Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant

Are You Ready To Hire An Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a necessity for real estate investors. There’s a chance that you might not have the time or funds to handle everything you require out of your investing efforts.

A virtual assistant can be someone who is available to serve your needs and take care of some of the tasks at hand. But you need a VA who knows what one will be doing, not to mention someone who is prepared for whatever might happen next. You also need to know that you’re hiring someone who won’t ask for more money than what you can afford.

You’ll also need a VA who can manage whatever processes you wish to hire someone for. More importantly, you need someone who you will respect and appreciate like an actual employee.

Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant
Do you want to see how outsourcing works?

The great news is that you can hire a virtual assistant from us at ShoreAgents. We are home to the Shore Super Agent, a VA that can work with various real estate companies and can manage all the tasks that you might have.

Our Super Agents are available for many investment-related tasks, not to mention we offer more affordable solutions than what you would get out of a traditional service. We want to be there for when you are making the most out of your work efforts.

Why Hire a VA For
Your Investing Needs?

You’ve got plenty of opportunities to consider when investing in real estate properties. You could do anything from finding new properties to purchase to figuring out what you need to sell. You can also work on plans to find commercial properties that people might be interested in renting.

The intricacies of investing in real estate are challenging, and you’ll need extra help in handling your work. A virtual assistant will see that you have the help you deserve.

A VA can do everything from managing your portfolio to arranging communications with leads. You can even ask people about managing different marketing projects. You have many solutions to note when planning your work, so look around to see what our VAs have to offer for your business.

What Can An
Investor VA Do?

You will find that your real estate investor virtual assistant will help you with the critical tasks necessary for handling your work.

Here’s an example of what you can get out of a VA’s services:

1. Your VA can review leads in your local area or any other place you want to utilize for investments. The VA will find leads for sellers and prospective buyers from a lead source. You can also provide a source for use, including something in your personal database.

2. Data mining helps in checking on how well your investor can work. Mining looks into leads and confirms information necessary for facilitating a deal.

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3. The VA will contact the lead for further details. The lead will receive a contact to see how well that person will agree to a sale.

4. The VA will then move the client over to you for you to negotiate a deal. You can discuss the plans for a deal with that person.

5. You’ll then send the appropriate details on the transaction back to the VA, who will then facilitate the transaction. The VA will fill out and file the necessary paperwork.

The service is ideal for how you’ll have more control over your time, not to mention you won’t worry about wasting your effort on tasks that take a while or ones that you might struggle to control. Your VA will handle the heavy lifting.

Other Basic Tasks

You can also ask your VA to care for other tasks. The services our VAs offer will vary by person, but you’ll find that you’ve got many options to consider. Some of the things you can hire a worker to help you with include these points:

Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant Task
  • You can request updates on the properties you wish to consider.
  • Outbound marketing efforts can move forward, including efforts for letting possible sellers or buyers that you are available.
  • You can ask a VA to run your calling system and software for when you need help in communicating with people.
  • Your VA can also edit pictures of any properties you wish to list. You can also ask about producing profiles and descriptions for those spots. The marketing work can make your assets more appealing to buyers.
  • You can have your VA find buyers that might be interested in acquiring your property.
  • General transaction operations are also available through your VA. The plan includes checking on who is available and in getting that person to contact you for negotiation purposes.
  • You can even ask a VA to manage your social media work. The work includes getting pictures added to social media, including on Facebook and Instagram.
Do you want to see how outsourcing works?

The opportunities for work with your VA are endless. We at ShoreAgents train our workers to see that they can care for whatever tasks you wish to support.

Research Services Are Available

Research is one of the most essential points to see when working with a virtual assistant for investment purposes. You have to find a VA that can help you with all the needs for finding investments and figuring out what is suitable for your needs. You’ll need someone who understands what you’re looking for and will assist you with whatever you might need the most.

Our agents can complete research in many forms:

  • Agents can find prospects based on your parameters.
  • You’ll learn about what your competitors are doing through your agent’s reviews.
  • Keyword research is also available for figuring out whatever things should be promoted the most.
  • You can also find new trends and products for your work based on what your VA finds.
Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant Services

There are no limits to what your VA can discover. You can ask your VA for support with whatever needs you hold today.

Don’t Forget Your Marketing Needs

You might have assorted marketing demands that you wish to follow. We hire agents who can check on all the marketing plans you wish to follow. Our agents can work with social media accounts, blogs, adwords campaigns, and whatever else you wish to utilize.

Are you ready to get started and hire now?

You can ask your agents about what you want to handle the most. Each agent can let you know what is suitable for work and how your project can move forward.

Not every investor has experience in everything. But our Super Agents here at ShoreAgents will ensure whatever needs you have are facilitated right. You can talk with your VA online about what you require, and that worker will ensure your plans run well.

Home of the Super Agent

You can trust the virtual assistants we have at ShoreAgents. We call our workers Super Agents because they can manage many tasks and be there for all your needs.

Our work isn’t what you would expect from an average outsourcing group. We provide full training to all of our agents. We ensure that they have the knowledge necessary to manage real estate functions for all your needs. These include many points dedicated to the investment side of things.

We provide many things for our Super Agents to utilize, including the following:

Investor Virtual Assistant
  • All workers have dedicated office spaces with dual-monitor computers and other features.
  • Full online connections are available at our office. These include links with speeds of 1000 Mbps or greater.
  • Proper scheduling points are available to our workers. They’ll find details on their hours based on your location and your work needs.
  • Every person receives full support for getting to work, including free travel support. We even have a biometrics-based system for recording our workers and in ensuring they come to work on time.

All our work takes place at our office in the Philippines. We ensure that our workers have a full place for managing your needs.

We will care for all the expenses associated with running an office and providing resources and benefits to our workers. You won’t spend as much in getting these people ready to work for you as what you might spend elsewhere.

Do you want to see how outsourcing works?

Affordable Rates

You won’t have to worry about spending lots of money on our real estate investor virtual assistant services. We at ShoreAgents charge lower rates than what you’d expect out of a freelancer.

You’ll find details on what it would cost to hire us before we start. You can also hire us each month without any long-term contracts. You can adjust your plans for working with us based on whatever needs come about later.

Our work is less expensive than if you tried to hire a dedicated service in your area. You might spend lots of money on things like the expenses for finding people and interviewing them. You’d also have to spend extra money on getting enough overhead ready for a worker. Some people might have exorbitant salary demands.

You’ll have control over your ShoreAgents experience by having a choice from many talented VAs. We will let you know who you can hire for your needs and interview them yourself. We’ll manage the employment contract and ensure whoever you hire has the experience and understanding necessary for the work at hand.

What’s also useful about our services is that we provide more responsible solutions for your needs than what you’d get from a freelancer. Many freelancers might work for less, but they aren’t going to provide you services that are as effective as what we provide. Our workers provide top-quality solutions for your investment needs.

Contact Us If You’re Ready

Your investment needs can change at a moment’s notice. You have to see that your investment plans work well and that you know where you’re going with your work. The great news is that it doesn’t take much to hire us for your work needs when you contact us for support.

You can ask us at ShoreAgents to see what we can do for your business. We provide a complete approach to real estate investor virtual assistant services that you will appreciate. We offer everything with affordable rates as well. We’re available for as little as USD $1000 per month.

Be sure to look at your investment business and see what openings you have for a virtual assistant. There’s a chance you might have needs that you wish to facilitate now. You can ask us at ShoreAgents to handle whatever investment support needs you hold.

Talk with us at ShoreAgents today to see what we have to offer. You’ll never have to worry about whatever you’re going to get out of our service when you reach us for assistance.

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