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A Production Estimator is a key role, providing crucial information about cost projections based on various scenarios. They draw on company procedures to assess labour costs, material choices and their corresponding costs, predicted variations in the market, regulatory and filing costs, and many other factors. Working alongside the Project Manager, an offshore Production Estimator produces rich data and reports that are then used to make fact-based bids, tenders and contract proposals.

3 Things your Production Estimator can do for you!

  • Costings research
    The first step in estimation is to gather all the relevant data. The Production Estimator will scour relevant reports, surveys, white papers, and government databases to collect all the information needed to make an accurate and up to date estimation on the costs of labour and materials.
  • Maintain internal database
    As well as conducting external research for specific projects, the Production Estimator will keep your own internal databases up to date so that vital costing information is always at your fingertips. Following a regular schedule, they will research and update matrices used in-house for ready reckoning.
  • Regulatory research
    One of the main hidden costs of any project is the regulatory costs. A key role for the Production Estimator is to stay on top of regulatory changes at local, state, federal and international levels, and estimate their financial impact on the company and relevant projects.
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