where you can find real estate properties for sale. Zillow is prominent in the United States, while is useful for people in New Zealand, for example.

2. Use social media.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media websites are popular for real estate sales. You can highlight your properties through these platforms, but it might be a challenge to use these solutions.

3. Create a newsletter.

You can use an email newsletter to build positive relationships with potential clients. Your newsletter may include things surrounding all your properties, plus trends on your market.

4. Establish an appealing website.

Many people who find real estate properties use real estate provider websites to learn about what’s open. You can create a website yourself to highlight everything you’re selling.

5. Incorporate prior reviews.

This point is relevant to people who have been in the business for a while. You can ask past customers to provide reviews or testimonials surrounding your service. These will let people know that you’re trustworthy and that you have something interesting to offer.

Real Estate Advertising Cost

Real Estate Advertising Costs

All of these real estate advertising solutions are helpful, but you have to know what you’re going to spend on your ad campaign. Real estate companies can spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on their advertising costs, which can be prohibitive.

The worst part is that these ad costs are rising, especially on Zillow and and other popular platforms. These expenses come as people start to trust these portals more than other places that offer real estate data.

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How Can You Reduce Those Costs?

You have many solutions to see when keeping those advertising costs from being a burden. There are a few things you can do to keep those costs in check:

1. Utilize a sensible focus.

Targeting a broad audience isn’t always the best idea. Look at your top sources of traffic and who consults people the most. Targeting these specific people ensures you’re only reaching the ones who might purchase or rent a property from you.

2. Leverage your website.

Your website needs to be easy to use while providing helpful and relevant information. You can leverage your website by creating a blog that informs people about what you provide. You could also add links to your social media accounts to help people share your data with others.

3. Review the keywords you’ll use in your work.

Most people will search for properties based on many keywords. These include keywords relevant to your sales and products. Your keywords should be simple and useful for your promotional needs.

4. Contact your customers.

Provide surveys and other things to your customers to see what they are thinking about what you provide. Your customers can let you know what you are doing right and what you need to fix.

5. Utilize Facebook for communication.

It is free to talk to others on Facebook. Look at how well you understand how you use Facebook if you want to bring in people.

6. Hire virtual assistants.

You’ll save money if you hire virtual assistants to support your business. VAs are offshore workers that you can employ to produced advertising campaigns and setups. VAs will work for less money than other people in the field, so you can trust them without worrying about spending too much money.

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Real Estate Advertising on Facebook

You could highlight your properties on Facebook, what with it giving you a larger audience, and being free to use. But you might not get the best results unless you know how to use the service.

Facebook lets you post details on your properties to the public. You can showcase your properties for sale or rent by posting images, details on your buildings, and many other useful factors.

Real Estate Advertising Facebook

You could get lots of tire-kickers and time-wasters on your Facebook website unless you understand how to make it work. You’d have to use a few points:

  • Targeting by location, demographics, behavior, or interests is essential to your success. You can promote your work to people who might be likely to consider your property.
  • Targeting people based on their home ownership status is critical. Some users might state that they are first-time homebuyers, or that they are planning on entering the market soon
  • Facebook supports videos, photos, and other multimedia.
  • Carousel ads let you showcase multiple properties or several rooms in the same one.
  • You can use as much ad copy as you wish.
  • Keywords are critical to making your advertising relevant. Your ads should include keywords and terms relating to your offerings.
  • Create thorough search engine profiles, including one where you post your contact info and other features on Google. A detailed profile will show up in local search results, including when people search for real estate companies in specific areas.
  • Your ad campaigns need to ramp up during peak sales times. You might add more messages or spend more on your campaign during moving seasons, especially if you cater to renters.
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Making Social Media Work For You

It might be easier for you to use social media if you utilize a platform that lets you post data on many websites. PropertyPages

PropertyPages lets you add photos, descriptions, and other details. The platform will review your data and post it on the right pages. You can use PropertyPages in many countries. You can use one version for Singapore, or another for Malaysia.

Your social media plans should be arranged based on:

  • The clientele you wish to find
  • Where your target audience is from
  • How much money you’re willing to spend; all websites have different rates
  • The multimedia you’ll use, especially photos and videos
  • How many properties you want to list; some places might have limits
  • How can you differentiate your properties from others on the same platform

The Major Real Estate Advertising Portal

Real estate advertising portals are taking over. They might cost more to utilize these days, but you shouldn’t ignore their influence. Here are a few of the top portals you’ll find: helps customers calculate their home values. Clients can also find real estate agents that fit their specific needs.

This website provides a multiple listing service that showcases homes available for sale. Realtors use to find homes for sale.

HomeFinder focuses on listings and gives realtors control over their entries. You can use as many photos of your home as you wish on HomeFinder. The platform lets you contact buyers or renters, plus they can find your details on the system to contact you.

Opendoor is different from other portals, as it lets people buy homes online. Buyers can search for homes, book virtual tours, and submit their offers online.

You will compete with many other real estate companies when promoting your properties, although some realtors may also establish partnerships with these groups. These include entities like RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, and Century 21.

All platforms are different based on what they provide, who would benefit from them, and how much data you can get from a page. You can use a quality platform if you review your work well enough.

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Can My Real Estate VA Manage My Advertising?

You can ask a real estate virtual assistant to assist you with your advertising plans. A VA can help you complete many tasks, including:

  • Creating listings based on the data you provide
  • Editing photos and making them presentable for display
  • Changing text and other descriptive features as necessary
  • Upload listings to many sites
  • Take down those listings when sold
  • Provide extra edits

Your real estate VA can manage all your advertising needs, but you should teach your VA how to make it all work. Let your VA know how to prepare listings and drive them to your liking.

Ask About Our VAs

The virtual assistants we have at ShoreAgents are open to supporting your real estate advertising needs. We have talented agents that respect your needs and will give you the support you deserve every time you need help.

You can let your VAs know what you need and how they can complete your work. You can ask them to manage whatever things you need to support. Our VAs are flexible and open to ideas.

We also provide affordable rates. You don’t have to hire a dedicated person in your office to help you with your real estate advertising needs. Our VAs work for less money, plus they are flexible in their schedules and duties. You’ll have more money on hand for other projects, including for any outstanding advertising plans you wish to arrange

You can reach us today to learn about how well our VAs at ShoreAgents can work for you. We provide suitable and affordable VA services that will support whatever needs you might hold. You need to be visible, so it helps to see what is sensible and what fits for your work demands.

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