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You Can Benefit From Real Estate Virtual Tours

Real Estate Virtual Tours Benefits

It used to be that people would have to travel to the properties they want to purchase to see what they are. But technology has evolved to where people don’t have to be right in the middle of a place for a real estate tour. You can plan a real estate virtual tour for anyone interested in your properties.

Real estate virtual tours let people see what your properties feature without having to travel. You can expand your customer reach by giving more people a chance to see what you offer. People are willing to move further distances now than in the past. Providing virtual tours can make a positive impact on your bottom line. You can expand your reach to more people when you showcase your content online.

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You can ask us at ShoreAgents to help you in stitching together a real estate virtual tour. You can record and shoot the property yourself or hire a professional to help you shoot the work. You can then send that data to us to create a thorough system for how people can look through your home and go between rooms. We’ll take care of the work for you and create a professional tour experience that makes your space more attractive to customers. Our work will give you more time to manage other things relating to your business.

The real estate virtual tour industry will grow, especially as people aren’t as willing to travel during this new pandemic. You must plan a virtual tour for a property that adds to the experience and lets the client know what one can expect out of your property. We’ll be there at ShoreAgents to support you and get your business running.

What Is a Real Estate Virtual Tour?

A real estate virtual tour is a self-explanatory concept. It is a tour where you can go online and walk through a home or other entity and see what’s all around the place. You can look at many things surrounding the house or business site and how well it functions.

The real estate virtual tour isn’t necessarily a full replacement for a physical tour. It provides possible renters a better picture of what the property features. It encourages the clients to book a traditional physical visit to the property if possible. The client will be more interested in your property, especially since that party knows what to expect out of a site.

Real estate virtual tours show the layout of a home and how well it works. People can see the home from many angles and spaces. It provides a more immersive experience than what you’d get out of showing still images or floor plans.

What People
Can Learn From
a Real Estate
Virtual Tour

Potential clients will discover many things to appreciate about properties while on real estate virtual tours. They can discover things like:

  • The layouts of bedrooms and other spaces
  • How furniture and other features can be laid out around each room
  • What a property looks like in various lighting conditions
  • How well natural light can enter a home
  • The technical features in a room, including any ports, plugs or other connection features
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You can plan a virtual tour to cover anything that might be interesting to your clients. A tour should cover every room and highlight the things that make that room outstanding. You’ll enjoy the work that comes from the process when you see what ‘s open.

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Real estate virtual tours allow people to feel comfortable with what a property features. The customer will feel more qualified to rent a property. A tenant will also be more qualified to offer a good deal, as that person is more straightforward in what is being made open.

The qualification comes from people feeling more confident about what a home features. People might recognize the value of the property and could take with you a little more about specifics of value. You can also share more things with those people about your space.

Having us at ShoreAgents to help you in cobbling together a tour ensures you’ll have more time to spend talking with other people about your work. You’ll have the time to let people know what you’re doing and how well your property appeals.

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It is no surprise that the global pandemic has influenced many aspects of society. The real estate industry is no exception. People may not be willing to travel as much when looking for new homes. They want to find online solutions where they can safely look for homes and properties without leaving their current spaces.

Real estate virtual tours will be a necessity for companies down the line. It is unclear how long the pandemic will last, so having real estate virtual tours would be ideal.

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How to Make a 360 Virtual Tour For Real Estate?

You can use a 3D camera to record your property. A 3D camera will produce deeper images that replicate three-dimensional scenes. Multiple lenses will record many angles at once.

You would also have to figure out where in your property you will shoot your video. You can plan shots in multiple rooms and places.

Some 360-degree shots are also perfect for use. A 360-degree shot will entail a photo being taken in one place in the middle of a room. A specialized camera that can record images from all directions would be necessary. The camera will review the data and then record it based on the location. The user can then click and drag around the screen to see things from various angles. The design gives the customer a more detailed approach to seeing what is open.

Virtual Tours For Real Estate

Who Should Shoot the Content?

Anyone can shoot a video for a virtual tour, but it’s best that you don’t try it yourself. A real estate agent should be selling homes and not recording these tours. You can have an administrative assistant help you in recording your tour if you wish. Someone who has a clear understanding of how well the recording process works is ideal to hire.

You can hire various professional real estate shooting companies to help you in the work. Box Brownie is one of the top companies you can hire, for example. Box Brownie can help you in taking images of your property and shooting three-dimensional images and 360-degree views of different spaces.

You’d have to provide notes to Box Brownie or anyone else to let that group know what you specifically want out of your virtual tour. You might talk to the provider about things you want and the focal points of the property. Walk around each room to see what spots you feel will be more interesting to viewers. The shooting company can work with those spaces.

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How Do I Shoot a Real Estate Virtual Tour?

You’ll need a virtual 360-degree camera to help you in shooting a real estate virtual tour. You can find many on the market. Box Brownie has various details out there surrounding what you can do when planning your tour and using the right camera.

A traditional camera can also help when taking photos of your site. A camera may help you in shooting things like a landscape portrait of a room. The camera must be detailed and provide support for many lighting conditions. Anything that lets you work with different lighting conditions might also help.

The tour must be shot with each room being recorded. You would then have to stitch the work together. All the files you record should be gathered and compiled to where they are easy for everyone to review.

Who Will Edit My Real Estate Virtual Tour?

You can get someone to edit your real estate virtual tour to make it look professional and thorough. You could edit it yourself, but the process can be challenging. It could take hours for you to complete the task. You might not understand the technical aspects of editing the video and making it ready.

There are many companies out there that can assist you in editing your virtual tour. Box Brownie is one of many that you can hire, for example. The people at Box Brownie have staff offshore state members around the world available to help you in the recording and editing process.

We at ShoreAgents can also help you in getting a virtual tour up and running. We have people who are trained to help you in stitching together your tour and making it fit.

We work alongside the Hava company to produce 3D renderings and designs that will work alongside your property’s images and other features. We have more than fifty people on hand at the company to assist you in producing a quality tour that will make your property stand out from the rest of the pack.

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Can a Real Estate VA Stitch Together a Real Estate Virtual Tour?

A real estate VA can help you in getting your real estate virtual tour ready online. Anything that can work online can work so long as people have enough training. Our virtual assistants at ShoreAgents will be there for your business and will give you the support you need as necessary.

We can find people who can instantly help you in stitching together a tour. We can also train people to see what is suitable for your business and how the task at hand can work.

Our effort is simple to follow. You can send us details on what you want us to stitch together. You will provide your images and other scenes to us, and we’ll program the tour as necessary. We can plan guidelines for what items you wish to showcase in your work. We’ll then process the tour based on the places you want people to see and the specific images you’ve taken.

VA Real Estate Virtual Tours

The rates we charge will vary surrounding how well the tour will work and what you wish to highlight. But the expenses won’t be as dramatic as you might expect. It costs less to hire an offshore company than it is to bring in someone in your local area. You’ll have more money for other things you wish to run in your business, not to mention more time to handle all the things you wish to complete.

You can ask us at ShoreAgents for assistance with all of your real estate virtual tour needs. These tours are going to be more critical to the industry in the future. Getting on the curve and finding help in producing quality real estate tours can be essential to your success. Contact us today to learn about our services and how we can help you plan a virtual tour for less.

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