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Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business

In traditional Real Estate Business there are many areas where you will need support. You can take away a lot of the back-office duties off your property managers and salespeople. Check out some of the typical roles you can take offshore.
Property Development

Property Development

We look after large and small property developers and it is truly amazing what work you can get done by an offshore team. Think big from finding a site to selling the last property and all the things in between that are done online these days.
Real Estate Software

Real Estate Software

The real estate software game gets thirsty when it comes to cash. Why not outsource a lot of the design, web development and then once it is going the customer service? We support sotware companies in all these roles.
Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Companies that support the marketing of property outsource loads of their creative and editing. Creative roles locally can cost a fortune as great local talent comes with a great or not so great price tag. Check out the marketing roles you can outsource.

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