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An offshore Customer Service Representative is the perfect asset for your real estate software business. They can take on all aspects of the customer service experience, such as live chat, replying to emails, scheduling in demos, making and answering calls, qualifying leads, data entry into your CRM, and updating FAQs and knowledge bases. With an offshore CSR, you can offer round the clock sales and support to provide a truly global experience to your existing and potential clients.

3 Things your Customer Service Rep can do for you!

  • Knowledgeable Post-Sale Support
    Your company's reputation may well rest on the quality of your Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) A good post-sale experience with a CSR can turn an unhappy customer into a brand ambassador. CSRs must be knowledgeable about your product and capable of troubleshooting customer issues remotely.
  • Multi-Channel Communication
    Your real estate software will likely generate queries across multiple channels. Your CSRs must be capable of handling a Twitter Direct Message exchange as deftly as they do an email chain or a phone conversation. Being able to respond quickly to different channels and manage various forms of communication is key to providing great customer experiences (CX.)
  • Impeccable Documentation
    Every customer interaction must be scrupulously documented, and preserved along with a note that details the outcome and whether or not the customer was satisfied. All unresolved issues should be recorded for any future CSR who may have to deal with the same client. Keeping careful records of each customer's requests and complaints can also help the CSR deliver helpful feedback to the UX team.
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