Real Estate BPO

Real Estate BPO

You likely don’t have enough time to manage all the business processes you wish to support in your real estate workplace. That’s where the services of a business process outsourcing or BPO group can help.

You can trust ShoreAgents when you’re looking for a talented real estate BPO entity that can serve your unique needs. ShoreAgents will be there to assist you with all your BPO-related demands, giving you the time you deserve for managing other more essential tasks.

But what does BPO entail? This brief guide will help you see how well a BPO process can work and how you can outsource multiple tasks and processes to other parties. The system offers a simple approach you will enjoy.

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What Is a BPO?

BPO is business process outsourcing, a practice where you contract work projects to an outside service provider. You can move your projects to a BPO company that provides offshore staff to your business to facilitate whatever tasks you wish to complete.

A BPO company can provide support for services like:

Real Estate BPO Payroll Management
Real Estate BPO Accounting
Real Estate BPO Marketing
Real Estate BPO Customer Service

Two Forms
of BPO

BPO efforts can come in two forms, with each focusing on different tasks of value:

1. Back Office

Most of the BPO efforts you can hire entail back office functions. A back office project will entail managing internal business efforts like invoicing and accounting. Purchasing efforts may also play a role here.

2. Front Office

A front office project involves contacting and interacting with customers. Marketing and tech or customer support services are among the most common front office concepts to note.

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You can hire a BPO team that can work with either or both of these functions. The work will cover every part of your business while managing multiple projects you can trust for whatever interests you the most.

Why Use BPO Services?

BPO services are ideal for businesses that need a little extra help in running their operations. The benefits of hiring BPO services are plentiful:

  • You’ll have more time to work on some of the more pressing core projects in your business. Having outside support lets you concentrate on the essential parts of running your company.
  • You can decrease operating costs in your business through a BPO team. Outsourcing keeps the costs down, as you won’t require as much office space. You can also utilize a low-cost market like the Philippines or India, where you don’t have to spend as much on labor.
  • The people who work at a BPO are experts in the tasks you wish to complete. You can hire people with extensive experience in producing marketing pieces, designing items, and more.
  • It’s easier to facilitate projects through a BPO service than it is to try it yourself. A BPO team can do more than what you and a few other full-time employees can manage.
  • BPO teams have established infrastructures that will serve whatever unique needs you might hold.
Real Estate BPO Services

BPO services provide the help you need for whatever project you wish to run. You’ll appreciate the comprehensive and thorough work a BPO team can provide when you’re aiming to handle unique projects.

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Where Does the BPO Come From?

A BPO company will provide offshore staff from an office located outside the country. It can provide support from places like the Philippines, India, Vietnam, South Africa, or Mexico.

Those are among the more prominent places where people hire BPO services, but the Philippines tend to be the most popular. The strong English-language communication skills and plentiful office spaces in the Philippines make this country popular among those looking for BPO solutions. This point is especially true for real estate, as the real estate system the Philippines uses is similar to what you’d find in the United States, Australia, or Canada.

Your BPO work takes place through an offshore entity. An offshore team is one that is incorporated in a jurisdiction outside of yours.

Real Estate BPO outsourcing

What Is a Real Estate BPO?

A real estate BPO is an outsourcing group specifically for real estate services. A real estate BPO will look after real estate agencies, their agents, and various others in the industry. A BPO can serve buyers, marketing groups, software developers, and anyone else who works here.

The BPO team will provide staff to support back and front office efforts. From admin and customer service to digital, social media, and SEO marketing, you can trust a BPO company to help you complete all the projects you wish to follow.

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Through a
Real Estate

    The services you can hire through your real estate BPO provider are plentiful. They will ensure there are no worries about whatever tasks you wish to plan. You can hire a team for projects like these points:

  • Completing industry and market research for your target area
  • Listing real estate openings
  • Establishing contracts with clients and vendors
  • Managing accounting projects, including ones for payroll and other tasks
  • Supporting lease accounting services
  • Database setup and maintenance
  • Bank reconciliation services
  • Fund accounting, including cash monitorin
  • Interacting with customers through customer service transactions or through collections
  • You can ask your BPO team to complete whatever tasks you wish to manage at any moment. Your BPO service will ensure your business stays operational and can manage whatever tasks you will follow.

