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Real Estate Marketing Plan

What are you doing with your real estate marketing plan? You have to get the word out and let people know what you can do for their real estate needs.

Marketing is a practice that every real estate service provider cannot afford to ignore. Marketing is about showcasing your properties and letting people know you can help when buying or selling houses.

Your Real Estate Marketing Plan
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But marketing is also about illustrating your values. You can show people what your business provides and your principles for work.

You need to establish a suitable real estate marketing plan that fits your business. You’ve got many options to consider when planning your marketing effort. But you must also note how you’re going to handle your content and that you have a plan for whatever might work for your business.

You can talk with us at ShoreAgents if you need to make something work. We can help you in finding a real estate marketing plan that fits your needs. You can download a free plan idea that you can use when establishing a suitable setup for work.

The Marketing Funnel Is Key

The real estate marketing plan you prepare should include the necessary features that enhance how well you can promote your work. Part of what you’re doing should involve working alongside the marketing funnel.

Your real estate marketing plan should focus on the funnel necessary for bringing in people. The layout entails a few steps:

1. Awareness

Promote your work and make people aware of what you offer.

2. Interest

You’ll target specific audiences who are aware of your work and let them know what makes your business so appealing to their needs.

3. Consideration

You can provide information through campaigns and case studies.

4. Intent

You’re nurturing the leads you collect at this point. You’ll encourage sales and let people know what they should do business with you and use specific things you provide.

5. Evaluation

You have to prove that your product or service is more appealing to customers. This point is around where you’re going to finalize a sale.

6. Purchase

The funnel is complete when your leads make purchases. The customers will have seen enough and will recognize that you have a trustworthy service, thus leading to a sale

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Your real estate marketing plan should work at the top of the funnel. You must make people aware of your work before you can go any further. Awareness brings in more leads, which in turn produces more possible customers.

Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies

Online and Offline Strategies

You have to utilize online and offline strategies for real estate marketing. You can manage various methods in your real estate marketing plan, but the things you’ll employ will vary over what fits. You have multiple solutions to use that can help you reach more people, but you should notice what might fit and how well your project runs.


You can use various online strategies to target people. Online efforts can entail anything relating to how you will talk with people and what might fit. You can utilize many online solutions to help you reach people in your real estate marketing plan:

1. Social Media

Social media has never been more essential than it is now. You can make people aware of your business by using social media to your advantage. You can use Facebook or Instagram to target a general audience, or you can use LinkedIn if you have a more professional audience. Those three social platforms are the most popular ones that real estate companies utilize today.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click or PPC advertising works if you’re trying to target a specific local market. PPC advertising entails paying to appear on search engines in local areas. You can associate your ads with specific keywords and locales. You will pay for every time someone clicks your link.

You can use PPC advertising to make your work visible, but you have to watch how much you’re spending. A PPC platform should provide enough control over your work, especially over how much you will spend and what projects you’re going to handle at once.

3. Electronic Direct Mailing

Electronic direct mailing is a process that entails building an email database that features many customers and prospects. You will send relevant emails to people to let them know what you offer and to keep your business in their minds. You will help people see that you’re around and that you’re open for them when they are ready to do business. You can use EDM to create a better relationship with any possible lead.

Your EDM work will be best when it is simple, and you have a specific audience you wish to target. Anything professional and mobile-friendly always helps. EDM plans are effective if they are easy for people to read and show that you’re committed to serving them.

4. Chatbots

A chatbot is something you can utilize on your website when interacting with people. This method comes after you get enough people to be aware of your business and what you wish to provide.

A chatbot can interact with people and provide answers surrounding many questions they hold. You might need to ask someone to help you produce a chatbot program and a script that is thorough and provides answers to the most common questions people hold. A well-built chatbot will show people that you understand their needs and that you’re going to answer whatever questions people hold surrounding your work.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a solution that lets people hear about your business based on the things they are interested in the most. You can prepare messages and responses based on browsing habits and provide results based on someone’s location. AI support will be a little more complex and should be calculated well to ensure you have enough control over your work.

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You can also employ a few offline strategies to build your reach. There are many offline solutions that can fit your business, including these choices:

1. Outbound Calling

You can complete outbound phone calls to people in your area, particularly those who might meet your leads. You could complete calls to people who have put their houses up for sale or businesses that are starting up and are looking for places for operation.

2. Billboards

Billboards are useful if you are in high-traffic areas where you have various properties. You can promote your contact data and list information on whatever real estate services you wish to provide. Your billboards will work so long as they have enough details, and people know what you wish to convey.

3. Posters

You can also prepare posters for display in public areas, including mass transit stations. You can plan these with enough details similar to what you’d get out of billboards.

4. Television and Mass Media

Television commercials and radio advertisements and other mass media contacts are ideal. You can review the marketing avenues in your area that fit your budget, plus the demographics these places target.

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All of these solutions are ideal for your marketing plans. You can use a mix of offline and online solutions, but you should consider how you’re going to make these plans work. Having a plan for operation that makes your business easier to support is always a positive to see.

Essentials For Planning Your Marketing

Your real estate marketing plan should include the right stages for work and the proper methods of contact. But you should also use a few additional points when planning your marketing work. You will target a unique audience while conveying a distinct message that makes your work interesting. There are many essentials you can use when planning your marketing work.

Essential Real Estate Marketing Plan
1. Who are you targeting?

You have to look at many people based on various points like their demographics, their interests, and how much money they have. While you can make people aware at the start, you should also consider people who are more likely to jump into other parts of your sales funnel right away.

2. What elements of your business are you trying to focus on the most?

Your real estate company could support many business activities. You can use a marketing plan to focus on home sales, property management, or anything else of value. Look at who is in your area and who you should market your work to the most.

3. What trends are in your area?

Your local area might have various real estate market trends. You can review your trends and figure out whatever is suitable for your business. You can plan great solutions that fit your needs.

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Don’t Forget a Referral Strategy

Your marketing plan may also include a referral strategy. Your work involves cross-promoting your business to encourage more people to see what is open. While you could have your prior customers refer your business to others, you could also take a proactive approach to referrals. There are multiple ways for how you can get your referral strategy up and running:

Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategy
  • Host gatherings with people in your area. You will show that you care about the needs that people hold.
  • Produce a newsletter on your website. A newsletter can include details on the latest developments in your business.
  • Post interactive messages on social media. You can ask questions and challenge people to send messages to others.
  • You can build relationships with industry leaders and other influencers in the real estate field. You could discuss your properties and your plans with those parties.

You could always use these referral strategies to help you make your work more interesting and viable. Establishing positive relationships with your clients will help you succeed.

Download Your Free Marketing Plan Today

It has never been more essential to have a real estate marketing plan than now. The great news is that you can get a plan running right now if you contact us at ShoreAgents for help.

We can assist you with your marketing work here at ShoreAgents. You can download a free marketing plan through us to see what you could do with your project and how a unique plan can help you with your business efforts. We have prepared a marketing plan solution that works well for many businesses.

You will appreciate how well your marketing plan works when you ask us at ShoreAgents on what fits and how your business can grow. We want to help you see what you can do and that you have a plan for managing your business that fits your needs. You will appreciate the comprehensive work that you’ll find through a marketing plan.

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