The Real Estate World is Changing. Are You Keeping Up?

Dave Stewart
Dave Stewart


The real estate world is changing and changing fast. Agents are inundated with new business models, new processes and are being increasingly forced to examine how they run their businesses.

For many this can be daunting. The traditional office structure is under threat and costs to run these style of operations are increasing almost daily, placing ever more pressure on profitability and cash flow.

Most consumers are online now and fewer and fewer people are actually walking into real estate offices. Social media has, likewise, made it easier for smaller companies to make a big impact in their markets and the cost for doing so is relatively cheap.

In amongst all of these changes there are products that can assist agents in making the transition to digital. Products like Market Buy can allow agents to manage sales remotely and without the need for an office to meet people at.

Large volumes of buyers, owners and properties can now be managed directly via any smart phone or mobile device meaning that, as an agent, you can be more efficient, capable and productive whether you are in the office or out on the road meeting clients.

You can respond to offers with counter offers or manage multiple offers simply and easily with just a few taps on the screen and be confident that this information is being instantly transmitted to all relevant stakeholders in the transaction.


Market Buy is not an Auction but a complete Online Offer Management tool that allows you to set up and handle any style of sale.

Successful sales can be shared on social media via Market Buy’s inbuilt share capability and new buyers can be invited at every step of the way.

Owners can be effortlessly kept informed and updated on the progress of their sale freeing the agent up from the traditional office environment.

We have heard stories of agents who have had sales completed while they are out to dinner, at a family event or, in one case, while they were enjoying some beers at a rock concert. As long as you have access to the internet and an active connection, many of the tasks around the offer process can be managed in a clear, easy to use and transparent manner.

Market Buy is designed for agents as a support tool. It is not a replacement for what an agent does and at its heart, Market Buy is a communication device.

Imagine instead of receiving an offer via text with just a price, you received a full offer with price, terms, conditions and settlement times attached. Imagine if all interested parties were automatically alerted to the fact that an offer had been generated and imagine if the owners were made aware of all of this happening without you lifting a finger or making a single phone call?

This frees up agents to make the critical phone calls to buyers around value and timing while ensuring that no one misses an opportunity, and no one falls through the cracks.

We have worked hard over the last few years to develop and implement a tool that supports agents and provides the on demand capabilities that consumers not only expect but demand in this increasingly 24 hour a day, 7 day a week world. If a buyer decides at 2am to make an offer why shouldn’t they be able too? Why shouldn’t we give the capacity to everyone involved in the offer process the opportunity to interact in their timeframes, where and when they choose? This is just the reality of the modern world and Market Buy fulfils that need with ease and confidence.

Many companies are now in the position to provide the level of support that traditional office structures have long been responsible for.

Organisations like ShoreAgents Real Estate Offshore Solution can take many of the mundane admin tasks and complete them on your behalf at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house admin. These Real Estate Virtual Assistants can even help you with Market Buy sales, by creating new sales, uploading new buyers and sending buyer invitations directly from your CRM to people showing interest or who may have just attended an Open for Inspection of yours.


As the real estate world evolves and adapts to these new platforms, smart agents are quickly discovering that much of the cost of running a real estate operation can be cut by using more cost effective and efficient tools and by implementing and adjusting the way that they do business.

In times of rapid change, it is imperative that you keep up and adapt. Businesses that not only survive but indeed thrive over the coming 5 years will be those that become leaner and more profitable. To further put pressure on traditional agents, those that do become more efficient and are proactive about providing greater cost and time efficiencies will become an even bigger threat to the old school model as these new breed of operations become more powerful, agile and in many cases willing to pass some of these costs savings onto the client ensuring that the big, bulky and slow moving businesses become increasingly non-competitive.

This competitive advantage also feeds into the ubiquitous old real estate term of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Smart agents are using Market Buy as a tool to win listings. These agents are showing potential sellers how they are able to provide seamless access to the buyers of their home and to the allay the fear that many sellers have of missing out on any potential buyers.

Sellers also love the idea that they will be directly involved in their own sale. That they will see offers as they are generated and that everyone who views their home will be given a fair and equal chance to compete for it.

This helps to create a clear and decisive point of difference in a market appraisal when most agents just spend the time talking about themselves. Sellers want to see value and they want to see how you can demonstrate that value clearly and without typical sales techniques. Days of bragging that you are the best agent ever to grace the Earth are over. You need to clearly define and illustrate your processes and show the prospective client how you intend to complete their sale.

In a sea of sameness, these small but distinct differences could well be the difference between winning and losing the listing.

It is not enough to know that the world is changing, it is vital to your survival that you become proactive in ensuring that you are at the leading edge of this change and you are making the changes necessary for survival today to allow you time to adapt and bed in these new ways of conducting business.

The ability to run a successful real estate operation with or without a traditional office is made much easier with the help of companies such as Market Buy and ShoreAgents Real Estate Offshore Solution. Low cost, easy to use and available on demand when you need it, ensures that companies providing these cost and time savings are going to be in growing demand.

The future is here and it is available for you to use today so don’t wait to be the last but instead be the first in your area and by the time your competitors catch up, you will have mastered online sales and be providing the level of service and access your consumers, both Buyers and Vendors expect of you.

About the Author

Dave is the Founder of the hugely successful Offer Management Platform, Market Buy, and a career real estate agent spanning 22 years. He has worked in all facets of real estate and has won many awards over the years for Innovation, Sales volume and office performance. Dave is dedicated to improving the real estate industry and providing agents with the tools they need to survive and thrive in an ever evolving business environment.

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