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If you’re offering marketing services to the real estate industry, it’s crucial to be able to offer Website Development. Most real estate agencies don’t have the bandwidth to take on their own developer and will turn to marketing agencies to help them to create or update their online presence. By hiring an offshore Front End Developer, Back End Developer, or Full Stack Developer, as well as a UI Designer, you can offer the full suite of online development services to your real estate clients.

8 Things your Website Developer can do for you!

  • Create and analyse user flows for an intuitive customer experience
    Your website development team is responsible for ensuring that the customer experience is seamless from the moment they land on your website. An intuitive customer experience will point customers into the places in a way that is natural and effective. The website development offshore staff will know how to accomplish this in a way that converts into sales.
  • Integrate or build tools for things such as booking appointments and scheduling calls with leads
    When you build a website for your business, you want your real estate clients to be able to allow clients to book directly and effortlessly. Ease of accessibility is key, as is the ability to follow up and schedule calls. Third party tools can be complicated and require time that your real estate clients could better spent elsewhere.
  • Create a design system for coherent and easily updatable website components
    As a business grows, so too does its website needs. Our offshore web development team can provide a design system which will allow your clients’ websites to be easily updated as needed for growth. Crafting a design system means that you can be certain your message is consistent.
  • Integrate analytic tools into the website
    Analytic tools are critical components of understanding how a website is performing. Your real estate clients want to be able to measure and adjust for the data of where customers are spending their time, how long they’re spending on a set point, where they are clicking, and so forth.
  • Create a marketing data dashboard for the marketing team.
    The marketing data dashboard is crucial to the success of your real estate clients. It can gather information for the marketing team about blog content, email campaigns, and the CRM. The information in the dashboard can influence what content is created and how leads are engaged. Your offshore web developer team can help with this task.
  • Front end Real Estate Website development
    You are out there selling many websites to agents and agencies. Your front-end coding does not need to be done inhouse as it is an easy task that can be handled by your offshore front-end coder.
  • Technical web development
    You can hire a high-end web developer offshore for a far lower cost than locally. This means you can now take on more complex functionally requests as your high-end offshore webs developer can now take care of this for you.
  • Real Estate website management and maintenance.
    All of your websites you have made for Real Estate Clients need to be managed and maintained. The work is not difficult, but takes up useful time. Your offshore web developer can now take a proactive approach to your website management.
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