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A Multimedia Editor and Videographer will help you wow your real estate clients with professionally created visual and video elements. Your offshore staff member will work with your design team to create perfect portfolio elements like videos and presentations with the client’s branding in mind. As multimedia experts, your offshore Multimedia Editor can do more than just photo editing. Yes, they can remove unwanted background objects and fix lighting for dramatic effects. But they can also create virtual renovations, furnish or unfurnish a room, create gardening visualisations, and any other render your clients ask for. Taking your drone footage, your Videographer will turn it into a beautifully edited clip that is sure to impress.

8 Things your Multimedia and Videographer can do for you!

  • Create listing and neighborhood videos
    Done well, a listing video or a neighborhood video sets your real estate clients apart. Videos are crucial to effective real estate marketing. The right intros and outros create a story about your clients’ properties or assets. Your offshore multimedia expert can craft a story that will capture the customer’s - and buyers! - attention.
  • Animate maps to highlight the location
    Another way to have memorable video content is to use animated maps to highlight the location of properties that belong to your real estate marketing clients. Our offshore multimedia experts can assist with this, and the animated maps will draw the customer’s attention to the attractiveness of location.
  • Select appropriate music clips and cues
    When you’re telling a story about a location, the right music is essential. The best multimedia experts, such as those on our team, have a strong sense of how music overlaid onto drone footage or interior shots, can compel a customer. You want your real estate marketing to be multisensory.
  • Superimpose animated architectural drawings over location footage
    If your real estate marketing clients are in development, this is a feature that may benefit them. Our multimedia experts can animate and then superimpose the animation onto footage. This enables the customer to envision how a potential architectural drawing could look in a space. Seeing a vision, even in a mock up, is powerfully motivating.
  • Create and add animated callout boxes to highlight property features, as well as intro and outro animations
    Intro and outro animations draw the customers’ eyes to where we want them and cultivate a sense of flow. These are valuable because your real estate marketing business will be able to craft the narrative about the features of the property. Offshore photo and multimedia experts can assist in executing this.
  • Turn logos into animations
    When it comes to creating Real Estate videos for clients, they always love to have a sexy intro. Your offshore multimedia expert can turn the client’s logo into an animated intro which is sure to impress.
  • You shoot and they edit
    You’re a busy Real Estate videographer and you are out all day long, then you have to come home and edit all night. Not anymore you will have video edits happening in the background while your offshore editor smashes out edits.
  • Real Estate Profile Videos
    Shooting Real Estate Profile videos for agents is getting more and more popular. Your creative offshore multimedia editor can bring them to life.
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