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A Low cost highly skilled Sales Administrator can help lean out expenses and super charge the growth of your Real Estate Sales Team. Real Estate Sales is all about delivering results on a consistent path. However, the focus on always delivering can leave a path of destruction. An Offshore Sales Administrator can keep your entire sales team away from the tasks that they should not be doing. By having your Sales Administration completed Offshore, you can turn your internal team into all-producing members who are 100% dedicated to prospecting for new listings, pulling prices back, and closing deals. Your Offshore Sales Administrator can support all functions to keep the machine churning. Think about them becoming your inexpensive backbone of your Sales Business.

8 Things your Sales Administrator can do for you!

  • List Properties Online
    When a new listing comes in, your Sales Agent can simply submit the agreement with associated information all to your Offshore Sales Administrator. They can enter all of the information into your CRM or Bulk Uploader. With a blink of an eye, your property will be online and all ongoing updates will be taken care of Offshore.
  • Database Management and CMA Preparation
    Everytime you go out to a new listing you have to prepare as an agent to give you the best chance of winning the business. A CMA is a must and not really a difficult document to knock up, although, it is time-consuming. Creating your pre-listing kit first in the same category, time-consuming, yet important. What if your Offshore Sales Administrator took care of this for you so you can just worry about listing?
  • Create Listing Agreements and Contracts
    Here is a scenario for you. Your Sales Agent is on a phone call and sets a listing appointment. He flicks a simple message to your Offshore Sales Administrator and within 10 minutes, he has a listing agreement in his inbox. The same goes with a contract, a buyer submits that they want to make an offer and magically the contract appears!
  • Phone Communication: Inbound and Outbound
    When you have hot listings, you will generate a lot of phone enquiries that you can divert to your Offshore Sales Administrator to handle for you. Do you get back to old enquiries to see if they have bought or even have a property to sell? Imagine having this on autopilot. It surely should rustle out a listing or two?
  • CRM Database Management
    A Real Estate Sales CRM can get out of control when there are so many cooks involved all entering data in a different way. Things can easily get missed out in sales can mean a big commission slipping into another agency's listings. Have your Offshore Sales Admninistrator clean up your data on a monthly basis by tagging, updating full details, and making sure there is an associated task to all potentials.
  • Design Advertisements
    Everytime you get a new listing, you want to leverage the exposure with multiple distribution methods of advertisements into your marketplace. Your Offshore Sales Administrator can create brochures for offline, open home lists, just listed email campaign or even a social media listing launch design to penetrate your audience.
  • Social Media Management
    Most of the campaigns that agencies run on Social Media are relly administrative, as they are consistent. Your Offshore Sales Administrator can post your feature listing for the week and a list of your open homes prior to the weekend. Not a difficult task for you to move Offshore immediately.
  • Create and Send Letters
    Direct Mail still works yes, the cost of stamps has gone up so it means less people are doing it and it takes a very long time to pull out the data and mail merge a letter. What if you could press the button on a campaign to get more sign ups on main roads in a second and by the end of the day, it is coming off the printer? Your Offshore Sales Administrator can do this for you.
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