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An offshore Customer Service Representative is the perfect asset for your real estate marketing business. They can take on all aspects of the customer service experience, such as live chat, replying to emails, scheduling in demos, making and answering calls, qualifying leads, data entry into your CRM, and updating FAQs and knowledge bases. With an offshore CSR, you can offer round the clock sales and support to provide a truly global experience to your existing and potential clients.

8 Things your Customer Service Rep can do for you!

  • Maintain brand excellence
    Above all else, a customer service rep allows you to maintain brand excellence with your real estate clients. As an initial point of contact for the company, the relationship that they create with the customer needs to be one of highest standard. Our offshore customer service representatives are equipped to excel in communicating with your clients.
  • Maintain relationship information in CRM
    With multiple customer service touchpoints, you’ll want customer service representatives who are well-versed in customer relationship managers (CRMs). This means that each customer speaks with someone who has access to information about all the touches that have happened in the past, no matter which rep they talk to. Your up-to-date CRM means consistency across your customer service experience.
  • Curate the customer experience
    Every time that the offshore customer service rep interacts with your real estate customers, they have an opportunity to craft a careful, thoughtful experience for the client. This curated experience is one that today’s consumers value. Whether the rep is interacting via chat, through email, or on the phone, each step of the customer experience is in their attentive and responsive hands.
  • Troubleshoot immediate customer challenges
    Part of marketing is preemptive. It involves taking care of problems as they arise. Your offshore customer service rep will be poised to create solutions for your customers. Their availability to troubleshoot and respond to immediate needs will prove invaluable in building your clients’ businesses.
  • Assess and anticipate customer needs
    Part of the value of superior customer service is that the ideal representative will anticipate the customer’s needs before they are even stated. This allows the customers to feel validated and seen, which translates into a better customer relationship with the businesses that your real estate marketing clients own.
  • Sales outreach and new customers
    Your offshore customer service rep can prospect for new clients using tools like LinkedIn and fakebook. You should not just be taking inbound leads you should always be hunting for more business so let your offshore team do the grunt work.
  • Inbound Customer enquiry and live chat
    One of the hardest things for busy real estate marketing companies is to manage new business through their website or in the form of online chat. Implement a customer service team that can work around the clock making sure you do not miss out on any new business.
  • Customer Support to help your clients through the buying journey.
    Allow you offshore customer team to help your current clients about with the status of their orders and the deliverables that have been promised. This can be very time consuming and frustration to handle locally, so take it offshore.
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