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Property Management Administrator

Grow your Property Management Business through an Offshore Team. Property Management is very administrative which makes this side of the business extremely suitable for Offshoring. 80% of the tasks performed in a property management business are ones where you will be sat down at your computer or stuck with a phone to your ear. These tasks are the tasks that really suffocate a business that do not give it a chance to grow. If you can move these tasks over to your property management administrator, can you imagine how much more time your property manager will have to get to more important tasks like over servicing your landlords and growing the rent roll?

8 Things your Property Management Administrator can do for you!

  • Arrears Management
    Keeping on top of arrears can seem like an impossible feat at times. We cannot control tenants paying on time but what we can control is what we do to bring them into line. Having your Offshore team member execute your arrears disciplinary tasks on a daily basis will 100% reduce arrears!
  • Handling Lease Renewals
    Being proactive about lease renewals is the key to look like a superstar in the eyes of your landlords. When you have initiated the renewal ahead of time, it gives you the chance to negotiate the renewal or have a new tenant in within days of the lease end date if the tenant decided to vacate. Your Offshore staff can handle most of the lease renewal process!
  • List Properties Online
    When you have a new management or need to re-list a management due to a vacating tenant there can be quite a lot of work involved. Your Offshore staff can create the listing in your bulk uploading provider and across any other platforms you require. This task can take a bit of time and is one that your internal team can stay well away from.
  • Appointment Setting
    Now this sounds like maybe it is a little but crazy, however, it is possible. There are appointments ready to be set on a daily basis but you need someone used to outbound and a bit of rejection from time to time. Private Landlords have their number out there openly, but nobody makes the call? Have your Offshore staff create an opportunity for your internal team.
  • Create Invoices and Rental Receipts
    Receipting rent is a must on a daily basis, and it makes it easier if the person receipting is also all over the invoicing. Could you imagine when all your water invoices to tenants have taken place with your internal team doing any of the work. This is all possible with an Offshore Team.
  • Handling Vacates
    When a tenant decides to vacate a property, there is a lot of work involved in communication, the responsibilities to the tenant, not to mention finalising the finances. Your Offshore Staff can communicate all of these things to the tenant, create the vacate back, and ensure that the tenant is prepared for the exit.
  • Handling Tenancy Applications
    Tenancy applications really should not take that long providing you have all the information the first time. Your Offshore Staff can chase the correct information, verify all the information, and do all the grunt work for you. Imagine just receiving the completed application with no strain on your internal staff.
  • Basic Bookkeeping
    Keeping track of expenses is a very important task weather it is a petrol receipt for a Property Manager or a hamper for a new tenant. These expenses need to be entered and accounted for. Your Offshore Team can take on some of your basic bookkeeping to reduce some expenses quite easily.
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