Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

The adage of a picture being worth a thousand words is still true to this day. Pictures can help illustrate how well something looks and what makes anything more appealing.

You can take pictures of the properties you have for sale to showcase what you provide. Your photos could make your properties for sale or rent more attractive to prospective customers.

But you should know what you’re going to get out of your photos, especially when you’re trying to edit your work. You can hire a talented group that will help you understand all the things necessary for your photos and how they will appear.

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Our work at ShoreAgents is all about producing quality images that stand out above everything else out there. We will work with whatever photos you have and adjust them to be more interesting than anything else you might find online. Our work is about producing something different from what most people might expect.

What Is the Purpose of Photography When Selling or Leasing Real Estate?

Taking photos is the top marketing strategy for selling things online. Photos help people understand what they could buy or rent. Photos will explain what you have and why something is interesting or appealing.

Photos are especially critical to your marketing success when selling or leasing real estate. You have to produce top-end photos that are interesting to everyone.

Real Estate Photography Selling

But your photos must be of the best possible quality. It used to be that people would take their photos and edit those works themselves. But things are changing today, as professional photographers can be more effective and useful for your photography demands.

People need to use the right equipment for the work at hand. They have to shoot things from the proper angles as well. The work is never as easy as you might expect, but it helps to note what fits when you’re planning your work and making things look their best.

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Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

A professional will provide all the support you need when taking quality photos of your properties. A real estate photography professional can take multiple images of the inside and outside parts of your property. The photographer will provide many services:

  • A photographer can visit every room in your home and find the ideal spaces for taking photos.
  • The expert will use a high-end camera to take clear images.
  • Your expert will also touch and edit the photos to produce something interesting.
  • Experienced photographers may understand more about what angles one should take photos. This knowledge makes it easier for finding something of value.

A professional photographer can help you find a good plan for taking photos you can trust. A photographer will especially do well when highlighting anything in your property that you want to use as your focal point. You’ve got many choices out there when taking photos, and a professional can help you find whatever might fit best and what will do well when highlighting your work.

What Unique Tricks Can a Photographer Provide?

You’ve got to make your photos as inviting to people as possible. The work needs to include something different from what people might expect when looking at listings for properties. Today’s photographers can do a few things to produce the most unique shots for your property:

  • Image enhancement services are available through many photographers. The enhancements can include lighting or color adjustments.
  • Day to dusk swaps entail swapping out an unappealing sky with a brilliant dusk setting.
  • An expert can digitally remove unwanted items from your images. These include pieces of furniture or other items that might not mesh well with the rest of the shot.
  • Virtual staging entails someone adding furniture or other items to a space. The effort highlights how versatile or functional a space might appear.

You can talk with a photographer about one’s plans for shooting your property if you wish. A photographer can discuss one’s plans for shooting and figure some ideas for whatever is the most interesting.

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Real Estate Photography 360

What About Three-Dimensional Features?

A photographer can also use a 360-degree camera for virtual tours. A high-end camera may help by taking images of all features around a room. The viewer can then move one’s mouse around a screen to view the same room from different spots. A 360-degree shot lets you showcase your property from every angle. The design might be more interesting if you look at what fits.

A 360-degree shot can be viewed on any computer or mobile device. The design provides an immersive look at what’s open. You will enjoy how well the shot looks when finding a way to make anything you want to take more interesting.

How Much Does a Professional Photographer Charge?

As appealing as the services of a professional photographer can be, it can cost more money than you might expect. You could expect to spend $100 to $300 US per hour on a photographer’s service. Considering how extensive the photography effort might be and how many properties you’ve got to cover, the cost can be substantial.

The expense comes from the professional needing to cover the cost of travel and the equipment utilized. Today’s digital cameras can cost thousands of dollars, and the extra equipment necessary for work could make the service more expensive.

Professional Real Estate Photographer

But the professional will help you in many ways. The photographer will shoot your property and then edit the photos afterward. You’ll then get those photos at a price of the photographer’s choosing.

