Real Estate Websites

How Real Estate Websites Work and Why You Need to Produce Your Own

You can find many real estate websites that provide details on different properties available for sale or rent. Many websites cater to different people throughout various markets.

But the problem with many of these websites is that they might take away from your business. You need to produce a website that can beat out major real estate websites and portals. We at ShoreAgents can help you create such a website

We want to be there for when you need to manage your website. Real estate websites can be useful and functional, but it helps to note what fits when you’re trying to produce a project.

Real Estate Websites
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The Concept of Real Estate Websites

The point of a real estate website is to help a company display its listings. A website can highlight different listings and showcase many things surrounding different properties.

Real Estate Website Building

A real estate website will include details on things like:

  • The location of properties available for sale
  • Pictures and videos of properties
  • Technical details like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a space, the square footage of the property, and other factors
  • Historical details on the home, including when it was built and any renovations that have taken place

Real estate websites provide people with many points on what they can find in their local markets. The best part is that you can find websites that cover different markets throughout the world. You’ll appreciate the details you can note through a website.

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You can find many real estate properties through different portals throughout the world. There are many different websites available through various markets. All of these portals help people find details on homes for sale, but they all have unique features that may make them different.

Most customers will go through several portals at a time, as they want to find as many details on these properties as possible. – is one of the most reliable sources for real estate information around. The website helps people research information on suburbs, loans, and details on many properties. People can find the estimated values of properties of interest to them through the website. Trends on these values and how they work may also appear. – You can also use when finding properties for sale in Australia. You can review auction results of properties, find details on home loans, and see the approximate values of properties all around. You can also compare properties based on the types of rooms they feature. – Another Australian website to explore is The website includes details on properties available for purchase or rent. The place covers various property types, including villas, townhouses, and apartments. You can also find blocks of units or retirement communities on the website. The place also includes details on land plots available for sale, which is useful for people who wish to build their own spaces. – People in New Zealand can use the website to see details on what properties are available for sale. People can search for properties by suburb, region, and square footage. People can also find different properties based on their lifestyles, including houses available for active people or retirees.

Zillow – Zillow is a reliable source for information on real estate properties around the United States. The website includes details on the best schools near properties and other worksites near these spots. Many of these listings feature three-dimensional displays highlighting various features of each room. – The website includes details on both properties for sale and recent sales that have become final. You can use the details to see what pricing trends appear in different markets. The website also includes reports on the real estate market and ideas on what people can do when getting more out of their investments. The blog section also includes points on how real estate properties are evolving and what new trends might develop.

Redfin – Another website for finding properties in the United States is Redfin. Redfin focuses on highlighting the pricing trends in various parts of the United States. People can also use Redfin to find properties located near specific schools, including grade schools and universities. – is a useful website for people wanting to learn more about properties for sale. The website helps visitors review the best properties for sale based on their living needs and their budgets.

Arkadia – The basic layout of Arkadia makes it a useful website that is convenient and sensible for searches. Arkadia features reports on houses and apartments alike and includes full-screen images and videos of many files. – also provides information for United Kingdom renters and buyers. People can find townhouses, apartments, and rural properties throughout the United Kingdom through People can also search for properties with up to five bedrooms or bathrooms.

Zillow – Zillow has grown to include properties for sale and rent in Canada. Zillow helps people search for properties by postal code and school and other factors. Mortgage calculators are also available to help people understand how to manage home loans.

Zoocasa – Zoocasa has one of the most comprehensive real estate search filters around. People in Canada can find properties based on the type of home, the square footage, how long a property has been open, and various amenities available in the property.

REW – REW also includes details on properties in many major Canadian cities. The website includes listings showcasing the newest developments available for people to utilize. These include reports on both urban and rural markets throughout the country.

The Concern Surrounding Real Estate Websites

All the real estate websites you’ve read about here are places that offer many helpful details on what you can find in different markets. But the problem with these real estate websites is that they are portals that can steal money from real estate agents and businesses that need the money the most.

Real estate portals often steal commissions, leads, and management offers from different real estate groups. People can find details on properties on these websites and then use the portal to contact a real estate agent. But the agent will not get as much money off of the sale, as a portion of the total will go towards the portal that led the client to the sale.

Surrounding Real Estate Websites
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The value of the commission will vary by each portal. The total could be several percentage points of the overall sale total on the property. The value can add up and become tough for some real estate companies to manage.

What’s more notable is that these websites will sell these leads back to you in exchange for money. You might get the lead, but that doesn’t mean you’re responsible for producing that lead. You would have to spend extra to manage your work.


The reason why many real estate companies utilize these portals is that they want more people to see their listings. These companies are willing to bear with commissions and other charges to make them more visible.

You don’t have to resort to using portals if you can develop a quality real estate website that people can find. You need to create a website that lets you control things yourself and keeps you from losing commissions or leads. Your website can target your local area.

The real estate website development process should be about enticing people to come to your website and not to someone else’s portal. You have to produce something unique and different from what these portals provide.

You will also need to target people who are in your local area. You can develop a website that focuses on your region and includes details on properties that are relevant to your clients. These include apartment buildings, beach houses, office complexes, or whatever else you run. The property types you might have in your area will vary, so having a website that showcases all of these things will be worthwhile.

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What a Website Needs

You must have enough things in your real estate website to make it more interesting. Here are some of the things that your website will require:

1. Advanced Search
You can use an advanced search feature on your website to help people find different properties based on many parameters. These include points based on the number of bedrooms or bathrooms in a space or the square footage of a property.
2. Latest Listings
Some people might check your website multiple times to see what is open. You can produce a section featuring the latest listings available in your area.
3. Images and Videos

You should have enough media features on your website to make your listings more interesting. You can use images and videos to show people how different things appear in these listings. You can have someone come to your property to take enough images and produce a virtual tour.

4. Map

Integrating a map on your website helps people see everything surrounding your homes for sale. You can use a map to show people where properties are located, especially those who want to find places near certain business centers or schools. A map display could also include advanced search features where you can split up properties by size, value, and other factors.

5. Contact Data

You’ll need to ensure your clients can contact you or any other party that operates a property for sale. Posting your contact data on the website can help your clients contact you and ask you more about the properties they’re interested in the most

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You can ask us at ShoreAgents to assist you in building a website that fits your needs. We can prepare a website that ranks in Google and attracts local traffic. Our work can beat major real estate websites.

You can outsource your website creation efforts to us at ShoreAgents. We will check on your property data and establish a website that fits based on keywords, the local area you wish to target, and how you’re going to provide data.

We can establish a website that lets you add details yourself. We’ll see you have more control over your website after getting everything up and running.

Contact us at ShoreAgents to learn more about how you can produce a website for your real estate marketing needs. We want to be there for when you wish to handle your website and make the project run well. You’ll have an easier time reaching people, plus you won’t worry about losing leads or commissions to a portal.

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