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How Real Estate Chatbots Work For
Your Business

When was the last time you saw a chatbot on a website? The odds are good you might have seen one as of late. It might pop up while you’re scrolling on a page, letting you know that someone is there to talk with you if you have any concerns or questions about what’s available.

Chatbots have become popular on many websites, as they make it easier for businesses to communicate with people twenty-four hours a day. A chatbot provides automated responses to questions people might ask. Companies can program their chatbots to answer various questions and to provide recommendations or ideas, creating a simplified approach to answering whatever questions you might hold.

Real Estate Chatbot
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Chatbots are helpful for all businesses, including those in the real estate world. You can use real estate chatbots to help you answer questions, automate communications, and manage other points to generate new business.

You’ll need to find the right platform and program that fits your business needs. You also need to see that your chat is programmed to answer whatever questions people might ask on your website. You can ask our offshore professionals at ShoreAgents for assistance in getting your chatbot working and ready to answer whatever queries people might hold.

What Are Chatbots For Real Estate?

Chatbot For Real Estate

To see what makes this work, it helps to understand what a chatbot does. A chatbot is a software program that facilitates online text communication with someone. The customer or other client will communicate with the chatbot instead of a live person.

The chatbot will use a program that creates automated responses based on whatever questions the customer asks. The customer posts a question, and the chatbot reviews many factors like:

  • Keywords
  • Context
  • Mood or attitude
  • The product or service being specified
  • Whatever promotion one is discussing
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So, how does this work for a real estate company? A chatbot will provide many services:

  • A chatbot for real estate can manage inquiries from tenants or buyers.
  • Your chatbot can generate new business from people who visit a website and want to learn more about your services.
  • You can use a chatbot to field tenancy-related concerns.
  • Your chatbot can also facilitate any maintenance concerns you hold.
  • The chatbot provides the customer with the peace of mind in knowing that there’s someone on hand who is ready to answer questions. The best chatbots will give people the answers they need, especially when it comes to figuring out what they want out of their real estate transactions.


Artificial intelligence will be a necessity for your real estate chatbot. AI reviews the language and other data the other party enters and will produce a relevant response.

Artificial intelligence is about identifying opportunities for communication and finding the most logical responses. AI gives your chatbot connections surrounding questions and whatever it hears, and it links to a knowledge base to identify the right answers to those questions. Your chatbot can be as detailed as you want it to become.

AI is better than the decision-tree logic that older chatbots used. Decision-tree logic entails an “if-then” response to a query or keyword. AI delves into the specifics of the chat, focusing on the context without delivering one very specific answer to a question.

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The AI system can review many points, including

  • How the natural use of language functions, or natural language processing
  • The chatbot’s knowledge base
  • Analytical data
  • Interaction history; this is for regular visitors or clients

What Is the Best Platform To Build a Real Estate Chatbot?

Your chatbot will operate off a platform or a base for its operation. The platform is the root system that will dictate whatever answers the chatbot will produce.

You can use one of many chatbot platforms that work at your convenience. You can incorporate the Facebook platform when using a chatbot, for example. The Facebook chatbot system works on the prominent social media engine. It uses the Chatfuel system to create a robot for communication purposes. The Facebook platform is also helpful if you’re trying to run ads.

But while there are many platforms to utilize, the best one is something that works for you. The platform should answer people with automated responses and campaigns based on whatever you wish to pose.

Real Estate Chatbot Platform
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The Most Prominent Platforms For Your Chatbot

You have many choices to consider when finding a chatbot platform for your real estate business. Here are some of the top choices available:

Botscrew is a chatbot platform that lets you create templates for interaction between products or items. You can program contacts you wish to make based on the actions someone utilizes. Botscrew works on many platforms, plus you don’t require any coding knowledge to make it work. You can also review the conversation trees on the program and adjust them based on what the bot will produce when certain queries appear.

