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A property development contract coordinator helps to minimise delays by making sure all the small details are looked after. As part of their role, they help all parties to stick to deadlines, coordinate documentation, ensure procedures are adhered to, process invoices, review variations, and research regulations. While your Project Managers are dealing with the bigger picture, your offshore contract coordinator is making sure that existing contracts continue to tick along in a timely manner.

8 Things your Contract Sales Coordinator can do for you!

  • Scheduling
    The Contract Coordinator will set up a schedule based on the requirements of the agreed contract, updating as variations come through. They will communicate between subcontractors and other parties to ensure deadlines are met or extensions accounted for.
  • Procedure compliance
    Your offshore contract coordinator will liaise with subcontractors to make sure that they understand and adhere to company procedures in regard to insurance, health and safety, material procurement, and any other policies and procedures that your company has in place.
  • Communication
    Having an offshore contract coordinator gives your construction team and internal administration department a central point of communication. They will coordinate all documentation between departments and make sure all necessary information is passed between the two in a timely manner, so that nothing is overlooked.
  • Variations
    As variations come in, the Contract Coordinator prepares them for review and approval by the project manager. After approval, they then implement them into the budget and/or schedule as required. They will update the appropriate parties and input any data into your accounting or project management database.
  • Review invoices
    All invoices related to the contract can come directly to your Contract Coordinator who will prepare them in line with your internal accounting procedures, ready to pass on to the project manager for final review and approval.
  • Regulatory audit
    As part of their role, the Contract Coordinator will continue to research any regulatory or other changes that may affect the contract. These changes can be at a council, state or federal level and may fall across these depending on the size of the contract.
  • Reporting
    The Coordinator will prepare weekly or monthly reports, as required, providing information about budgets, timelines, delays, variations, regulatory changes, and any other essential data that comes up during their day-to-day work.
  • Stakeholder engagement
    Your offshore coordinator will continuously liaise with all stakeholders to ensure that lines of communication are always open. They will deal with general updates and queries, and prepare and pass on more complex discussions to the project manager
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