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How Specific
Real Estate
Can Benefit

You can utilize a business process outsourcing team’s services regardless of the company type you operate. You can use a BPO service if you have a real estate software company, for example. You can hire tech staff to support backend functions for your platform. The company can develop a program that supports your business operations.

A BPO is also useful for property development companies. A BPO will help you support many processes for managing properties, including designing and drafting plans for whatever projects you wish to complete.

Transaction coordinators may also be available. You can hire a coordinator who can interact with your customers and provide support for whatever deals you wish to plan. A coordinator will facilitate the exchange of information in your business and ensure whatever data you hold moves forward the right way.

Growth In
Your Business

Real estate BPO services will support the growth of your business. BPO efforts give your agents and other employees extra time to develop their skills. Your agents will have more time to manage other tasks they wish to complete, as they won’t have to manage other tasks they might not have the time to complete themselves.

The problem with managing menial tasks or other things one doesn’t understand well is that it makes it harder for people to handle some of their more detailed tasks. People might not have enough time to focus on selling properties or supporting transactions. It becomes harder for agents to support your business when they’re stuck with other tasks. BPO work ensures those agents won’t have to waste time managing their work.

It is also easier to schedule tasks and delegate work when you use a BPO service. You’ll get specific functions out to the BPO team, while you and your agents will concentrate on other tasks.

You’ll grow your business and make it easier for your clients to feel confident in what you’re providing. BPO work is essential when you’re trying to keep your business growing well.

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BPO Teams

You’ll also appreciate the unique specialties that BPO workers can provide. BPO employees can focus on specific tasks relating to marketing, technical development, communications, and other things. These are people who concentrate on the tasks you wish to facilitate the most.

Hiring a specialist to help you with your work efforts can be more effective than what you might expect. Instead of having your existing employees handle tasks they might not fully understand, you’ll have a BPO team manage the work projects you wish to support.


BPO efforts have become vital to real estate businesses than ever before. Perhaps you’ve used a service like Fiverr or Task Rabbit in the past. If you’ve done so, you’ve successfully outsourced your work to another party.

Outsourcing is a necessity for all businesses, as it helps them focus on some of the more essential tasks they need to complete. Outsourcing ensures businesses can stay afloat and complete some of the more specific tasks they wish to manage.

But what’s also essential about BPO is that you might not always have enough full-time people on hand to manage certain tasks. You might not have someone who can facilitate social media interactions that you don’t always require. Maybe you don’t have a party that can manage multimedia shots or other things you want to incorporate in your work.

BPO manages whatever tasks you wish to complete as soon as possible. You’ll have people on hand who are ready to serve your business and provide the work solutions you can trust every time you need assistance.

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ShoreAgents Is
Your Best

You’ve got many options to consider when hiring someone who can serve your business process outsourcing needs. ShoreAgents is your best bet to explore when looking for a group that can serve whatever needs you might hold.

ShoreAgents will facilitate whatever tasks you need out of your real estate or property management business. We are the world’s top real estate BPO provider.

You can ask us for support with whatever BPO tasks you wish to complete:

  • We serve real estate businesses that need help with sales admin and property management efforts.
  • We can develop real estate software that your business can utilize for multiple projects.
  • Our marketing team can produce photos, videos, floorplans, and more. We can work on social media and SEO projects.
  • Our property development and management services include working with designers and architects and helping you find the best possible clients or renters.
Real Estate BPO ShoreAgents

Our team works out of the Philippines and provides support for all major real estate markets worldwide. We have worked on many major projects from various entities, from supporting rentals to managing simplified operational systems.

ShoreAgents is your best bet for your BPO needs. You can contact us today if you’re looking for a talented real estate BPO firm that will support whatever demands you have for work in your area. We’ll be there to assist you with all your projects.

We provide affordable rates for all our services. You can hire us for as little as $1000 a month. Contact us to see how we can manage whatever work projects you wish to arrange.

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