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Back End Developer

A Back End Developer is the glue that connects the beautiful front-face of your real estate application to the magic that goes on in the background. In other words, they make sure your software works. Your offshore Back End Developer will work closely with your Front End Developer and the rest of your design team to define and develop server-side logic and maximise responsiveness.

3 Things your Back End Developer can do for you!

  • Website Coding
    Your Back End Developer will be working in tandem with your Front End Developer and your real estate Website/UI Designer to bring your vision to fruition. Their main focus will be on coding, ensuring that all of the various possible pathways through your website provide the best possible UX.
  • Application Development
    Your real estate will also need functional and sustainable web applications, with high quality, clean, reusable code which can be built on in the future when updates, revisions, or new applications are required. Your Back End Developer should be involved with and participate in the overall application lifecycle from beginning to end.
  • Testing and Debugging
    In addition to defining and communicating technical and design requirements, your back end must also be fully tested and its performance boosted. Your developer will be expected to troubleshoot and debug applications, optimise the UI, and utilize cutting-edge technologies to improve applications across the board.
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