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The Construction Administrator works alongside the Project Manager to provide key administrative assistance across construction projects. They are responsible for calendar and diary management, liaising with key stakeholders for project updates, updating project plans, ensuring compliance to schedules and regulations, and preparing data for reports. The role of the Construction Administrator is to take care of the small but important details, leaving Project Managers free to tackle the complicated aspects of large construction projects.

3 Things your Construction Administrator can do for you!

  • Schedule management
    The success of a construction project can hinge on the right people being at the right place at the right time. The Construction Administrator can make sure your contractors receive their health and safety briefings, materials get delivered on schedule, key stakeholders talk through variations, ID cards and access keys get to the right people, and so much more.
  • Maintain project plans
    Don’t be let down by out of date GANTT charts or crucial milestones missing from project plans. Projects can move at a glacial pace and then turn on a dime, and your Construction Administrator can help you keep track of every change and update through timely and thorough documentation.
  • Key communication point
    With so many stakeholders involved in a construction project, it can be hard to have a single source of information. With a Construction Administrator, they will have a copy of every email, memo, meeting, contract, discussion and decision. By utilising your data management systems, they will keep on top of every detail - and make sure every key person has access to the information they need.
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