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Providing well-made architectural drawings is an asset to any business providing services to the real estate industry, but it can be expensive. Using an offshore draughtsperson means you don’t have to skimp on the details. Impress your clients with perfect home designs and plans that they can use on their site or in marketing materials. Your offshore draftsperson will turn your sketches and surveying research into beautiful designs that you can offer as a perk to your customers as an essential part of your suite of services.

7 Things your Architectural Illustrator can do for you!

  • Craft new property designs
    An offshore draughtsperson can create and design new property designs for those who are interested in something that has not yet been built. From your sketches or your customer’s sketches, it is possible to have a drawing rendered into a beautiful potential new home. Instead of spending hours on it themselves, your clients having the perfect starting off place by using the designs drawn up by your offshore draughtsperson.
  • Render drawings for custom additions to current properties
    Sometimes a current property is looked at and it’s missing a feature that is important to the client’s customer. Having the option to add rendered drawings of customized additions or extra buildings is a luxury item that creates high value. You’ll want to be able to offer this option to your clients.
  • Identify structural weaknesses in current plans for customers
    When your client’s customer is considering purchasing or renting a new property, an offshore draughtsperson can examine current plans and identify potential structural weaknesses. This can inform the customer’s decision-making process about the property. Knowledge of this type of weakness is highly valuable, as it might influence a customer’s decision to customize a property or add an addition.
  • Customize plans and get construction estimates
    Many architectural designers or draughtspersons are able to customize pre-made plans, as well as procure construction estimates. This ensures that the client’s customer has an accurate assessment of the end-cost necessary for the changes they desire. The ability to estimate ahead of time means fewer surprises and challenges along the way.
  • Incorporate LEED or NGBS standards to increase property value
    LEED and NGBS standards speak to environmental sustainability, and implementation of the varying levels of certification confers higher property value to the building in question. An offshore draughtsperson can assist in incorporating any of the varying standards into the design plans, whether a few standards or as high as LEED-platinum.
  • Bring 2D drawings to life
    Your Architectural Illustrator can take 2D drawings and bring them to life helping your clients present their future properties int the best light so they can be marketed.
  • 3D renders for your property development clients
    Property developers have lots of future builds on the go and you already know this as you have more 3D renders to do than you can poke a stick at. Your Architectural Illustrator can bang them out all day long saving you time and money.
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