Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate Photo Editing

The Value of Real Estate Photo Editing

You’ve heard the adage about a picture being worth a thousand words many times over. That’s because the saying is true, as an image can make a significant impact on anything someone sees. Real estate agents and companies understand how critical pictures are when selling their properties.

Real estate photos are critical to the sales process. A property that looks its best will be more enticing to prospective companies. You can show people what makes your properties more useful and appealing, especially if you have something worth more money.

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You’ll need to use the best photos when showcasing your properties. Real estate photo editing can be essential to your success, as it can help you highlight the best features surrounding your properties.

You can outsource your real estate photo editing needs to save money. Hiring a full-time person for photo editing isn’t sensible, but having a company such as Box Brownie assist you in editing your photos can make a difference.

Photo editing makes any property look more enticing, especially when you do it for the right reasons. Take a look at how you can create something that stands out the most.

What Makes Real Estate Photo Editing Popular?

Real estate photography has become very popular as of late, but people are especially interested in photo editing. There are many good reasons for why people like editing photos:

1. Virtual staging has never been more essential.
Virtual staging is a practice that entails adding furniture, lighting, and other things to a property. Real estate agents can utilize virtual staging to make a property look more realistic, plus it gives clients an idea of what they’ll find in a property for sale.
2. You can add and remove things in a photo.
You can adjust photos to where you can incorporate many things, or you can clear out anything undesirable. These include items that you might need to clear from the actual property at some point. Your editing effort will be about producing a more conducive environment where people will be interested in what you offer.

You should only remove items in a photo if they are things that you can remove. A car or a garbage bin can be removed if it is not fixed. But a flagpole should stay, as it is something you cannot remove without putting in lots of effort and money.

3. Color correction works in many editing tasks.
Many outside factors may influence the appearance of the property’s color, from outdoor weather conditions to inside lighting. Color correction lets you adjust the coloring in a photo to reflect the actual color of a room. The effort is suitable if you don’t make any significant changes to the colors to where everything looks different from what people might find.
4. Cropping helps you frame the photo.
Photo cropping involves removing spots from the end of a photo. Cropping ensures you’ll remove the surrounding spaces that might not be relevant to a photo. Cropping is suitable, but only when you do this without removing permanent fixtures in your property.
5. You could even replace the sky in an outside photo.
Have you considered how the sky in a photo can influence how the property looks? You could use photo editing to remove the sky and replace it with clear and blue skies. The property’s look and the mood will improve when you use a better sky palette.
6. Photo editing takes the pressure off of the actual photo-shooting process.
The problem with trying to take photos of your properties is that it might be challenging to take images due to the pressure. You might become worried about what you’re shooting and how everything looks. But photo editing gives you extra control over the work you complete.
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All of these points are ideal reasons why so many people are interested in real estate photo editing. These are all points that Box Brownie uses when working on its real estate photography projects.

Real Estate
Photo Editing

Having a full-time worker on your staff who can edit photos for you isn’t the most sensible thing to consider. Editing doesn’t take as much effort in some cases, plus you might not require an editor all the time.

That’s where an outsourcing plan can come in handy. You can outsource your real estate photo editing task to another party who can assist you in editing your photos.

Having someone from offshore to edit your photo is sensible, as you can get the work completed in less time. You don’t have to make any long-term commitments with someone, although you could do that if you are highly satisfied with someone’s work.

You can offshore your work to people in many countries, including Vietnam, India, and the Philippines. You can let the worker know what you want to get out of your photos, including what you wish to add or remove. Your offshore worker will ensure your project looks its best.

Real Estate

Retouching your real estate photos is critical to your real estate access. People will see more value in your home if you have better images.

Retouching does not involve completing revising a property. It focuses more on taking the basic template of your property and adjusting its appearance to create something more useful and reflective of what you are trying to sell to your customer.

You’ll have to check every aspect of your real estate photos and see what is ideal for display. You’d have to review factors like:

Retouching Real Estate Photos
  • The room’s natural color and how it appears
  • The surroundings around the property, and whether they are suitable
  • How the rooms are presented based on their functions or uses
  • What a place would look like based on the average furniture or material layout one might utilize after moving

Your retouching plans can work if you create something realistic and accurate to your property. Retouching is about letting your customers know what makes your home for sale more interesting.

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Real Estate

You’ll bring more value to your property when you enhance your photos. People will see the main image in your photo as appealing for sales purposes, especially when it comes to something interesting.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get the outcome you want, nor do you have to hire one. You can take any image and make it look more outstanding than anything else you might find.

Planning a route for enhancing your photos will be recommended, especially as you try to find something smart. Your real estate photos should be organized to where everything looks more interesting and unique.

What Should You Avoid?

As useful as real estate photo editing can be, there are a few things that you need to avoid in the process. You can ask an outsourcing provider about these points. Any outsourcing team that will not use these points will be worth hiring, as it understands what is suitable for real estate photos.

Here are some things you’ll need to avoid when editing your real estate photos:

Photo Editing For Real Estate
1. Changing the backgrounds
Changing the background isn’t appropriate, as it might create an unrealistic representation of your property. A buyer wants to see the actual background that one would see more often, as that person wants to make a more educated decision without being misled.
2. Covering up issues
Sometimes a property might have certain issues, especially if it is a foreclosed space that hasn’t been maintained as well as you would wish. You have to display all of these faults, as it explains why a property costs less. It may show buyers what they’d have to do when updating their homes. Showing all these things in a home is critical to your success.
3. Removing permanent items
Do not remove railroad tracks, light poles, or other things that might get in the way of a property. These things should be displayed to create a realistic depiction of a spot.

These points are about ethics, as they involve ensuring you’re properly representing your real estate. You don’t want to mislead people into thinking that what you have to provide is different from what one is anticipating. Showing everything is critical, even if it entails things that someone might have to fix later.

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Other Useful
Tips For Real
Estate Photo

There are many other points to see when making your real estate photo editing project work well:

  • You can retouch the lines in your photo to make them parallel or even with one another. Adjusting these lines ensures you’re taking your photos at the best angle.
  • Shoot multiple images in different light settings to give yourself an idea of how the light can influence a room. You can use this guide when editing other photos in your set.
  • The hue and saturation settings in your editing program can help you adjust how well a photo looks, but these settings must be true to the property’s actual colors. Adjusting these features as you wish may help.
  • Composites may work in some situations. A composite involves multiple photos appearing together to create one consistent image. Composites can create a panoramic image, or it can incorporate the ambiance in a room.
  • Batch editing only works when you’ve got multiple photos that look the same. You could complete all the retouches on your photos in one take. Review your photos beforehand to see you’re using the right settings.
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Don’t Forget

Real estate photo editing is also critical for when you’re marketing to mobile users. Your real estate photos should be easy for people to review on a mobile device, especially on a smaller smartphone.

Images should be crisp and detailed enough to appear on a screen, but the details should also be visible when you shrink your image. You can test your image on multiple screens and resolution levels to see what fits. The specific details you wish to showcase in your photos should be visible, but only if you understand what might work well.

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We can help you with your real estate photo edits without having you spend as much money as you might expect. Our team at ShoreAgents has the experience and the tools necessary for completing the work. Contact us today to learn about how our work at ShoreAgents can support your needs.

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