Real Estate VA

What a Real Estate VA Does

Real Estate VA Does

Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

Running a real estate business can be frustrating. The good news is that you don’t have to struggle for a while when you hire a real estate virtual assistance or VA for the work at hand. A real estate VA will help you with all the heavy lifting.

The odds are you’ve got plenty of things on your plate. It’s never easy to manage the work, especially since all that effort can go in so many directions. But our team at ShoreAgents can help you with your real estate work needs.

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We at ShoreAgent are proud to provide extra support for your business. We are the home of the Shore “Super” Agent. Our workers are fully trained and ready to work for all the unique needs you hold at your workplace.

We know that you have many worries surrounding how you’re going to run your real estate business. A real estate VA will help you in managing whatever points you need to use. One call to ShoreAgents is all you need to make your business more productive.

What Is a Real Estate VA?

You might be curious as to what a real estate VA does. Once you see what such a professional can do, you’ll notice what makes one’s services so valuable.

A virtual assistant provides many solutions for your work needs. You can hire a real estate VA to do things like the following:

Real Estate VA Task
  • A VA can produce emails, contracts, letters, and other complex written documents.
  • A VA will serve as correspondence to any emails, chat messages, or other content you might experience.
  • Blogging and copywriting services are available through our VAs.
  • You can also hire us for data entry needs. You can use this service if you have lots of data and content you need to organize.
  • Our VAs can also handle appointments, leads, and other scheduling affairs.
  • We also have assistants that can design advertisements for your business.

All the things our virtual assistances can do for your business are worth noting. You’ll find it easy for you to make more out of your business when you hire our assistants. You don’t have to worry about all that heavy lifting when you contact us for support.

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ShoreAgents Real Estate VA

Where We Work

Our virtual assistants operate out of the Philippines in full office environments. We do not use traditional freelancers that might not always be reliable. We will instead provide you with help from people who have full training and experience in the real estate field. These include people who can directly reach you for any concerns you have.

The best part of hiring our workers is that they are people who know what it takes to make your business visible. You never have to worry about what our workers can do for you, as we thoroughly note how they work.

Best of all, our workers are available at a schedule that works for you. Let us know what your specific schedule would be, and we’ll plan a work effort that goes alongside whatever schedule you need us to follow.

Works For All Businesses

You don’t have to run a traditional real estate company when you hire us at ShoreAgents for your outsourcing needs. We’re available for every real estate-associated business. You can contact us for help with any of these businesses:

  • We assist investors in managing their portfolios.
  • We work for developers by helping to produce contracts and to stay in touch with clients and suppliers, among other entities.
  • Marketing companies will appreciate how we can produce unique advertisements and social media messages for better promotional needs.
Do you want to see how outsourcing works?
  • Software companies can also contact us for help in producing new programs for managing real estate investments. We can also work on data entry projects if you need extra assistance.
  • Buyers can also ask for our assistance in contacting people, drafting letters, and other things necessary for the home purchase process

It doesn’t matter what business you run surrounding real estate efforts. You can ask us at ShoreAgents for help with all these needs and many others.

We Offer Full Promotional Efforts

Every real estate-related business needs extra help in promoting itself. But you can never tell where you should start when making it work. But it’s never hard when you reach us at ShoreAgents for support. We operate a full promotional program that can support the desires that all workers hold.

Promotional plans are available to assist you in making your business visible. You’ve got plenty of competitors out there right now. We want you to stand out from the rest. We’ll find a promotional plan that makes your business easier to find while also showing that you’re able to manage all the unique real estate services you wish to provide.

Take a look at the solutions we have to offer:

Real Estate VA program
Lead Generation

Lead generation entails helping to bring in prospective customers. The generation process can involve many points like:

  • Producing a blog with frequent updates and unique ideas
  • Creating a thorough About Us page that illustrates the unique services your business offers
  • Interacting with people through community pages, including through answering questions and addressing needs
  • Creating surveys and other interactive tools that make reaching people and communicating with them a little easies.
  • You’ll need plenty of leads to make your marketing efforts more viable and helpful. We at ShoreAgents will help you in creating leads you can trust.

Marketing plans for real estate companies can range from promoting the properties you are selling or renting out to the unique services you have to offer. Let us know what you want to support, and we’ll find a marketing plan that fits your needs. We can produce online advertisements and anything else that fits your interests. You can even ask us if you need extra help with YouTube videos.


Search engine optimization has never been more essential than now. Search engines want nothing but the best content, not to mention keywords relevant to each entry. We can plan an SEO effort that includes:

  • The creation of unique content, including things with regular updates
  • Keyword support with a focus on the words that work the most for your business
  • Arranging an easy to load site that search engine spiders can review in moments
  • Incorporating contact info, local data, and other geographic or identifying features on your entry

Every search engine entry is unique. We’ll find ways to make yours more noticeable and useful.
You can also let us know ab out keywords you wish to target and things you want us to write about. We are flexible and will give you the help you need for making your business listings appear right.


Backlinking involves bringing in links from other websites. You might have a link posted on other sites. You can use backlinking to your advantage if your content is relevant and unique. We’ll plan a backlink system that focuses on distinct content.

We’ll find the appropriate sites for backlinks and establish unique connections with other sites. Having the right backlinks is critical for making your page more appealing to others that may host your links. We’ll see that what we produce fits your needs well enough.

Facebook Advertisements and Other Social Media Functions

It’s no secret that people have been going on social media as of late. You need to take advantage of social media by making your content more visible on many platforms.

We’ll help you with whatever social media platforms you wish to market yourself through. We can work on everything from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter. Let us know what forms of content you want to use, and we’ll find a solution. You can also provide us the images and other features you want to incorporate in your work efforts.
Some of the other social media activities you can support include live events. From real-time displays to live chats, anything interactive always helps. You can ask us about developing such events for your business. We’ll promote these events and help people learn more about what you are promoting.

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But Why

All of the services we offer for your outsourcing needs are worthwhile for your marketing needs. But you might have some questions as to why it’s a good idea for you to outsource your work to us.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider us for your outsourcing needs:

1. We can keep your overhead costs down.

You don’t have to waste lots of money on things like trying to hire employees, establishing office spaces for those workers, or training those people. We will care for all those things before our workers come out to help your business.

2. All our workers are trained to serve you well.

Each worker we hire is trained to work with all the real estate functions you require. We train and support all our workers. We also provide full office spaces for them to work.

Hiring our employees is a better solution than hiring freelancers. The problem with freelancers is that they can be inconsistent and might not be easy to reach. They may not complete the work the right way the first time around. But our team will ensure that our workers are trained well and ready to work at hours that fit your schedule.

Do you want to see how outsourcing works?

3. You’ll appreciate how all the toughest bits of work will be cleared off of your plate.

You might be too busy taking care of tasks that aren’t easy to follow. These include chores that might take a while to finish, thus keeping you from focusing on what you want to do with your business. We’ll sort out all the work and manage some of the more non-productive or minor tasks for you. You might find that we are more efficient and supportive of your needs than what you might get when you work on things yourself.

You have enough things to worry about when trying to run your real estate business. Our real estate VA professionals will see that all those complicated tasks are managed the right way. We will not how well our tasks work and plan a solution that suits your business and whatever you might demand.

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Your Needs

You’ll appreciate how well we at ShoreAgents can help you with your real estate VA needs. Our outsourcing service will help you in managing your content.

We are available for as little as USD $1000 per month. We offer flexible rates based on the services you require and other factors. You can contact us today to learn about what we can do for your work desires.

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