Outsourcing & Industry Terms

The ABC's of Outsourcing and Industries

There are so many terms used in outsourcing and industry-specific terms across business as a whole. Learn all about them here so you are well equipped on your outsourcing journey.

What does an Architect Virtual Assistant do?

Architect Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Architect Support?
A virtual architect specialist assists in various administrative and project-related tasks in an architectural firm. While their range of tasks varies, this function is important for several reasons.

Architectural Outsourcing Services

What Is Architectural Outsourcing?
At its core, architectural outsourcing is the process of delegating architectural tasks to remote teams located offshore. These tasks range from drafting and designing to more complex functions that require professional expertise.
Outsourcing Architectural Services the Philippines
Coaching for Real Estate

Coaching for Real Estate

What is Real Estate Coaching?
Real estate coaching is about helping people understand what strategies they should follow when running their businesses. A coach will have years of experience and understand what is necessary for success. Coaching is also useful for virtual assistants. Our VAs at ShoreAgents have years of experience managing unique practices people wish to follow. Our assistants receive regular coaching to help them understand the needs they might have when serving different projects.

Cold Calling for Real Estate

What Is Real Estate Cold Calling?
Real estate cold calling is a practice where you complete outbound calls to a list of contacts. The calls would go to people who don’t have any knowledge of your business. Cold calling gets its name from how the people you contact will not know about your company or brand. You are aiming to convince people to utilize your service.
Cold Calling Real Estate
Construction Outsourcing and Property Development Strategies in the Philippines

Construction Outsourcing Services

Boosting Efficiency and Cost Savings
Construction and property development companies are increasingly turning to outsourcing as a strategic approach to streamline operations, reduce costs, and accelerate project timelines.

Construction Virtual Assistant

What is a Construction Virtual Assistant?
A construction virtual assistant provides administrative support and organizational services within the construction industry. Specifically assisting construction professionals, they handle various administrative tasks to increase overall productivity. You might be hoping to delegate repetitive and tedious tasks which distracts your focus on core responsibilities. Particularly when it comes to reviewing crucial project-related documents, having another pair of eyes to look into details can help.
What is a Construction Virtual Assistant
CRM for Real Estate

CRM for Real Estate

What Is a CRM in Real Estate?
Contact relationship management is a practice that entails helping you in managing your relationships with other people in the professional environment. CRM is about collecting and storing data in one location. You can gather your leads and use them to where you can review the content you wish to handle.

Customer Service for Real Estate

Enhancing Real Estate Customer Service: A Strategic Guide
In the competitive world of real estate, exceptional customer service is not just a necessity, but a game-changer. It goes beyond mere transactions, cementing relationships, winning trust, and setting your business apart.
Customer Service for Real Estate
Data Entry Services for Real Estate

Data Entry Services for Real Estate

What are Real Estate Data Entry Services?
In the dynamic realm of real estate, the integration of efficient data entry services has become a strategic necessity. Tailored specifically for the unique needs of the real estate industry, these services go beyond conventional data entry, offering a specialized approach. This aligns seamlessly with the complexities of the following: property management, transactions, and client relations.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

The General Concept
Digital marketing is about promoting your wares online or through tech-based interfaces. You can help people learn about your business through social media posts, banner ads, online videos, or anything else. Digital marketing focuses on making real estate businesses more visible. It helps facilitate the promotional process by making data on a business easier for people to explore.
Digital Marketing for Real Estate
Outsourcing Drafting Service

Drafting Outsourcing Services

Unlock the Competitive Edge in Residential Development and Construction
Welcome to the age of competitiveness and efficiency in residential property development and construction. In such a demanding landscape, the need for precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness has never been greater. This is where Outsource Drafting Services come in as a compelling solution. Not only do they enhance operational efficiency but they also offer unparalleled advantages in flexibility and quality.

Education for Real Estate

How Can I Learn More About Real Estate?
You’ve got many platforms to consider when learning about real estate. The various platforms will vary by country since the terms can vary depending on where you live. In Australia, you can visit the Real Estate Academy Australia or the Real Estate Education and Training website to see what works. These groups provide specialized training to people who want to learn about real estate in Australia. For New Zealand, you can consult Open Polytechnic to learn more about the field. Part of this includes entering a study program that covers the rules of real estate.
Education for Real Estate
Outsourced Engineering Services

Engineering Outsourcing Services

Unlock the Potential of Engineering Outsourcing Services in Residential Property Development & Construction
This comprehensive guide will delve deep into why and how outsourcing engineering services can be a game-changer for residential property developers and construction companies.

