Real Estate Video Marketing

Real Estate Video Marketing

What Can You Do For Real Estate Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a viable practice that gives you control over how you’re carrying your message out to more people. Video marketing provides an opportunity to showcase many things, including your products and services. You can also use videos to highlight your philosophies and other ideals for work.

It is easier to display more things in a video than to do the same with still images. Real estate video marketing is a practice that gives you extra control over what you wish to highlight and display. You’ll have more power over your content when you use a smart video marketing campaign, especially considering what you can get from your work.

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You can use a suitable real video marketing plan to make your real estate business more visible. Real estate video marketing is attractive to people who have properties to sell or rent.

The right strategies can make a difference in your real estate video marketing plans. You can ask us at ShoreAgents to support many of your video marketing needs. We have professionals available to serve your video marketing needs. We can create videos from your content that highlight your home and look professional. Our services are also more affordable than you might expect, making us your most prudent choice for work.

What Do You Get From Real Estate Video Marketing?

Real estate video marketing is a practice where you promote your real estate business or the properties you have for sale or rent through videos. You’ll highlight your assets and illustrate to prospective customers what you have to provide.

The problem with traditional real estate photos is that they don’t always showcase everything in a property. While you might see some interesting spots in a home, you might not understand the property’s character or its surroundings. Videos display all these features and show something more interesting.

From Real Estate Video Marketing
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What Can You Do In Your Videos?

You can do many things in your real estate videos. Your videos may include such points as these:

  • How different rooms appear
  • What the area looks like in many light condition
  • How well rooms can work for specific purposes, including offices or nurseries
  • How long it might take to go from one part of your home to another
  • Small features in a room that a photo might not highlight as well, including closets or affixed furniture and appliances
  • Things near the property
  • How well the exterior appears
  • Any features around your yard, including any landscapes or other points
  • Any upgrades that might have been done, including repairs or renovations
  • Features that focus on specific people if applicable, including things for children or accessibility points for the disabled

You could also tell people about yourself and what your business provides. You can explain your philosophies for work and what you want to do for your clients. Creating a personal connection to your viewers is important, and a well-produced video will help you attain that link.

How Do You Use Video Marketing For Your Real Estate Business?

Video is an excellent method to consider for helping you get your business out there. Video gives your consumers knowledge, something that they appreciate more than anything else you might highlight. It is easier to highlight properties when you have a detailed and open video than it would be to display them through photos.

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You could also use video marketing to highlight what other people are saying about your business. You can include testimonials and other profiles displaying what you have been doing with your work.

What Makes Real Estate Video Marketing Advantageous?

Real Estate Video Marketing Advantageous

Real estate video marketing is suitable for many reasons:

  • You can explain things a little better in your real estate videos. You can pivot from one part of the home to another, or provide a seamless transition between places in a home.
  • People are more likely to trust video marketing content and will respond well to what they see.
  • Your videos are easy to customize and edit. Updates to your local area and changes to your property can appear in your videos, giving you newer and more relevant content.
  • Videos are easy to reshare online. They can appear on your social media accounts.
  • Any questions your clients might have will be easier to resolve, especially if you have more detailed considerations you wish to profile.
  • t’s easier to establish a personal connection with the client when you use videos.

How Can You Use Video Marketing to Sell More Properties?

Video marketing is a must for all real estate businesses. You can sell more properties when you have a viable and trustworthy video campaign. You will let people know what is interesting and what makes something ideal form marketing purposes.

There are a few things you can do when using video marketing. You can use as many of these as you wish, but they should all be thorough and attractive to the client:

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1. Create Stories
People on the market love to hear stories about properties for sale. They want to see what makes properties enticing and useful. Your videos can illustrate what makes these properties so interesting and useful.
2. Include Details
Adding extra details on your property is essential for a video. You can include statistics on your property, details on what your building features, and other factors. It is easier to supply these details in your video than if you tried using still images all around.
3. Create a 360-Degree Approach
It is tough to represent a property on a two-dimensional still image. A video marketing campaign needs to display every part of a home from many angles. A 360-degree approach that illustrates many things in the property will be worthwhile, especially when highlighting the more unique aspects of a property.
4. Highlight the Location
You can also use video marketing to showcase the property’s location. Explain to people in a video what makes it interesting and valuable.
5. Keep Things Simple
Videos can also simplify the browsing experience. You can produce a video less than five minutes in length, and you’ll still provide greater detail than what you’d get out of videos. While a video that short takes longer to see than a bunch of still images, you will benefit from giving people more details on what’s in your place.

How To Use Video Marketing For Property Management?

Real estate video marketing is also a necessity for property management needs. Your video marketing plan can do many things:

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1. Illustrate the State of a Property
Your videos can start by showing people what they’ll find in a rental unit, including how well it appears and what maintenance projects you’ve been running. You can illustrate how you’ve been working your hardest to produce a more effective setup.
2. Highlight Inspections
Every rental property has to go through inspections. Your videos can display what you’ve been doing to ensure your properties for sale remain valuable.
3. Display Utilities
Anyone looking to rent a property needs to know how you’re going to manage the utilities in a place. You can use your video to explain to people what you are doing with your utilities and how you will maintain a property well.
4. Include the Local Area
You’re selling more than a rental in your property management work. You’re also selling the local area. Your video can include details on what your property is near, from parks and schools to businesses and public transport sites.

Can Real Estate Video Marketing Work on Social Media?

You can also use real estate video marketing on social media. Posting videos on social media helps you attract more prospective customers. You could market a property, or you could introduce yourself to people who want to buy or rent one of your assets.

Videos are essential to social media, as many social media search engines prioritize video results. A social media video will generate more engagements than a post without videos.

You’ve got many things to use when producing a real estate video. These include such ideas as these:

  • Displaying the properties you recently sold
  • Providing briefs on houses on the market, including your latest listings
  • Testimonial videos
  • General video posts, including details on what fits
  • Videos profiling agents and other workers; these videos give your business a human touch
  • Any new trends in your space, and how you’re going to follow through on them
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What About Drone Videos?

You could also shoot drone videos of a property to illustrate your surroundings, the exterior features of a property, and whatever else is in the area. Aerial shots provide a sense of intrigue over your property. Drones are also cheaper than they have been in the past, and they can record high-definition video.

Real Estate Video Marketing Drone
Real Estate Video Marketing Live

What About Live Videos?

You could also consider live videos if you wish. Live videos would require you to answer questions from people who watch your work in real time.

You can edit the video after it premieres and make it look more professional. Editing lets you keep the live video up for posterity purposes, plus you can still show all the features you wanted to highlight in your work.

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What About Live Videos?

You can ask a real estate virtual assistant to support all your video marketing projects. We at ShoreAgents have virtual assistants who can create attractive and informative videos.

You can provide your video content and details on your property to use. Our VAs will craft a video out of your work, highlighting everything you want to illustrate about your property.

Please take a look at an example of what one of our ShoreAgents VAs has done for us. We produced this video for to highlight our work and our company’s philosophy. The professional work illustrates many points about what we can do for your work needs.

Our efforts at ShoreAgents will give your videos the pop they deserve. You’ll look more trustworthy, plus people will know more about what you’re highlighting

The best part of hiring a virtual assistant is that it costs less than if you hired someone in-house to manage our videos. Our VAs are offshore workers who have years of experience in video management and production. We have experts who know what works and how well projects can run.

You can ask us at ShoreAgents about our virtual assistants and what can work for your needs. You’ll appreciate the complete work we provide when you see what fits.

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