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A real estate accountant role is very specialised, which actually makes it perfect for offshoring. Offshore real estate accountants are highly trained in their areas of expertise and can do much more than just recording business transactions. They manage all financial data and details, prepare financial reports, audit company properties in relation to company performance, and make tax time easier to prepare for. With an offshore real estate accountant, you get access to a highly trained expert at the fraction of a cost of one in your own area.Prepare financial reports Financial reporting is a legal requirement. And as a business owner, it’s also a vital tool to help you understand how your business is running. You’ll have a complete grasp of your income and expenditure, maximise your tax deductions, identify and prepare for cycles, and make informed financial strategies that make sense for your business.

7 Things your Real Estate Accountant can do for you!

  • Research regulations
    Your dedicated real estate accountant is continuously studying new financial regulations to understand how they will affect your business. Stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of regulatory changes immediately. Don’t be caught unawares by new fees and charges. And build trust and rapport with your clients by keeping them informed about how they can take advantage of and mitigate regulatory changes.
  • Develop tax strategies
    With their highly specialised training, an offshore real estate accountant is in a position to help your business develop tax strategies that are complementary rather than a chore. Because they’ll be providing financial reports quarterly or monthly, instead of just at year end, you can see immediately how these tax strategies are working and what changes to make.
  • Financial analysis
    Having a real estate accountant means you can tap into a heap of data about how your various strategies are working, by analysing spend against success parameters. Analysis is possible across every accounting group, for example, marketing, sales administration, or fees and taxes.
  • Reconciliations
    Your real estate accountant can handle day to day bank reconciliations, expense claims, and internal financial transfers. If you don’t have a separate bookkeeper, they can also reconcile rent and lease payments, owner payouts, bills and payments.
  • Calculate accruals and fees
    Make sure you stay ahead of accruals like insurance and taxes by booking them at the end of each month. Your offshore real estate accountant will also calculate the total management and sales fees to be collected each month, balanced against the expenses, for a true picture of your monthly performance.
  • Account auditing
    It’s the role of your accountant to regularly review and audit transactions against the general ledger, find and correct mistakes, and help the rest of the team understand how to use your accounting software in the most efficient way possible.
  • Systematisation
    A real estate accountant can bring order to your chaotic financial system. They have detailed knowledge of the best systems, software and processes so that you can finally get your finances in perfect order. They will help you to prioritise tasks, payments and reports for greater efficiency.
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