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Whatever real estate service you provide, a Graphic Designer can help you both with your own brand and with the products you deliver to your client. Having a dedicated offshore Graphic Designer means having a consistent approach to all your design elements and a unified style. As soon as clients see one of your products or applications, they’ll immediately associate it with your brand. If you’re offering a product or a service to the real estate industry, your Graphic Designer will make sure that it is strongly aligned with your brand while at the same time tailored to your client’s needs.

8 Things your Graphic Designer can do for you!

  • Firstly, don’t forget about yourself, your designer can help you market you
    As a company that provides graphic design for Real Estate Clients you probably like most forget about your own design. Your full-time graphic designer can create marketing material and design that brings you in new clients in droves.
  • Real Estate Brochure Creation
    Your offshore graphic designer can create custom brochures for Real Estate, whether that be related to properties, agents, or products.
  • For Sale and For Lease signs
    Real Estate Signage companies are running off their feet. It is not that difficult to update photos, text and more on a sign, yet it is time consuming. Your dedicated offshore designer can design signs all day long helping you take on more business and reduce internal expenses.
  • Logo Design
    A graphic designer can craft a bespoke logo that incorporates the elements that either you or your client desire for your real estate marketing. Images are powerful, and a logo tells the world about your business before saying a single word.
  • Create a Brand Style Guide
    Your offshore graphic designer can create a brand style guide, complete with logo, fonts, and colour palette. This ensures that the design elements and the style of your brand are cohesive across all areas of the business. A unified brand is easily recognizable and a style guide is a critical component. This style guide can then be shared out, as needed.
  • Produce flyers and other print advert materials
    Whatever your or your client’s needs are for advertising and announcements, an offshore graphic designer can design and craft a variety of print products. Although print products are less necessary in a digital age, there are still plenty of opportunities to utilize these tools. Flyers and the like are still emailed out to customers, as well!
  • Create Illustrations and infographics for blog content
    For real estate marketing, blogs are critical. Having an offshore graphic designer available to craft illustrations and infographics for blogs or email funnels is invaluable. Fresh infographics and illustrations make information more digestible for your client’s customers and they are easily shareable in today’s social media world of Instagram and Facebook.
  • Design business cards and stationery letterhead
    Although business cards and stationery are used less frequently, they are still important components of a brand strategy. Both are visual elements to a real estate business, and both are used as marketing tools. Subsequently, you’ll want to ensure that they are aligned with the style guide. Your offshore graphic designer can help with crafting the perfect business card or letterhead for you or your clients.
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