Estimating Outsource Services

Why Outsource Estimating Services?
By outsourcing estimating services, you can tap into a pool of experienced professionals who specialize in construction estimation.
Why Outsource Estimating Services
Real Estate Experts

Experts at Real Estate

What Is a Real Estate Expert?
A real estate expert is anyone knowledgeable in the field of work. An expert will review the unique options available in the industry and see what might be suitable for whatever you want to complete.

Facebook Ads for Real Estate

Do Facebook Ads Work For Real Estate?
Facebook ads are perfect for real estate. But it depends on what you want to achieve. People tend to use major website portals when making inquiries for real estate properties. These include people who want to sell properties or rent them for you to manage.
Facebook Ads for Real Estate
Wix for Real Estate Agents

Google Ads for Real Estate

Planning Your Real Estate Google Ads the Right Way
Google is ideal for various real estate marketing needs, but you need to leverage what you’re getting from the platform to make it work. You can create the best real estate Google ads if you understand what works and how you will find the right solutions for promoting your properties. Google display ad campaigns are essential for all real estate agents. We at ShoreAgents can assist you if you’re seeking extra help getting your ad campaigns up and running on this platform.

Guest Post for Real Estate

Understanding Real Estate Guest Posting
In the realm of digital marketing, real estate guest posting holds a pivotal role. It is a strategic approach that involves writing and publishing an article on a website other than your own, particularly those that are relevant to the real estate industry.
Real Estate Guest Posting
Influencers for Real Estate

Influencer for Real Estate

What Is a Real Estate Influencer?
A real estate influencer can be anyone in the industry. An influencer could be a trainer, a developer, or a top-performing agent. Anyone who has a substantial social media following and is active in the field could be an influencer. The words of that influencer will create a significant impact on the market. That person will show that one’s work is exciting and deserves attention.

Insurance Outsourcing

A Comprehensive Guide to Unlocking Efficiency in Real Estate
In an industry as complex and risk-sensitive as real estate, insurance plays a critical role. From property and casualty to title insurance, it’s a realm that demands expertise, reliability, and efficiency. However, juggling insurance-related tasks can be overwhelming for real estate businesses. Enter Insurance Outsourcing Services—a solution that offers both cost efficiency and specialization, allowing you to focus on your core real estate operations.
The Rationale Behind Insurance Outsourcing
Real Estate Lead Generation

Lead Generation for Real Estate

Generate Real Estate Leads ASAP: Blueprint for Success
Lead generation is not just about attracting potential clients, but it’s also about engaging with the right audience and understanding their needs. At the same time, guiding them through the journey of buying, selling, or leasing property. In an industry where competition is fierce and client expectations are constantly evolving, mastering the art of lead generation is more crucial than ever.

Legal Process Outsourcing for Conveyancing Firms

Advantages of Outsourcing Conveyancers
The overhead costs and recruitment process associated with hiring in-person conveyancers can be challenging. Imagine that instead of focusing on major tasks, you need to spend time on hiring that may not be your expertise. You may also need to pay higher overhead costs for an in-person staff which can strain your budget. The good news is that outsourcing is an excellent alternative to this traditional hiring process. Let’s take a look at some of the perks to help you make the best decisions for your business:
Outsourcing Conveyancing Services for Real Estate Settlement
Marketing Real Estate

Marketing for Real Estate

What Is Real Estate Marketing?
Marketing is a practice of getting the work out of what you offer. You’re trying to tell people everything about your business when marketing, including what properties do you have for sale, the unique features of what you are offering, the services you will provide to people who want to buy or lease a space, and how much are these properties worth. You must attract people to your properties to make a sensible decision on what’s right for their desires. Real estate marketing is about showing people what makes your business outstanding.

Marketing Plan for Real Estate

Get Enough Support For Your Real Estate Marketing Plan
What are you doing with your real estate marketing plan? You have to get the word out and let people know what you can do for their real estate needs. Marketing is a practice that every real estate service provider cannot afford to ignore. Marketing is about showcasing your properties and letting people know you can help when buying or selling houses.
Marketing Plan Real Estate
Real Estate Mentors

Mentor for Real Estate

Everyone In the Real Estate Industry Needs a Real Estate Mentor
Anyone who wants to move forward in the real estate world needs a mentor like an athlete needs a coach; a real estate professional needs a mentor. A mentor will help a person understand what someone should be doing when trying to build one’s work effort. You can utilize the support of a mentor for anything you want when you’re trying to grow your work efforts.

