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Front End Developer

An offshore Front End Developer can take on all the front-end elements of your real estate software or application, anything from a simple sidebar image, right up to complicated navigation, load speed improvements, mobile functionality, and logic-based displays. Being well-versed in both the visual and technical sides, their role is to turn your vision into a reality. The Front End Developer will work closely with the UI Designer and Back End Developer to find best-practice elements and solutions that adhere to your company brand and that can be reused within the application in different ways.

3 Things your Front End Developer can do for you!

    • Webpage Creation
      Your Front End Developer is the one who can bring the visual elements of your real estate website to life. They will need to use a variety of programming languages that will power user-friendly web pages, taking the design from concept to reality. Expect heavy collaboration between the developer and your designer as they finesse the look of your site.
    • Mockup Development
      As your real estate website takes shape, the Front End Developer will lean heavily on the material supplied by your Website/UI Designer. They will strive to create a working product that breathes life into the artistic presentation provided by the designer, while taking into account the need for nuts and bolts functionality that may require some compromise.
    • Application Optimization
      The Front End Developer may also be responsible for helping to design and develop mobile-based features. They will need to focus on optimizing all applications, both web- and mobile-based, for maximum speed and optimal display from device to device, while maintaining consistency with brand guidelines.

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