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SOCCIO: Successfully Selling Post-COVID-19 (Taking your personal profile to the next level)

Joel Leslie
Joel Leslie


Buyers & sellers have completely shifted the way they search for property, brands, and real estate agents. Your digital marketing campaign can no longer be a few posts on social media and publishing listings to property portals. Your digital self is needed more than ever, an accurate and professional representation of your real-life self, replicated online, showcasing your currently available and recently sold/leased properties.

Your digital profile is an all-encompassing and end-to-end, 24/7 advertising operation for yourself and the properties you sell, lease, or have sold and leased. This is the new world of real estate and agency marketing and if you aren’t managing it, then you are being overlooked and most likely, missing out on listings, sales, and lease opportunities.

Pre COVID-19, digital marketing was most definitely part of the total marketing campaign for property, and marketing your own profile meant digital marketing was part of your X factor. Not everyone needed to embark on the self-promotion journey, the local sales profile was more than enough. Sponsoring the local Cricket Club, being part of Rotary or Lions, meeting regularly for coffee with prospective clients, and other community-driven events.

Sadly, COVID-19 pushed much of this aside. Restrictions on a person’s movement, some events cancelled and Auctions not going ahead as they once did. Technology thrust the need for technology to centre stage. It was always there, and we were always aware it of its importance, but COVID-19 made it a must.

Work From Home

At the time of writing this, Victoria is still in lockdown reporting another 200 new cases overnight, resulting in more than 18,000 cases for the state, whilst Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia reported no new cases again in as many days. It is a sad state of affairs and it shows just how easy an outbreak can occur. But it is not going to always be like this.

The pandemic will end. Life will get back to normal and the economy will start to resemble what it once did. Property has shown its resilience as people still need to buy and sell and live their lives. The property industry will continue to trade. What has changed and what will come out of this is the use of technology. The use of technology by the public and the industry.

Zoom is one piece of technology that many around the world did not know existed before COVID-19. Most had heard of Skype, but Zoom, what was that? Now, Zoom parties are a thing. People have embraced Zoom and will continue to embrace new types of technologies to help them live their life.

zoom meeting

The same can be said for how real estate agents, agencies, property, and other property professionals are being researched and found online. Where once you would ask your family friend “Who did you use to sell your house and were they good?”, now the first step is to Google the agent, the agency, check reviews and try to evaluate what type of sales agent they are.

Review websites can certainly help, but the public now wants to see and hear the agent, virtually. What do they sound like, are they presented well, do they know what they are talking about, how well do they know the area, how many sales have they performed recently? All these questions are repeatedly being asked and searched online.

Sales agents must have exceptional profiles on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. These are not a few posts here and there about the market or your personal experiences, this goes further than that. An agent & agency profile now must have regular professionally produced videos of themselves or their team speaking on new and upcoming sales, developments, recent sales, changes to the local area, and other key details that prospective buyers and sellers want to hear about.

Property TV is receiving millions of viewers looking for the latest detail on the property industry, what is happening in the market, home valuations, and what brand is best to use when buying or selling property. They are even looking for agent profiles, interviews, and engaging with Property TV shows to find the right agency.

The new age of property and self-digital marketing is now a full-time job. If you don’t have a staff member able to help you with managing your online profile, it is a very time consuming and laborious job, mostly at the end of a very busy day. And that is for those that know how to use video production and photo imaging software.

pre-spring sale at property tv

This is why Property TV created SOCCIO. A fully managed professional identity service. A real estate agent, agency or business owner does not need to worry about producing videos, writing articles or managing updates on social media. The SOCCIO team does it all for you, effortlessly and you get involved as much as you want or need. Complete hands-off or partial hands-on, it is all up to you. SOCCIO is unlike other profile management services. SOCCIO is completely personally managed by your very own marketing agent. It is not a DIY service.

To find out how you can benefit from SOCCIO go to www.propertytv.io/soccio and use W2NV87Y for a 35% discount, expires 30 September, 2020, limit to the first 100.

About the Author

He has worked with some of the most innovative companies in Australia, USA and Europe. He is the former CEO of Californian PropTech entity Transmit Data and former CIO for a Silicon Valley technology incubator, Joel has been at the forefront of property marketing and technology for the past 15 years. Joel is also the former CIO of the Australian Property Institute and former Head of Technology for real estate franchise group, Raine & Horne.

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