Mortgage Outsourcing

What is Mortgage Process Outsourcing?
Mortgage process outsourcing involves assigning tasks to a specialized team of experts to handle the mortgage process. Due to the increased demands of borrowers and other factors, mortgage lenders may experience poor turnaround time and mismanaged document systems.
What is Mortgage Process Outsourcing
Mortgage Virtual Assistant Company and Services

Mortgage Virtual Assistant

What is Mortgage Virtual Assistant
A mortgage virtual assistant supports various duties and provides admin support to the mortgage process. This function is essential to mortgage companies and brokers in the industry for several reasons. Since the mortgage industry is an increasingly competitive field, upscaling profitability can be difficult.

Negotiation for Real Estate

Real Estate Negotiation Tactics
The goal of real estate negotiation is to create opportunities where your customers will feel they will miss out on what they could purchase. The fear of loss can move people towards taking action. You have to build a desire in your customers to gain. The desire will create a positive feeling that cannot be ignored. People will want to do business with you if they see a need to do business right now. You can use many negotiation points to give you the advantage you deserve.
Negotiation Real Estate
Real Estate Offshoring

Offshoring for Real Estate

What is Real Estate Offshoring?
Building on the increasing trend of offshoring in the real estate industry, as highlighted in our introduction, it’s essential to delve deeper into what offshoring really means for real estate businesses and how ShoreAgents plays a pivotal role in facilitating this global strategy.

Oursourcing for Real Estate

What is Real Estate Outsourcing?
Outsourcing simply means assigning tasks to someone outside of your organization, usually on a piecemeal or contract basis. If you’ve ever used Upwork, Task Rabbit, Fiverr, Freelancer, or any sites like that, you’ve already outsourced..
Real Estate Outsourcing
Real Estate Photos Editing

Photo Editing for Real Estate

The Value of Real Estate Photo Editing
You’ve heard the adage about a picture being worth a thousand words many times over. That’s because the saying is true, as an image can make a significant impact on anything someone sees. Real estate agents and companies understand how critical pictures are when selling their properties. Real estate photos are critical to the sales process. A property that looks its best will be more enticing to prospective companies. You can show people what makes your properties more useful and appealing, especially if you have something worth more money.

Podcast for Real Estate

Introduction to Real Estate Podcasts
It’s an exciting time to be involved in real estate investing, my friends. The industry is ripe with opportunities, and now, more than ever, valuable insights and advice are just a mouse click or a screen tap away. Real estate podcasts have grown exponentially in popularity and significance, becoming a pivotal source of knowledge for both novice and experienced investors alike. These digital platforms are transforming how we learn, network, and navigate the complexities of the real estate market. Imagine having the wisdom of expert investors, industry pioneers, and seasoned professionals right at your fingertips, available at any time and any place. That’s the power of real estate podcasts.
Real Estate Podcasts
Real Estate Proptech


What Does PropTech Mean?
PropTech is a term short for Property Technology. It is about using technology around your asset and making it more functional.

Property Management Services

A Thorough Solution
Our work at ShoreAgents is all about giving you the help you need for your property management demands. Outsourcing property management services has never been easier to do, thanks to what we offer.
Outsourcing a Property Management Service
Real Estate Property Management Software

Property Management Software

What is Property Management Software?
The property management side of your real estate business is critical to your success. You’ll need to keep a firm grip over your accounting plan, plus you have to see how well your properties are performing. You also need to collect rent from people, plus you have to enforce the collection of debt and other things you are owed from people. Managing your expenses with vendors, utility providers, and other parties will also be vital to your success.

Property Management Training

Property Management Training Makes a Difference
The property management process can be complicated and filled with details. Property management training is a necessity for all workers. The great news is that you can ask us at ShoreAgents for help with your training plans.
Training for Property Management
Real Estate Property Management Virtual Assistant

Property Management Virtual Assistant

What is a Property Management Virtual Assistant?
A property management virtual assistant is a member of your team who is located offshore. They are a dedicated virtual assistant who works for your property management department from an office in the Philippines.

Recruitment for Real Estate

Hiring the Right People Through a Real Estate Recruitment Service
Recruitment companies are essential for businesses, especially in the real estate world. Recruitment companies will look for salespeople, property managers, and others to serve a real estate service provider. They may work for short and long-term projects alike.
Recruitment Real Estate
Real Estate Rent Roll

Rent Roll

Make Your Rent Roll Fit Your Real Estate Business
A rent roll is one of the most critical documents you’ll utilize in your property management or real estate business. Your rent roll provides many data on how you’re collecting rent. When you buy a rental property, you purchase the rent roll and all the income from your work. The rent roll is a general look at what you’ll earn from a property based on its current assets.