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Can You Spend Less on Professional Photography?

The good news is that some real estate photography options are becoming more affordable. Photographers have been undercutting themselves to try and make their services more appealing and viable to the public. This point is to your benefit, as you’ll have an easier time affording services when you contact someone for help with your project.

One idea that may be viable involves outsourcing your real estate photo editing work. Outsourcing may be a more viable solution, as it allows you to have someone else take care of the task without spending more money than necessary on the project.

The options out there are varied and can include virtual assistants and outsourced editing companies. You can choose an option surrounding whatever you want to complete when hiring someone for help. You could contact a virtual assistant if you need a full-time solution for your work plans. But another company like Box Brownie may be ideal if you want someone who can be around for a little longer and provide extra support for your projects.

Real Estate
Photo Editing
Can Help

We at ShoreAgents want you to know that real estate photography and photo editing doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might assume. Our team supports Box Brownie, a marketing company that provides photography services.

Box Brownie offers low-cost photo editing services for many images. The services ensure you’ll have quality real estate photos without having to hire a full-time photo editor to help you with the work at hand.

Box Brownie provides many services for all needs, including:

  • Rendering work for buildings under construction
  • Image enhancement, including for producing visible displays
  • Virtual staging
  • Removal of items from existing photos
  • Redraws of your floor plans, including support for 2D and 3D images
  • Copywriting for your photos, including producing descriptions for all your data
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Box Brownie hires talented editors from around the world who can handle photo editing tasks. You can find affordable rates for high-quality work, from renders starting at $280 US to floor plan redraws from $24 US and up. These can work with subscriptions, plus the company can provide a 24-hour turnaround for most projects, plus a 48-hour turnaround for virtual staging productions.

Having an outsourced company like Box Brownie can ensure you’ll have help when getting your photos ready. You don’t have to spend as much money on your photos as you might assume you would need to if you can hire the right people for the task at hand.

Real Estate Agent Photography

Can a Real Estate Agent Take One’s Own Photos?

Perhaps you feel you could take real estate photos without hiring someone else to help. You might figure that doing so would help you save money, even if outsourced real estate photo groups like Box Brownie are more affordable than you would expect.

You could take photos, but you’d have to use the right materials for the work at hand. You would need to buy a high-end DSLR camera to make it work. A digital single-lens reflex camera can produce high-quality images, but you’d have to spend thousands of dollars to acquire one. You’d also need enough training on how to take photos and how to use your camera to make it work.

You could also use a widescreen shot on a smartphone, but it would still cost an exceptional amount of money to get a smartphone. Some smartphones can cost at least a thousand dollars for you to acquire. The ones available for free may not be as effective as you would wish, not to mention they’d be tied to multi-year contracts.

Even if you did take your photos, you’d still require a high-end editor like Box Brownie to help you with your project. But you could still take the photos yourself if you want to have some form of freedom when taking your shots.

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Can My Real Estate VA Do Basic Image Editing?

You can hire a real estate virtual assistant to help you when completing your image editing tasks. A VA will take care of the tough work when creating something inviting.

We at ShoreAgents teach our virtual assistants how to use PhotoShop and LightShop to make basic adjustments to all the photos they manage. Our VAs will help you with everything from removing a logo or watermark to correcting any glares or other concerns that might develop.

Our team at ShoreAgents will help you well if you want to hire someone on a full-time basis to serve as your image editor. We have great groups on hand to assist you with your projects without worry. Our services are also more affordable than what you would spend on another professional entity.

But for cases where you have minimal work needs, and you only need edits, you can always hire another company like Bow Brownie. A group that doesn’t require long-term commitments like Box Brownie would be best for such a situation.

You can always hire one of our virtual assistants at ShoreAgents if you have a long-term need for work. We will be there to support whatever needs you have when taking care of photo projects of value. Our work will ensure your content stands out from everything else online, especially when you’re trying to make something more inviting than what you might expect elsewhere.

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