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What Makes the Best Real Estate Podcast?

People are always looking for new ways to learn about the real estate market. The online world has many details and points that people can use to see what is open and what they can utilize in the field. One way people can learn about new things online is by checking out what podcasts have to say about the field.

Podcasts are great ways for people to communicate with each other. You can learn many things about real estate and outsourcing activities through a podcast.

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There are many podcasts available in different parts of the world, including some of the world’s top real estate investment markets. These podcasts cover many topics of value. They are free to download and enjoy, giving you the golden opportunity to learn more about the industry and what works.

What Is a Podcast and How Does It Work?

A podcast is a digital audio file that comes as part of a more extensive series. A podcast entails people communicating and talking about different things of interest in a program. Podcasts can come out each week or every few weeks, plus they can come with feeds that you can subscribe to where you can learn about new episodes.

Podcasts are appealing to people for how they can convey plenty of information and useful facts. People like to be entertained by podcasts, especially as they can listen to them while driving or doing various things in the workplace or around the house.

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What Do People Discuss In Their Real Estate Podcasts?

People will talk about many things in their real estate podcasts. The information that people will discuss are things that can help in anyone’s daily life when it comes to managing real estate and handling transactions.

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Here are a few of the points you might find in some of these programs:

  • Podcasts can discuss the current market and see what the future holds. New trends and developments in the field may appear in a podcast.
  • You may hear about new ways for how people do business. Some of these points include stories on new forms of investing and management.
  • Stories on what you can do when problems arise in the real estate industry may help. You can learn about things that may work when something goes wrong, or you need to fix something within your business.
  • Many podcasts include interviews with others in the real estate field. You can hear their insights and learn about many things that may work for your real estate business plans.
  • News and details surrounding changes in the industry and any laws or legal points that may be relevant will also appear on a podcast.
  • Topics on outsourcing in real estate may also come up in a podcast. You can learn about how outsourcing works, what you can outsource, and the benefits that come with the practice.

There are no limits over what a real estate podcast can discuss. You can find some shows that might focus on specific or general topics. But you will find plenty of details on the industry regardless of the program you enjoy.

Who Run These Shows?

Real estate podcasts are traditionally run by people who work in the real estate and property management industries. These include landlords, agents, investors, and various experts.

You can check the details on a podcast website to see what experiences a host holds surrounding real estate. You can use these details to see how legitimate a podcast is and what might be more interesting for you to listen to.

How Much Does It Cost to Listen to a Podcast?

The best part of listening to a real estate podcast is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can download a podcast for free from a website or from another platform that offers these files. Various mobile apps are also available to help you download new podcasts.

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Real Estate Podcast Money

How Does a Podcast Make Its Money?

The free nature of podcasts is appealing, but you might also be curious as to how a podcaster can make money. A podcaster may make money from sponsorships or the sales of various products. A real estate podcast may be run by a group that handles real estate sales and transactions and could make its money from the business deals it completes, for example. Some podcasts are also supported by contributions from listeners who want to pitch in and support their favorite shows.

How Does
Someone Start a
Real Estate Podcast?

Anyone can start a real estate podcast, but it takes extra effort to make it work. There are a few steps for anyone to follow when attempting to start a real estate podcast:

  • The topic is the first point to note. The topic can entail anything in real estate, from property management to renovations.
  • The podcast must then have a suitable format. It can entail a narrative, or it may have multiple hosts who can share info on the topic.
  • There should be a six-month plan where the podcast has enough topics, guests, or other things to discuss.
  • The operators must consider the frequency of the podcast. A bi-weekly podcast is ideal, as it gives a group enough time to come up with ideas. The hosts could produce both podcasts for a month at once if desired.
  • The proper equipment is necessary for recording the podcast. A microphone, a computer, and the proper software necessary for editing and planning the podcast are essential to the work.
  • The podcast will require a host. Soundcloud is a popular option, but it helps to search around to see what is open.
  • The podcast should be published in many places, including through Apple Podcasts and Google Play.
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What About the Best Real Estate Podcasts?

You can find many great real estate podcasts if you look well enough. There are many great real estate podcasts that you can find that talk about many points.

Different countries have unique real estate needs. Many podcasts focus on specific things happening in these markets. There are various podcasts that cater to those needs of points you wish to explore.

Let’s look at some of the different real estate podcasts available in different markets. Each podcast focuses on different topics of interest in certain countries:

Inside Property Investing Podcast – The show focuses on how to plan a property investment effort and what works best. The details on the podcast focus on many market trends and things that are changing in the field.

The Property Podcast – The podcast is ideal for investors, but it can also work for real estate agents and others looking for details on how the real estate market is changing.

Mark My Words – Listeners can learn how to find great property deals and how budgets can influence the market. The details focus on making the most out of one’s money when handling investments.

This Week In Property – The podcast covers the newest developments in the real estate industry. It includes details on property and wealth management and how to manage long-term plans for handling one’s assets.


Kevin and Fred’s Next Level Agents Podcast – The helpful part of this podcast is that it gives American investors and real estate operators sensible advice that anyone can use now. The episodes are hosted by two agents with decades of experience.

Harvard Business Review Ideacast – This next podcast does not focus specifically on real estate, but more on how people in the field and others can handle unique strategies for work. People can learn about managing money, handling negotiations, planning for the future, and many other things that help a business evolve and succeed. The podcast helps people learn how to be more professional and proficient in the work they complete.

Unlisted With Brad Inman – The helpful information on this podcast will help investors understand what is happening in the real estate field right now. The host talks with many experts and influencers to discover the newest trends in real estate and how they work.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience – This podcast is perfect for those who need motivation and effort in moving forward with their work. The show includes discussions on how to manage the real estate industry and how to become more noticeable.

The Property Couch – The Property Couch is a podcast about managing money and property. It focuses on many aspects of how to manage your property and where you can go when getting your funds in check.

Everyday Property Investing – People who are new to the property investment industry could benefit from what Everyday Property Investing highlights. The podcast discusses many points on how to manage properties and how to facilitate money for these investments.

The Smart Property Investment Show – This next podcast covers topics on how well people can manage properties and what they should do with their money. The details on the podcast help people explore many things surrounding how investments can work.

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast – This podcast talks extensively about the real estate market in Vancouver, but the info in this program can also apply for any other Canadian market. People can learn about how to consider property listings, how to market their offerings, and other details.

Commercial Real Estate Podcast – The podcast covers the commercial real estate industry throughout Canada. It highlights topics surrounding how to manage properties and make more money off of investments. Many of the episodes also entail looking at how to manage tenants and ensure they pay their dues.

The Truth About Real Estate Investing for Canadians – This last option highlights interesting stories on how people can find the right real estate properties and what they should do when finding unique places for investment purposes.

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