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Guest posting on the ShoreAgents blog

If you’re looking for the perfect mutually beneficial place to submit your real estate guest post, the ShoreAgents website is your first port of call. We are building THE foremost real estate blog specializing in offshore real estate and staffing solutions, and we’re looking for partners to join us.

The ShoreAgents blog features articles from industry experts on a wide range of topics from training to marketing to artificial intelligence. If it matters in real estate today, you’ll find it on the ShoreAgents blog.

Right now, we’re accepting guest posts for our blog. We’re keen to hear from industry experts, influencers, mentors, and trainers about their experiences using (and growing) offshore staff.

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Do you want to see how outsourcing works?

Do you want to see how outsourcing works?

What real estate guest posts do we accept?

Real Estate Guest Post About Offshoring

Your guest post must relate to the real estate industry in a very direct way. Additionally, it must highlight how you, your company, or your client have used offshoring as part of the solution that you’re talking about.

If you’ve used the offshore staff in your business, we want to share your experience with our readers. We accept posts about all aspects of offshoring. So that includes recruitment, staff management and training, as well as automation, cloud computing, software, VOIP and other phone solutions, processes, advertising, accounting, contracts, listings… Basically anything and everything to do with real estate, as long as it has an offshore element.

If you know of a real estate platform that has a great user interface that is super easy for offshore staff to use, readers want to know. If you know of an amazing hack that will transform how your offshore staff uses a real estate marketing platform, that is perfect. If you’re involved in the real estate industry in an adjacent way, like providing smoke alarms or signage, tell our readers about how you leverage offshore staffing to give them the best service.

For example, you might have a great story to share about using Jigglar with your offshore team to make real estate fliers. Another example might be the optimal way to set up PropertyMe to reduce the time between a sales inquiry and a response from your real estate virtual assistant. Or you could have perfected the way to use Slack to make sure your onshore and outsourced staff communicate effectively.

As you can see, we’re after a broad range of articles. Real estate offshoring is not just about recruitment, training and management. If you’ve gone down the offshore route, you know that it also needs good processes, commitment to cloud-based software, different modes of communication, and just a general acceptance of new ways of doing things in an old business. A lot of real estate business owners starting out on this journey don’t know the things that you know. They want to hear about your experience, your expertise, and your knowledge.

Are you ready to get started and hire now?

Are you ready to get started and hire now?

Yes, we want to hear the success stories. But things didn’t always go to plan. When it comes to real estate offshoring, sometimes things can go unexpectedly badly. If you have learned from a bad experience, then tell that story honestly. People want to know about the pitfalls as well as the benefits. Basically, they want as much knowledge as possible before they leap in. That’s why they turn to our blog and to experts like you to warn them in advance about what to avoid and how to do things better.

Think about it like this: what do you wish you’d known a year ago? Two years ago? Five years ago? That’s exactly the information you need to share.

Previously, we’ve had guest posts about new real estate software, how to change your CRM, and strategies to build a better property management business. Nothing is off-limits. If your post can genuinely help our readers with their real estate business, and part of the solution involves offshore staffing in some way, we want to hear from you.

Who can write for us?

We believe in a level playing field, so we’re not concerned about whether or not you have 10,000 followers on Instagram. If you are as passionate about the real estate business as we are, then you can write for us.

Having said that, you do need to be able to prove your expertise. Ideally, you’ll have your own real estate blog with some great content to link back to. Maybe you produce a real estate podcast, and you’re looking to reach more listeners. We’re looking to partner with real estate influencers and real estate mentors. We want to hear from people that are using real estate offshore staff and hear about the ways that offshoring has transformed their businesses.

If you’re not sure if you’re a good fit for ShoreAgents or not, send us a pitch. The worst that can happen is we say no.

Real Estate Guest Post Partners
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A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can do all of those tasks and more.

Do you want to see how outsourcing works?

Do you want to see how outsourcing works?

Benefits of guest posting on the ShoreAgents blog

Get Exposure as Blog Benefits

Get Exposure

Real estate influencers will already know the benefits of guest posting. However, if it’s something you haven’t really considered before, here are some of the benefits of writing for ShoreAgents.

More Views as Blog Benefits

More Views

Next off, that connection means more eyeballs on your own content. We’re an international brand, and we get a huge number of visitors from all over the world. Your informative article will be read by other real estate business owners and influencers from across the globe.

Improve Ranking as Blog Benefits

Improve Your Ranking

Also, when you write a post on a highly-ranked site like ours, you gain valuable backlinks. Basically, within your post, you can include a link back to your own site - a backlink. This backlink gives your site more credibility in the eyes of Google and improves your own search ranking. This is mutually beneficial; if we link out to a good site, it also improves our ranking.

Are you ready to get started and hire now?

Are you ready to get started and hire now?

How to pitch your guest post?

Pitch Your Guest Post

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and write for us, go ahead and send a pitch to . Include your proposed heading, a one-paragraph summary of your post, and three to five dot points outlining your key points. If you have examples of previous posts you’ve written, a blog or podcast, or are active on social media, make sure to send through some links. Again, it’s not that you need to have 10,000 followers, but we do want to see that you know how to write or engage with an audience.

Real Estate Business

Once your guest post idea has been approved, you’ll need to submit it as either a Word document or Google Doc.

Your post must be over 1200 words, and you can include backlinks to your own site. You’ll also need to include at least two backlinks to existing pages or posts on the ShoreAgents site. How you do that is up to you. If you have a read through our pages, you’ll see what options we have.

If you provide images, make sure that they are named in a user-friendly way. So “WDavis – screenshot of PropertyMe.jpg” is better than “image01.jpg”.

Don’t forget to stick to your deadline. If you can’t make it, let us know at least two weeks in advance so that we can schedule something else for your slot.

We expect that your writing is good enough not to need too much editing. We will double-check to make sure the grammar and punctuation make sense and flag anything that might be controversial or libelous.

If you would like to be considered for a guest post,

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