Seat Leasing for Real Estate

What is Real Estate Seat Leasing?
When you have outsourced before or have grown your team, you may come across the term “seat leasing.” For the traditional real estate office in Australia, you may end up growing a team of 5 to 10 staff members. In a nutshell, this model would be about renting a place comprising of a desk and hardware for the staff member to perform their duties. This seat leasing model requires a lot of work from the Real Estate business as they will be required to find and recruit team members, issue employee contracts, manage all the HR requirements, and, most importantly, the payroll. All of these duties are required and must be in line with Philippine Law, which would require you to have a company in the Philippines to fulfill your requirements.
Seat Leasing for Real Estate
Real Estate SEO

SEO for Real Estate

Understanding Real Estate SEO: A Comprehensive Introduction
In the modern digital era, the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become a crucial component of online marketing strategies. When specifically tailored for the real estate industry, it is often referred to as Real Estate SEO. This involves the implementation of specific strategies and techniques designed to enhance the visibility of real estate websites on search engine results pages (SERPs). This enhanced visibility can result in increased traffic to these websites, potentially leading to increased conversions and sales.

Social Media for Real Estate

Running a Real Estate Social Media Plan With the Help of ShoreAgents
Social media can be essential to the success of your real estate business. You have to communicate with people as well as possible. Social media websites are a part of what works. You can use social media to interact with your clients and to make your work more inviting. The effort also helps you create something people can trust and appreciate.
Social Media Real Estate
Software for Real Estate

Softwares for Real Estate

How Real Estate Software Works
A real estate software program will help you by keeping records of your properties and assets. You can use real estate software to keep track of how well your properties are running and who is renting these spots. The program can list details on many things and give you full control over many functions in the workplace.

Startup for Real Estate

What Is a Real Estate Startup?
A real estate startup is a business that focuses on managing real estate functions in many forms. A startup is a new entity looking to make a difference in the field. Real estate startups are exciting teams, but they are often hard to find. A startup has to put in enough of a plan to grow and to become more visible, not to mention bring in attention from prospective investors.
Real Estate Start Up
Technology in Real Estate

Technology for Real Estate

What Does Real Estate Technology Have to Offer?
The technological world has never been as exciting as it is now. This point is undoubtedly true for the real estate world, especially as more people are going online to find real estate properties and other sale points. You’ll find an assortment of outstanding real estate technology trends that are changing the industry. But what makes these trends so intriguing is that they could bring about a significant sea change in the industry. These include trends that might create a dramatic disruption in the industry, similar to what Uber was like to the taxi industry.

Training for Real Estate

Understand the Real Estate World Through Real Estate Training
The real estate industry is filled with many unique details. Real Estate involves many things relating to managing properties, handling sales and appraisals, and getting in touch with clients. You’ll have to look at your real estate training plans if you wish to succeed. You can go through a real estate training course to help you become certified to work in this field.
Training for Real Estate
Transaction Coordinator Real Estate

Transaction Coordinator for Real Estate

What Is a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator?
A real estate transaction coordinator is a professional who assists a real estate agent in performing various administrative duties. In a nutshell, this role handles all the tasks from the creation of contracts to settlements.

Virtual Assistant for Real Estate

What Is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?
A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is an employee who works for your company from an offshore location. They are 100% dedicated to your business and can take on a variety of tasks.
Real Estate Virtual Assistants
Real Estate Marketing Video

Video Marketing for Real Estate

What Can You Do For Real Estate Video Marketing?
Video marketing is a viable practice that gives you control over how you convey your message to more people. Video marketing allows you to showcase many things, including your products and services. You can also use videos to highlight your philosophies and other ideals for work. It is easier to display more things in a video than to do the same with still images. Real estate video marketing is a practice that gives you extra control over what you wish to highlight and display. You’ll have more power over your content when you use a smart video marketing campaign, especially considering what you can get from your work.

Virtual Real Estate Assistant Pricing

Enjoy Affordable Services
Learning about the costs of hiring a real estate assistant is essential to gauge both offshore and local options. In the digital era, there are dedicated assistants that can accomplish various tasks online.
Real Estate Virtual Assistant Pricing
Real Estate Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours for Real Estate

What Is a Real Estate Virtual Tour?
A real estate virtual tour is a self-explanatory concept. It is a tour where you can go online and walk through a home or other entity and see what’s all around the place. You can look at many things surrounding the house or business site and how well it functions. The real estate virtual tour isn’t necessarily a full replacement for a physical tour. It provides possible renters with a better picture of what the property features. It encourages the clients to book a traditional physical visit to the property if possible. The client will be more interested in your property, especially since that party knows what to expect from a site.

Websites for Real Estate

Offshore Your Way to the Best Real Estate Websites
Real estate websites serve as the digital face of your agency, providing a first impression that can either open doors to potential clients or close them
Real Estate Websites