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Every real estate business needs a quality website. You have to produce a website that showcases your properties and highlights what makes your business so ideal.

You have to produce a useful layout that is easy to read and invites people to learn more about your work and what you have for sale or rent. You should also produce a website that loads well and is easy for a search engine to spot. The real estate website design process can be a challenge, but you will reap the best rewards if you do well enough in producing a great page.

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Our real estate virtual assistants at ShoreAgents are open to supporting all your real estate website design needs. The Super Agents here at ShoreAgents will help create an ideal website that enhances your chances for success.

How Do You Design a Real Estate Website?

You have to look at what you’re focusing on when designing your real estate website. You have to start by looking at who you target and then go from there.

Who Are You Targeting?

Take note of the audience you wish to reach. You can work with one of four segments when promoting your business:

  • Tenants who want to rent a property
  • Buyers who wish to buy a property
  • Sellers that have properties they want to sell with you
  • Landlords who need property management assistance

All four of these segments are useful. But you must also split them apart to where they are clearly defined. You should easily segregate audiences well.

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Where Have They Come From?

You might use Google or Facebook ads that will bring people in to your website. Planning a site that includes details you promoted or teased on those ads will work well.

You can produce ads that highlight whatever customers are interested in the most, but it helps to see how they reach your site first. Such ads should be appealing to people and let them know that you’re going to provide them with solutions that fit their desires and needs.

Website Design Real Estate

Showing the
Proper Home

The home page needs to illustrate the main thing you’re trying to highlight. You could show on the home page that you’re working in property management, or that you are actively selling homes. You could also showcase some of the properties you’ve sold as of late.

The home page should let people know what you’re doing for them and who would benefit the most from what you offer. Tell people what you’re doing and show them that you’ve got a plan for work.


You shouldn’t be ambiguous when producing your page. Create a clear layout that shows everyone your philosophies and goals. Let everyone see that you have an idea of what you wish to do for people who want to buy a property

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Find Best Real Estate Website Design

What to Find in the Best Real Estate Website Design

The best real estate website design is the one that converts. It creates leads and converts them to where you’re going to do business with more people. You must plan your conversion efforts well to make it easier for people to trust your site. The work includes letting people see that whatever you have is useful and provides a positive opportunity that you can utilize.

Focus on
What You Wish
to Convert

What leads are you trying to convert? Does it entail property management, or buying or selling properties? Your design should focus on converting whoever comes to your page.

What Lead Magnets Work?

Every design project should include lead magnets. A lead magnet is something that prompts people to send their data to you, giving you a chance to communicate with them further. You could provide a giveaway or something else that encourages people to forfeit their details to you.

Codes Are

A tracking code is something you place in the HTML source code on your site. The code lets an advertiser or marketer review the flow of visitors to a website. It also tracks what people do when you’re on a site. You can use the code to see where people come to your site from and how they use it, influencing your future marketing plans.

Facebook and Google tracking codes can help you see where people are coming from. You can use this to see if your SEO plans or your Facebook marketing work is running as well as you wish.

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Folds Are

The folds on your website are critical to your success. A fold refers to a full-page display on a browser. The first fold is the one that people will land on when they first access your site. The details in that fold are the most important ones to highlight, as most people won’t go down from there.

You need to create a clear message in the first fold. Showcase the most essential details in that fold, so people can notice what makes your work so valuable. People who find your data to be more attractive and useful will scroll down to the second fold and so forth.

Help People

The page should also be designed to where it helps people learn more about your work. For property maintenance, you can explain to people what your business does and why you focus on this point. You could also produce forms that people can fill out that allow you to collect data while showing you respect the needs people have.

Why Is It Essential To Have a Real Estate Business Website?

Most businesses have some online presence right now. Isn’t it time your real estate business had one?

Your business website is like a virtual office. It’s a place where you let people know everything about your work. You’ll use your business website to talk with people and interact with them about anything you want to manage

The days of the traditional physical office are gone, or are at least dwindling. You have to plan a website that works like an office that conveys information to your audience. It can also be a place where you meet your clients and interact with them further.

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Your website will showcase your brand and what your values are. You can use your website to highlight your brand and how you’re going to serve people. Customers will want to know that you’re a trustworthy service provider who respects the needs that one might hold.

You can save yourself time and trouble when you get a quality website up and running. You won’t have to spend all day trying to explain yourself to other people when you have a website that does all the explaining and talking for you.

People are more likely to find things through websites than any other place. You have to produce a website that adds a good layout that makes your work easier to promote.

What Content Should I Display On My Real Estate Website?

You can get your website ready with content that illustrates everything your site offers. The focus is to make your website informative and easy to use.

Here’s a look at what you should be adding to your real estate website:

  • Details on your properties
  • Information on past transactions
  • Reports on your work
  • Details on how you serve your clients
  • Blog posts and features that provide extra information
  • Generate rates and other legal terms for your work (and anything else that allows for transparency)
  • Contact info
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The response a person gets from your site should be positive to where someone will find what one is looking for right now. The response should be better than what someone might get from a mainstream portal. You can compare your website with one of these portals to see what works.

You should avoid posting lots of ads all over your website as well. Excess advertisements can be a hassle, as they can distract people from what they wish to find. You can use a content management system or CMS to preview what’s happening on your site and how it appears.

Can Blog Posts Work?

You can also produce a blog on your website that helps people learn more about how to take care of their properties. A blog can include information on how to maintain a property and how to manage renovation tasks. You could also discuss what someone can do when trying to get a home ready for sale or for display.

You can provide as many details on a property as you wish in your blog. The things you write can help people understand what it would take to make living easier to manage.

Can My Real Estate Website Generate Leads?

The most important thing you can do with your real estate website is to generate leads. Part of this includes having a proper navigation tab that lets people review the content on your site and see what you offer.

A page may include a contact form or other feature that sticks out from the other items on that space. The form may include space for people to enter in data, like contact info. The contact form can help people get in touch with you, plus you’ll have the details on someone who might be interested in what you are offering.

You must look at how you’re going to generate a site that produces leads. You have to be clever when thinking about whatever someone might be doing when going on your site and providing one’s data. Anything that gives you a decent shot at collecting someone’s information is always worth trying.

Real Estate Web Design
Do you want to see how outsourcing works?

Can a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Help Me Build a Website?

It is easy to hire a real estate virtual assistant who can support you in producing a real estate website. We at ShoreAgents have developers and designers that can help you in producing a website.

We have front and back-end services for your work needs. We cover everything for your site, from its appearance to its general functionality. You can let us know about what you want to place in your site, and we will plan the work based on what fits for your work.

We at ShoreAgents want to see that you have a website that fits your demands and makes it easier for you to promote your real estate business. We’ll assist you in planning a site that can gather leads and let everyone know about what you’re providing to the public. Talk with us today to learn more and to see how we can assist you with your work. We want to be there for when you’re looking to build the best website for your work plans.

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