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Here is what we do to boost your business marketing through Real Estate Google Ads.

Planning Your Real Estate
Google Ads the Right Way

Google is ideal for various real estate marketing needs, but you need to leverage what you’re getting out of the platform to make it work. You can create the best real estate Google ads if you understand what works and how you’re going to find the right solutions for promoting your properties.

Google display ad campaigns are essential for all real estate agents. We at ShoreAgents can assist you if you’re looking for extra help in getting your ad campaigns up and running on this platform.

You should note the many ways how Google ads can work if you want to promote your wares the right way. You have many solutions to consider when getting Google advertisements to work for your marketing plans.

Does Google AdWords Work For Real Estate?

Real Estate Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an intriguing solution for real estate marketing worth exploring. AdWords is a program that allows people to purchase advertising space on the search engine. You can spend a specific amount to link an advertisement with a keyword. The ad you produce will appear above all the other items you find on the website’s search results.

An AdWords listing will include many things of note, and you have many options to consider when finding something that fits. Take note of these items when looking at something that works well for your plans:

Real Estate Google Ads ShoreAgents
  • A heading that the user can click on
  • A brief description of what you provide to people
  • A few smaller links on the bottom that lead to specific pages on your website; these can include more detailed services you wish to provide
  • The URL for your website; this lets people know where they can find you later on

Google AdWords works well when you’re looking to make your ads more interesting and viable to everyone. But you need to understand what ads you are using for whatever you want to promote.

You must decide whether you want to saturate a target or you want to get traffic to your website or get a conversion. You could consider targeting a specific keyword, or you could instead concentrate on making people aware of what you provide.

People use Google AdWords for many purposes:

Google Ads ShoreAgents
  • They might focus on reaching people in specific areas. AdWords campaigns can be targeted toward specific geographic spaces.
  • They can also encourage people to purchase a product or service if they know what you offer.
  • Some AdWords projects are about making people more aware of your business, especially if you are new and are trying to stand out.

Three Steps For Using AdWords

You must use three separate steps for making AdWords work for you:

Start by highlighting your business and focusing on making people aware. Let everyone know what makes your business distinct or worthwhile. You can illustrate a unique selling point to your customers if you use the right effort.

You can get traffic to your website through the next step. After letting people know you exist, you can draw traffic by explaining in your ads what makes your business interesting.

You’ll need to reach specific audience members after a while. These include people who might want to buy a property or those who live in specific geographic areas. Identify the audience you want to target and plan your next ads on what they demand the most.

How Do I Advertise on Google For Real Estate?

It’s easy to use Google for your real estate advertising needs. Here are a few steps you can use for your real estate Google ads.

Your ad can be supported through any payment account you have. You’ll need to link a payment plan to Google Ads to ensure you can complete all the transactions on the system.

Google Analytics helps you track the visitors to your website. The web analytics service identifies where your traffic comes from and how well the data is coming.

Tracking codes are available through Google Analytics. You can use the tracking codes to retrieve webpage data based on who visits a website. The data helps you review what’s happening when people are online.

Google Tag Manager is a web API solution that helps you manage the tags on your website. You can add, disable, and edit tags based on what you wish to promote on Google. You can use this without having to edit the source code on your setup.

The Google Search Console helps you check the indexing status on your website. The Search Console is different from Analytics in that while Analytics reviews people who visit your website, the Search Console provides reports on how your site appears on a search engine. You can monitor the data on your site and confirm its visibility.

Producing the Right
Keywords and Ad Copy

You’ll have to plan your real estate Google ads the right way. There are a few things you can do when planning your ad copy:

Real Estate Google Ads Format
  • Plan the right ad copy. The copy should be viable to all possible readers.
  • Figure out the keywords you’re willing to support. You can use a phrase match option to link your ads to phrases people search, or you can use a broad match option involving many variations.
  • Some ads may be set to where your ads will only appear when someone searches for an exact keyword. Use the exact keyword option when trying to highlight your business the right way.
  • Figure out which zip codes or other geographic areas you want your ads to appear. Google AdWords lets you program your ads to where they only appear when someone is located in a specific space.

What Type of Ads Can I Use On Google?

You’ve got an assortment of great ads to consider when getting Google working for your marketing needs. Here are some of the more popular ads you can use on Google:

A basic Google search ad or text ad will appear on the top of a search engine. You can link your ad to a keyword, and people who search for that work will find your content at the top. The work makes your content more visible, but it can be expensive based on how competitive a term may become.

Check the cost per click before you plan your ads. Review the data before you find something.

Many ads are geographic ones that target specific spots. You can use a search term and then the suburb or area you are targeting to make it easier for you to reach people in a specific spot. You can program an ad to appear only in certain spots, but the best idea is to use a keyword relating to that local area to make your work more visible.

This strategy is ideal for real estate and property management needs alike. You could use a keyword like “real estate near me” or “property services near me” and then a location to highlight the work.

Display ads can appear on various Google sites. You can produce a display ad or banner ad in one of many sizes.

Display ads are the best way to advertise on Google, as they are cheap and can help you get your message across to people without delay. You can also run many visuals through the setup, but that depends on what someone offers while showcasing your brand.

Think of display ads as a part of your brand awareness strategy. The display ads will make your content more inviting to anyone who sees what you provide

Google owns YouTube, so you can purchase ads on the service if you wish. You can take any videos you have of your properties or other things you offer and link them to specific keywords.

There’s also the option to run your ads on Gmail. Gmail is convenient for how many people use it each day to review messages. Gmail is convenient when you know how to make it run and you have a plan for making it fit.

How to Find
the Cost Per Click

You can find the cost per click for your Google ads by dividing the cost of your clicks by the total number of clicks you’re getting. You should review if you’re comfortable with this or if you need to keep the cost from being too extensive.

Google Ads Real Estate

The cost to promote your work will vary by local area, the demand for what you provide, and whether people are more likely to click through advertisements with specific keywords. Check your cost per click and compare it with how well people reach your site to see if you’re spending the proper amount on the work you’re putting in for your effort.

The best solution is to use Google Search ads until you get your keywords to rank organically. The effort is a long game strategy, but it helps to use display ads and other ads to help make your site more visible and capable of getting on a search without using the ads.

Our virtual assistants at ShoreAgents can help you run all your Google advertisements. ShoreAgents offers digital marketing coordinators that can set up your search console and analytics services, your advertising efforts, and anything else necessary for running your site. We’ll ensure these details will help you make more out of your advertising needs.

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