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I am not sure how I ended up just up and leaving Australia to move over the Philippines to build and run a BPO for Real Estate. I am pretty sure it was a big accident, but somehow it was meant to be. I have loved Real Estate since the day I got my first listing at just 18; it was like a drug. Hence I fell into owning my own Real Estate business and then started the journey of outsourcing to take it to the next level.

Implementing an Offshore team was hard work and I made many mistakes; however, I eventually got it all to work. I was always passionate about helping other Real Estate Business owners getting outsourcing set up, so maybe it was not an accident, and it was fate not that I believe much in that.

Today I could not be happier as I get to do what I love the most, talk Real Estate, help other business owners thrive and grow a big business of my own while I am at it. If you would ever like to chat, feel free to reach out.

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My Short Training Tips

The most important thing in any business is keeping your overhead costs low and have the ability to generate more leads than you need. Here some tips that will help you do just that!
  • 2005

    The Start of my Real Estate Journey

    I got into Real Estate back when I was 18 at the very end of 2005. I used to be a personal trainer at the time, and I trained the principal of Metrocity Realty, Greg Jackson. He was impressed with my hunger and grit as that was how I got him into the Gym in the first place. He stuck me in Sales from day one, and this is where I learnt the Hussle and got my first listing and made my first sale! Greg was a great mentor and taught me to save and invest in property. I saved up in the time I was at Metro to buy my first home and additionally and investment property.
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  • 2008

    Back in the game with loads of life experience

    I took six months off work and went on a travelling adventure to get some life experience under my belt. I returned to Aus. and wanted to work closer to where I lived and grew up. So I started working at Ray White in Mt Gravatt. I listed a property on my first day and sold the property on the following weekend. I got the hang of it and started to brand myself! I made rookie of the year and grossed 260k in commission. I began to think of this Real Estate Game as a real career and wanted to give it now 100% of my attention.
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  • 2010

    Dipping the toe into running my own show

    I decided to make a move to Re/max and become a contractor so I could keep a bit more commission in my pocket. There was a lot more flexibility at Re/max, and I made listing and selling my obsession. My personal brand developed, and my sales went through the roof, achieving the number one agent status in the office for most of the calendar months. My best months had me sitting in the top 5 in QLD, Number 6 in Aus and achieving an award that I had to go pick up in Las Vegas. I hired a PA and started to think that running my own show was for me!
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  • 2012

    The real deal my own Real Estate Business!

    I took the plunge and thought stuff it, I am just going to do it! I loved starting my own brand and going through all the emotions that go with it. The ups, downs and challenges that were not on my plate when I was just worried about listing and selling. Sales kept pumping, and I developed the company as a real competitor in the market. I now turned my focus into building a team and creating the process I needed to go next level. Next on the agenda was establishing a rent role, and this is where I first started to utilise Offshore staff to really grow, and that is certainly what we did.
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  • 2015

    Big Business! Beyond Compare™

    My business was growing however, we were known to sell the cheapy properties and were losing out to some of the more well-known brands. I decided to strip it back and rebrand while purchasing another office to add to our two. We went big with the brand, and it got us in more doors, and we saturated the market! The rent role grew our team grew, and I decided to eventually sell out and let someone take over while I eye off my next business challenges to overcome!
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Outsourcing Experience

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to outsourcing. The customer side and the BPO side and I have huge experience in both.
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    Customer Side
    - Frustration

    As a customer, I had used many different service providers to find me staff and house them for our company. I found it very frustrating dealing with a provider that did not understand the Real Estate Game and what team members I required. I ended up having to create my own whole system anyways. Instead of getting frustrated, I got fascinated and started to develop all of my own unique strategies to make outsourcing work.
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    Service Provider
    - Solution

    Being on the customer side helped me develop the ultimate solution on the service provider side. All the issues I faced before as a customer, we have ironed out to make a far superior solution. We build a talent pool of pre educated staff that understand the real estate game and what is required. The right start makes for a smooth journey and an increased speed of implementation.

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