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Interior Design Administrator

An Interior Design Assistant/Administrator provides vital administrative support to your Interior Design Manager or team so that they can deliver projects on time and with all the details taken care of. They can take care of aspects such as procurement, purchase orders, monitoring orders and deliveries, data entry, managing budgets and reporting, and acting as a liaison between suppliers and designers. Your offshore Interior Design Assistant will be detail-focused, but have a friendly and creative personality, ensuring that they fit right in with your team.

3 Things your Interior Design Administrator can do for you!

  • Procurement
    Once a project manager has settled on the right materials for the project, the Interior Design Administrator gets to work preparing the quote, making sure quantities are correct, confirming delivery dates, and updating inventory. They will also follow your company’s financial accounting procedures to make sure every detail is covered correctly.
  • Diary management
    The Interior Design Administrator is key in keeping everyone on schedule. They liaise between site managers and suppliers to make sure deliveries can be received, help schedule meetings between stakeholders, and disseminate key information as and when it is needed.
  • Data management and reporting
    There comes a point in your project where you need to assess cash in versus cash out, as well as more complex equations like value for money and losses due to delays. By keeping on top of the project’s data entry, your Interior Design Administrator will ensure you have every report you can think of to help with your project evaluation and decision making.
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