Chatfuel is made for Facebook, as mentioned above. The Chatfuel platform will add details of people who interact with your chatbot to a database, giving you easy access to prospective leads. The program displays responses in a familiar Facebook interface. It is one of the easiest platforms to use, especially since it doesn’t take much time to produce or control.

Do you have multiple channels of communication for specific services you wish to provide? You can use Aivo to program your real estate chatbot to work with all these channels. You can also integrate Aivo with Salesdesk and other ecommerce systems, which is usefull if you’re trying to focus on the sales part of running a chatbot program.

Not all chatbots have to work with specific keywords to create responses. Bold360 interprets the customer’s language based on tone and other connecting words, producing a more accurate response. The Bold360 bot will review a conversation and identify its context based on what people are discussing and what they wish to consider for sale purposes.

What Are the Best Real Estate Chatbots?

You can use one of many quality real estate chatbots when you’re trying to interact with others. Some of these chatbots were designed especially for real estate purposes. These models work off various platforms and come with unique features.

Rental Heroes uses a virtual assistant that provides guidance for many tenant questions and maintenance queries. It uses artificial intelligence to dictate answers and ideas. The program does not require an outside app, plus it can incorporate multiple categories.

LiveChat provides custom forms and can form product or offering cards. You could add pictures or videos of your listings to your LiveChat account. Customers can ask about these properties and then receive videos of whatever you are providing.

Drift produces support tickets for detailed customer concerns that require an in-person consultation. For all others, Drift will automate communications and store data on customers. Drift is designed mainly for marketing professionals.

You can use Olark if you have a WordPress or Salesforce account, and you want a chatbot that can integrate with those features. The live chat system Olark uses will report on communications and analyze whatever keywords or other context points are appearing the most often. You can also use chat transfers and routes.

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Real Estate Chatbot VA

Can My Real Estate VA Build a Chatbot For My Business?

All of the real estate chatbots you’ve read about here are useful and can provide a simple approach for interacting with your customers. But you should also look at how you can hire a virtual assistant to help you produce a chatbot.

The chatbot creation process requires plenty of configuration, including producing a knowledge base that the AI can review and create responses for. Technical programming can also be a challenge for some models.

Your real estate VA can do anything to get your chatbot up and running. But you should provide the appropriate training to your VA to ensure that your workers can handle the project. You can avoid the risk of your project not working well or otherwise being tough to follow when you use the right plans for producing a chatbot.

There are many online courses available to help people produce chatbots. Udemy has a full array of chatbot courses, including ones for beginners and advanced users. The best idea is to pay for a Udemy course to help your VA learn how to make a bot. Try out the course beforehand to ensure whatever you are ordering fits.

Signs Your
Chatbot Will

You should ensure whoever is producing your real estate chatbot has the capacity to create a quality model that fits and answers your questions right. Educating your VAs about what you want out of your chatbot will be essential to your success.

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There are many signs that show that your chatbot will work well and facilitate great communications with your clients. These are all valuable points to note:

  • The chatbot has defined goals for its operation.
  • The chatbot has expectations for what people might ask. These include expectations for any questions people might ask and what answers the chatbot must provide.
  • The program can gather preferences, location data, and other things that might dictate what works in a conversation.
  • The chatbot must find a streamlined approach to answering questions. The chatbot should produce answers without jumping through as many steps.
  • The communications the chatbot should be concise and sensible. It should not use complex or challenging details that the reader might not recognize.
  • The communication flow between the chatbot and the user should feel natural
  • A positive welcome message lets the user feel comfortable about chatting with the program.

  • Your chatbot will be more successful if you use these points. You have to review what you’re going to do with your chatbot if you wish to succeed. It won’t be tough for you to run a quality chatbot if you have an idea of what would fit.

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You can ask us at ShoreAgents about all the virtual assistants we have available. We can provide you with a talented VA that can produce a new chatbot for your website. This includes a chatbot that can respond to whatever queries your customers might hold.

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